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How To Handle A FIBC Bulk Bag PowerPoint Presentation
How To Handle A FIBC Bulk Bag

How To Handle A FIBC Bulk Bag

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  1. How To Handle A FIBC Bulk Bag

  2. What are FIBC Bags? 01 02 03 FIBC bags are manufactured by polypropylene woven fabrics that are stabilized against UV degradation. FIBC bulk bag can contain load capacities between 500kgs to 2000kgs. Food grade bulk bags are made with resins meeting FDA standards with the intent of putting food products into the bags. For more information visit: Rishi FIBC Bags - Manufacturers & Exporters in India

  3. Indian FIBC Scenario 1 2 3 Indian FIBC Industry is the third largest producer in the world. Indian Producers are supplying to virtually every country across the globe While the primary mode of selling overseas is through resellers, direct supply to end users is increasing. Indian companies are now participating in worldwide bids for supply across continents Explore: What Makes Rishi FIBC an Ideal FIBC Supplier?

  4. Indian FIBC Market Explore: Applications and Advantages of FIBC Liners that Make Them So Indispensable

  5. Types of FIBC Manufactured by Rishi FIBC Conductive FIBC Bags FIBC Bags UN FIBC Bags FIBC Liners Food Grade FIBC Pharma Grade FIBC FIBC Container Liners

  6. Types of FIBC HANDLING EQUIPMENT Bulk Bag Lifters Bulk Bag Dump Stations Bulk Bag Dischargers Weigh Batching Systems Bulk Bag Fillers

  7. These Include conveyor stations for high volume applications, Bulk Bag Lifters independent floor mounted single fill rack and broad ranges of equipment for safe handling.

  8. ● Includes bag bottom cutters. ● Dumping and dust control and Bulk Bag Dump Stations ranges of products and equipment for safe and effective bulk bag dumping.

  9. Also referred to as bulk bag unloaders, FIBC unloaders and FIBC Bulk Bag Dischargers dischargers, are offered in numerous frame configurations, types and styles.

  10. ● Also known as FIBC fillers. Range from basic stand-alone units to sophisticated systems to match Weigh Batching Systems economical fill and capacity requirements of each application. ● Each of these configurations delivers optimum performance.

  11. Why Rishi FIBC? • Rishi FIBC Solutions Pvt Ltd. provides fully Integrated World Class Facility for Food and Pharma grade FIBC. Rishi FIBC facility allows us to create highly customized solutions . Capabilities to produce huge quantities of industrial FIBCs as per customer requirements. Rishi FIBC Solutions, safeguard the wellbeing of all stakeholders. Committed to hygiene and cleanliness ensures food grade FIBCs that are sanitized. AIB International’s “Superior” rating. • • • • • For more visit:

  12. Contact Us Mahuvad-Ranu Road, At Ranu (Padra) Dist. Vadodara- 391440. Gujarat, India. Phone: +91-2662-227100 Fax: +91-2662-227215 Mail: