all you need to know about flexitanks n.
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All You Need to Know About Flexitanks - Fluid Flexitanks PowerPoint Presentation
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All You Need to Know About Flexitanks - Fluid Flexitanks

All You Need to Know About Flexitanks - Fluid Flexitanks

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All You Need to Know About Flexitanks - Fluid Flexitanks

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  1. All You Need To Know About Flexitanks

  2. What are FlexiTanks ? • Flexitanks achievements in packaging and transportation industry. • They are being increasingly transporting bulk liquids. • Flexitanks are versatile enough to carry various types of liquid and thus serves the transportation needs of different industries are reckoned as one of the milestone used for storing and

  3. Flexi Tanks are used to transport bulk liquid right from Food to Chemicals Fluidflexi Tank

  4. • Wine • Agriculture. • Petrochemicals. • Industrial • Pharmaceutical. Flexitank Application in Industries

  5. Wine Industry • Flexi Tanks are a popular solution for transporting wine in bulk. • This method allows wine shippers to transport more volume in a single container as compared to conventional methods. • Flexi Tanks are much safer options for transportation of wine

  6. Agriculture Industry • Agriculture industry, find flexitanks beneficial as these are single-use in nature and hence prevent cross- contamination. • There is also no cost of cleaning . • Use of flexitanks is approved for transporting food.

  7. Petrochemicals Industry • Flexitanks packaging is considered ideal for transporting goods in petrochemical industry • Ability to carry more liquid up to 24,000 liters at a time. • Flexitanks are also expansive polythene bags that can fit easily inside shipping containers.

  8. Pharmaceutical Industry • Flexitanks manufacturers such as Rishi Flexitanks conform to stringent rules and regulations laid down by the USFDA, CIQ and BGA. • These are widely used for transporting pharma grade bulk liquids across the world. manufactured by reputed flexitanks

  9. 1. Increased Shipping Capacity. 2. Lower Cost. 3. Greater Availability. Advantage of Flexitanks

  10. Increased Shipping Capacity With the maximum volume of each flexitank at 24,000 liters inside a general freight container, you can ship roughly 50 percent more cargo than bottled consignments, 40 percent more than drummed consignments, and 15 percent more than intermediate bulk containers.

  11. 2. Lower Cost • Oftentimes, associated with ISO tanks, IBC units, and other bulk liquid containers are much more than the cost of the flexitank and 20-foot general freight container. • After all, you’re only paying the disposable bag and freight for the container. the rental, return, and cleanup costs

  12. 3. Greater Availability • Other bulk liquid transportation units must be cleaned and shipped to where they’re needed once used, which can lead to shortages when you need to move nonhazardous liquids. • With flexitanks, you can ship them almost anywhere in the world within days, and then load them into a readily available 20-foot general container.

  13. Our Manufacturing Capacity • Our manufacturing facility has the capabilities to produce huge quantities of industrial FIBCs as per customer requirements. • We produce 1,00,000 sq. meters of fabric everyday in a dust-free and clean environment. Equipped with a state-of-the-art infrastructure, sophisticated equipment and experienced manpower, we ensure precision and reliability in our products. • Our manufacturing facility gives us the edge to make any type of clean room Jumbo bags. Process formalization ensures world class quality for any product, be it food grade FIBCs or conductive Jumbo bags.

  14. Why Rishi Flexi Tanks • Rishi Flexi Tanks are Environmental Friendly. • Availability of customized flexi tank based on the industrial need • Rishi Flexi tank are widely used in Food , Pharma, industrial, Chemical Industry across the world. • Constant innovation, customization and competitive pricing has made it stand out as the leading flexitank manufacturer. • FDA and BGA approved. • Made using ethylene polymers to ensure supreme safety and durability. • Highly responsive support service.

  15. Contact Us 45/185, Bhoomika, Thammanam P.O, Cochin, Kerala, India - 682032 Tel. No.: +91 484 2379512 Fax: +91 484 2379510 Mobile: +91 9526299751, +91 7045490131 Email: