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How to Uninstall Norton Internet Security

Learn how to uninstall Norton internet security. In this presentation we describe each step with help of the image. If you have any problem regarding Norton Antvirus, please free to call us @ toll free 1-800-399-5704.

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How to Uninstall Norton Internet Security

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  1. How to Uninstall Norton Internet Security

  2. Is Norton Internet Security blockage up your system? Norton Antivirus is installed on a lot of computers by the manufacturer, but a many people don't like the stress it can put on a system's performance. If you've decided to go with a more serious security option, see Step 1 to learn how to remove Norton Internet Security from your system.

  3. STEP-1Open the Control Panel. METHOD 1 OF 3: Uninstalling with Windows Program Manager

  4. STEP-2Open the program manager.

  5. STEP-3Find Norton Internet Security.

  6. STEP-4 Remove other Norton products. There may be more than one Norton product installed on your computer. Look over the list for any more Norton programs, and remove them using the Uninstall button. Some programs you may come across include: • AntiSpam • Antivirus • GoBack • Password Manager

  7. STEP-5Reboot your computer.

  8. METHOD 2 OF 3: Using the Norton Removal Tool STEP-1Download the removal tool.

  9. STEP-2Close any Norton windows

  10. STEP-3Run the removal tool.

  11. STEP-4Reboot your computer.

  12. STEP-5 Delete any remaining folders. After your computer has rebooted, open the Program Files folder on your C: drive. Look for any remaining Norton folders that stay alive both uninstallation procedures. The most common criminals are: • Norton Internet Security • Norton AntiVirus • Norton SystemWorks • Norton Personal Firewall

  13. METHOD 3 OF 3: Installing New Security Software STEP-1Installan antivirus.

  14. STEP-2Re-enable Windows Firewall.

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