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  1. Quadratics

  2. Purpose of the activity To have the students use TI Navigator to find the equation of the church arch.

  3. Expected knowledge of the students • Students are aware of the parent function of the parabola (y = x2) • Students are aware of the individual transformations of the parent • Students are aware of the standard form of the quadratic • Students can submit points, equations and lists using TI Navigator

  4. Activity Using TI Navigator, have the students mark points on the church arch. (The number of points that you would have the students plot would be based on the class size). It is important to have the students submit the points on the arch first as this will become the background for the student calculators as they try to find the equation of the church arch.

  5. Have the students submit an equation using TI Navigator. The equation is to fit on and model the church parabola. (Have the TI Navigator configuration so that students cannot resubmit equations. This is important so that the teacher can have a discussion regarding the specific transformations of the student submissions).

  6. After the discussion of the student equations, reconfigure TI Navigator to allow students to resubmit equations so that all students can create a quadratic equation that will fit the church parabola. When the students have finished submitting their quadratic equations “stop activity” to discuss the similarities and differences of the students’ equations.

  7. Extensions 1. Have students resubmit quadratic equations in standard form 2. Have students submit quadratic equations of various transformations of the quadratic parent. Two possible ways to use TI Navigator: • Dictate transformations to the students so that they move their existing parabola to a new location on the TI Navigator grid. • Change the two axes in TI Navigator to reposition the church arch, so that students submit new quadratic equations.