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Westward Immigration

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Westward Immigration - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Westward Immigration
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  1. Westward Immigration California As I Saw It Trails of Hope

  2. James Tolles A 22 year old prospector He traveled with his father and brother to find gold To read from his journal click here The California Trail

  3. Emmeline B. Wells An 18 year old girl who was a member of the Mormon church She was driven from her home in Illinois because of her religion Click here to read her experiences recorded in her diary The Mormon Trail

  4. The Donner Party “The suggestion was made that, ‘were one to die, the rest might live.’ Then the suggestion was made that lots be cast, and whoever drew the longest slip should be the sacrifice.” The Expedition of the Donner Party

  5. The Gold Rush “Gold was evidently the mainspring of all this activity. But amid scenes of profusion and extravagance, no sign of order or comfort was perceptible, nor did any one appear happy: wan, anxious countenances, and restless eager eyes, met you on every side.” William Shaw

  6. Real Estate Boom “I am convinced that the causes which have finally led Southern California into one of the most remarkable booms on record, are of the most permanent character; and yet, it does not follow that all who come here will be successful.” Mary Vail

  7. Missionaries “There appeared in the ‘Home Missionary’ a very urgent appeal for missionaries to California; and I think that scarcely fifteen minutes passed after the reading of that appeal before I said in my heart, ‘That is a call for me.’” William Pond

  8. Immigration Today “What Congress does with regard to both types of immigration will determine how many newcomers our communities will have to absorb, how fierce the competition for jobs will be, how much the quality of life in the United States will change in the coming decades.” Proposition 187