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  1. Hosted by: Mrs. Hogan OBSTACLES-Group DBA

  2. Raise your hand if you have a question • If I ask you a question please respond using the face icons • Smile face- On track, no questions • Squiggle face- Confusion, please clarify • Formal language only (no text or abbreviated words please) • All comments are to be appropriate and contribute to the conversation in a positive manner • Sessions are recorded and malevolent behavior could result in administrative action Classroom Rules

  3. Analyze and compare a variety of traditional, classical, and contemporary literary works, and identify the literary elements of each (e.g., setting, plot, characterization, conflict); • explain how text features (e.g., charts, maps, diagrams, sub-headings, captions, illustrations, graphs) aid the reader's understanding; • write informational/expository essays that speculate on the causes and effects of a situation, establish the connection between the postulated causes or effects, offer evidence supporting the validity of the proposed causes or effects, and include introductory, body, and concluding paragraphs; • include such techniques as principle of design (e.g., margins, tabs, spacing, columns) and graphics (e.g., drawings, charts, graphs); • use background knowledge of subject and related content areas, pre-reading strategies (e.g., previewing, discussing, generating questions), text features, and text structure to make and confirm complex predictions of content, purpose, and organization of a reading selection; • analyze the author's purpose and/or perspective in a variety of text and understand how they affect meaning; • analyze a variety of text structures (e.g., comparison/contrast, cause/effect, chronological order, argument/support, lists) and text features (main headings with subheadings) and explain their impact on meaning in text; • compare and contrast elements in multiple texts. Module 3- OBSTACLES- Learning Goals

  4. How does this work? • Set your Discussion Screen to Conversation between you and Moderator only • Attend 1 30-45 minute Group DBA sessions • Earn credit for that specific DBA & Collaboration for Segment I • SUBMISSION FOR THE DBA • Submit a 2-3 Sentence Reflection of what we discussed • Include your Scale Score 1-4 and explanation • SUBMISSION FOR THE COLLABORATION • Document the dates of your attendance • 1 paragraph reflection of your collaborative Process • 1 paragraph reflection of your Product outcome during this session • (2 paragraphs total)

  5. Which story did you read? What obstacle(s) did the protagonist have to overcome? OBSTACLES

  6. What does it mean to be a survivor? Think about a real life situation where you had to be a survivor or knew someone else who overcame. Is there more than 1 way to be a survivor? How? Write your Answer on the group discussion board!

  7. Partner up! • Find a partner who read a different novel than you. • Discuss the reason you think your author wrote this novel • i.e. “I think my author wrote this novel to bring awareness to…..” • How can you aid in extending the awareness? Share your assignment for lesson 04 • Below is a review of the lessons instructions and guidelines: • Assessment Instructions • You have the opportunity to identify a right that will assist a character in your selected novel. Imagine making a presentation to • Congress in which you persuade them of the need for this right to be protected or enforced. In preparation for this presentation, create a brief persuasive pamphlet, radio or television advertisement script, or poster that you will distribute to the members of Congress. • Your product needs to do the following: • Identify the right • Explain why this right is needed for people in general • Show the need for this right to be recognized and / or protected by the government through the example of the character from your novel. • Use color and images to complement the content of your product.

  8. Provide an email and phone number to one another • Email each other your lesson 04 assignment • Open a Word Doc. so you can Copy/paste the 5 questions below into a word document NOW! • Answer the following questions about each other’s creation… COLLABORATE!

  9. Collaboration continued • Can I easily identify the right needing attention? • Has my partner clearly explained why this right is needed for people in general ? • Has my partner shown the need for this right to be recognized and / or protected by the government through the example of the character from his/her novel? • Did he or she use color and images to complement the content of your product. • What 1 compliment and 1 criticism can I provide to help my partner further strengthen their message? QUESTIONS!

  10. 4- I understand the humor devices clearly and see how humor applies to the real world 3- I understand the humor devices, but could use more review time to learn about their application to the real world 2- I kind of understand the humor devices, but could use more review 1- I do not understand the humor devices Score yourself