the 2 nd avenue s ubway n.
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The 2 nd Avenue S ubway

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The 2 nd Avenue S ubway - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The 2 nd Avenue S ubway . By : N aomi Miller . Invader of 2 nd Avenue. Would you want to live here ?.

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the 2 nd avenue s ubway

The 2nd Avenue Subway

By : Naomi Miller

Invader of 2nd Avenue

Would you want to live here ?

2nd avenue used to be a nice place to live and walk around in New York. That is until the 2nd avenue subway came and destroyed EVERYTHING! The first time the 2nd avenue subway was mentioned was in 1920 and it’s 2012 now, almost a 100 years later and THERE’S STILL NO SUBWAY!!!!!

East side poultry will be missed

One of my favorite places to eat is East Side Poultry! It is near where I live and the food is delicious. One day I was walking on 2nd avenue and East Side Poultry was gone! The 2nd avenue subway strikes again!!!!!!!! This happened to many other great places, when will the terror end ?


There are also places that are open but do you really want to go there? NO! Because these places are overpowered by the noise coming from the construction . While you’re trying to talk to your friends it’s impossible. In the picture above it shows how people have to eat on 2nd avenue.


The 2nd avenue subway has also made the streets much more disorganized. In the picture above the sign is showing where to put garbage. That area is in the middle of the street. That also ruins all the places near it because no one wants to live or shop near trash.

these poor workers
Many construction workers have to do very dangerous things to fulfill their work. In the picture above it shows two men going very high up. The “elevator” they’re on looks very unstable. These are not safe working conditions for these people.These poor workers
single file everyone

The construction has made it so they had to split some of the streets in half. It’s hard for people to just walk next to each other on these streets and it is all just for some dumb construction. Why do we even need it?