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What is STEAM MASTER. Thermoflow, Inc. WHAT IS STEAM MASTER?. While STEAM PRO is the design program for conventional steam cycle plants, STEAM MASTER is the associated simulation program for off-design calculations.

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what is steam master


Thermoflow, Inc.


While STEAM PRO is the design program for conventional steamcycle plants, STEAM MASTER is the associated simulation program foroff-design calculations.

  • Use STEAM MASTER to evaluate designs at various ambient conditions and loads.
  • All STEAM MASTER hardware inputs has automatically been initialized based on the design,which makes it possible to perform calculations by just changing a few parameters.
  • Since STEAM MASTER hardware inputs are editable, the model may be fine tuned to matchan existing plant or vendor data.
  • In combination with PEACE (Plant Engineering and Construction Estimator), STEAM MASTER provides engineering details and cost estimation.
open files
Open Files

Load existing STEAM MASTERfile or import STEAM PRO file.

Activating the STEAM MASTER programwill display this input screen for selectingthe desired file.

All STEAM MASTER models are based on aSTEAM PRO design.

STEAM MASTER will allow the user to dooff-design calculations, such as part loadand varying ambient conditions.

input topics
Input Topics

At any time during the session the user canpress compute to activate the calculation.

All the main topics arearranged horizontally tounderline the fact that,contrary to design inSTEAM PRO, off-design inSTEAM MASTER has nonatural order of editingthe topics.

“Green” topicsare available forPEACE licensesonly, and theirinputs primarilyimpacts the costcalculations.

The user may goback to STEAM PROto redesign theplant if necessary.

The input screens apply graphicaldisplays to ease the use of the program.

editing inputs
Editing Inputs

Confirm actualambient conditions.

Select the appropriateplant control parameter.

Adjust fuel input forpart load calculations.

Specific help is always available for the highlightedinput through the Guidance window.

detailed inputs
Detailed Inputs

Each main topic holds a set of input tabs for sub topics related to themain topic. E.g. highlighted main topic is Steam Turbine. Sub-topics ofthe Steam Turbine are ST Controls, Stage Groups & Controls, etc.

Set desired pressureand temperature forthe controls.

Each sub-topic tab letsthe user set inputs forthat specific sub topic.

Select the appropriate steam turbine control method.

Again notice the guidancefor the highlighted input.

hardware models
Hardware Models

STEAM MASTER is based on hardware models with editable sizeand dimensions. This allows theuser to adjust values to match anexisting plant or a vendor’s data.

Since STEAM MASTER applieshardware models the heat balancecalculations will reflect any changein the hardware.

Cost of the plant will also berecalculated taking the changesinto account.

Main boiler dimensionsare editable for theuser to input data.

hardware details
Hardware Details

Different fin-tube typesare available: Bare, Solidfins and Serrated fins.

Selection of different materialsis available as well.

A pulldown listallows forselectionof the desiredelementof theboiler.

Even details of tubebundle design suchas tube length,bundle width,number of rowsand tube diametermay be edited.

This flexibilityallows the user tomatch known plantdata.

Graphical displays help theuser visualising the tubeand tube bundle geometry.

Economiser (ECO) has beenselected as example.

program options
Program Options

Common unit systemsfrom around the worldare supported by STEAM MASTER.

Compute will activatethe calculation engineand (after convergence)display the outputsfrom the calculation.

Also the steam property formulation may be selected.

Available formulations:

Thermoflow Proprietary (STQUIK)

IFC-67 (previous ASME standard from 1967)

IAPWS-IF97 (current ASME standard from 1997)

output topics
Output Topics

Output is displayed in three groups: Graphics (graphicaldisplay of thermodynamic results), Text (text and tables ofsame), and PEACE (size, weights and cost).

Each topic holds a large number of tabs each describing partof the plant results.

Plant Summarydisplays themain output.Details can befound on thesubsequenttabs.

graphics output
Graphics Output

Detailed results for the steam turbine displaying steam conditionsat the steam turbine inlets and conditions of all extractions.

Desired values are met through the STcontrol (MVL) and boiler control (sprays).

text output
Text Output

At any time the user maygo back to edit the inputs.

Text display of the outputsis organized in a way togive the user both a goodoverview and detailedinformation about theplant performance.

Plant Summary willgive the main plantdata, whereas thesubsequent tabs willdisplay more detailedinformation.

tables output
Tables Output

Multiple runs may be performed applying the ThermoflowMacro for studies of parameter variations.

The Tables tab holds data for allthe components in the plant asseen on the left.

By highlighting the desired plantcomponent, data for thatcomponent will be displayed.

Note that some of thecomponents are characterized byabbreviations, e.g. FWH is feedwater heater, ECO is economiser,CS is convective superheater andWCC is water cooled condenser.

Furthermore a table describingthe fuel and a table with steamcycle streams are available.

Each table can be saved as a.CSV file, which can be loadedinto Excel.

peace output schematics
PEACE Output - Schematics

Schematics showing the main components in the plantare selected through a Schematics List. Examples are:Site Plan, Boiler, Steam turbine (as shown), Condensers,Cooling towers, Feed-water heaters and pumps.

Displayed is theelevation view ofthe steam turbine.

HP turbine

IP turbine

Two double-flowLP turbines


Steam turbinemain dimensions

peace output equipment data
PEACE Output – Equipment Data

If the selected equipment (in this case Steam Turbine) holds sub-elements,each of those elements will have equipment data tables of their own.

Each tab represents amajor part of the powerplant. Selected for displayis the steam turbine.

The tables will displaydetailed information aboutsizes and weight of theselected element or groupof elements of the plant.

peace output cost report
PEACE Output – Cost Report

Cash Flow will tell the user howthe economy throughout thelifetime of the plant will be.

Project Cost Summary is displaying the total cost ofthe power plant.

Each tab represents a part of the total cost ofthe power plant.Selected for display isthe SpecializedEquipment.

The tables will displaydetailed informationabout equipment andlabor cost.

Reference cost is thecost at a referenceUS Site, whereasEstimated cost is thecost at the actualsite.

multiple runs edit input
Multiple Runs – Edit Input

Thermoflow Macro enables the user to performseries of calculations in an easy and fast way.

Part load calculations with constant ambient conditions.

Inputs to vary in themacro may be selectedfrom an extensive listof inputs availablefrom STEAM MASTER.

Full load calculations with varyingsite cooling water temperature.

multiple runs output
Multiple Runs - Output

Summary displays a fixedlist of main output data.

Any of the general tabs allows theuser to define which data (outputsas well as inputs) to display in thatspecific table.

All tables can be exported to Exceldirectly or saved as a .CSV file forlater load into Excel.

Plots can be created.As an example Plantnet efficiency vs. Fuelinput.

For each case STEAM MASTERoutput can be displayed.

more information
More Information

Please contact Thermoflow for further information and a Demonstration CD.


29 Hudson Road, Sudbury

Massachusetts 01776


Tel: +1-978-579-7999

Fax: +1-978-579-5995

E-mail: [email protected]