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Florida State University Department of Computer Science 2014 Honors and Awards Ceremony Friday April 18, 2014 PowerPoint Presentation
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Florida State University Department of Computer Science 2014 Honors and Awards Ceremony Friday April 18, 2014

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Florida State University Department of Computer Science 2014 Honors and Awards Ceremony Friday April 18, 2014 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Florida State University Department of Computer Science 2014 Honors and Awards Ceremony Friday April 18, 2014
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Presentation Transcript

  1. Florida State UniversityDepartment of Computer Science2014 Honors and Awards CeremonyFriday April 18, 2014

  2. Awards Program • Recognition of Guests and Opening Remarks, Department Highlights … Dr. Robert van EngelenComputer Science Department Chair

  3. Special Guests Today Michael ClarkePresident and CEO, Citilabs Hussain FroshEngineering Manager, Harris Gov. Comm. Systems Div. Thomas LeonardCEO, Red Rocket Solutions Carl OwenbyCS Dept. Chair, Maclay School Kay StephensonCEO, Datamaxx Ed TunstallRetired executive, Eli Lilly John VecchioDomi VenturesMosley Ventures

  4. Federal Grants Submitted & Awarded

  5. Recent Grants, Totaling over $6.5M • Dr. SudhirAggarwal, Republic of Singapore China, $243,366 • Dr. Michael Burmester, FSU Foundation $9,640 • Dr. Michael Burmester, U. S. Department of Defense, $53,342 • Dr. Michael Burmester, NSF Scholarship for Service, $1,684,662 • Dr. Sonia Haiduc, FSU FYAP award, $20,000 • Dr. Ashok Srinivasan, Silicon Informatics Inc, $37,143 • Dr. Robert van Engelen, SUS Board of Governors Access and Attainment Grant, $3,000,000 • Dr. Andy Wang, NSF, $602,569 • Dr. Zhi Wang, FSU FYAP award, $20,000 • Dr. David Whalley, FSU COFRS, $14,000 • Dr. David Whalley, NSF $279,388 • Dr. David Whalley, Subcontract University of Pittsburgh, $100,000 • Dr. XinYuan, Los Alamos, $114,000 • Dr. Peixiang Zhao, FSU FYAP award, $20,000

  6. Grant Expenditures

  7. Board of Governors Access and Attainment Grant $3M Awarded The Board of Governors awarded a $3 million grant to FSU Computer Science, College of Communication, Electrical and Computer Engineering and FAMU for the joint proposal, "Expanding North Florida's IT Career Pathways," which intends to expand the capacities of the institutions (faculty and staff) to recruit, retain and graduate students in computer science and information technology. This award funds two specialized faculty lines for CS and several shared staff positions at FSU.

  8. Technology Fee Awards $224,704.03 tech fees awarded in 2011-2012 $41,378.79 tech fees awarded in 2012-2013 Core router project: $57,000 Student NFS server and backup server: $34,000 Projector replacement project: $23,000 Wireless replacement project: $20,000 CS lab (202MCH) PC replacement: $31,000 $9,200 lab switch upgrades

  9. ABET Evaluation Fall 2013 BS in CS is an ABET-accredited program (BA in CS is not) Preliminary results of the evaluation visit: • No program deficiencies found • Weaknesses with respect to: • Formulation of the Program Educational Objectives and required periodic review of the PEOs • Need a systematic periodic review and continuous improvement cycle of the Student Outcomes • Faculty numbers are low, in particular Panama city • These contribute to the concern with Criterion I: Objectives and Assessment

  10. Faculty Recognition

  11. Faculty and Staff CS Department Faculty:17 in-unit Tenure Track Professors4 Non-tenure Track faculty CS Department Staff:1 Office Manager – Jennifer Reed2 Undergrad Advisors – Esther Diaguila and Betty Stanton1 Graduate Coordinator – Daniel Clawson 1 Grant Specialist – Position Open 2 System Administrators – Bret Whissel, , Gabriel de la Peña2 Admin Support Assistants – Scott Wright and Edwina Hall1 Program Assistant – Eleanor McNealy

  12. CS Faculty Head Count In-unit faculty (excludes Emeritus Professors and Deans)*) 2014 projection with new tenure-track faculty

  13. Faculty Promotions and Awards 2013-2014 Dr. Zhenghao ZhangPromotion to Associate Professor, effective Fall 2013 Bob MyersPromotion to Teaching Faculty III, effective Fall 2014 Esther DiaguilaFSU Undergraduate Advising Award

  14. Faculty Hires Faculty Hired 2012-2013:Dr. Zhi Wang: Assistant Professor, Fall 2012Dr. Peixiang Zhao: Assistant Professor, Fall 2012 Faculty Hired 2013-2014:Dr. Sonia Haiduc: Assistant Professor, Fall 2013Leigh Fountain: Adjunct Faculty, Spring 2014Melina Vastola: Teaching Faculty I, Spring 2014 Faculty Recruitment for 2014-2015:Dr. Margareta Ackerman, Assistant Professor, Fall 2014One position is currently unfilled, recruitment continues

  15. Staff Changes and Hires Staff Changes 2013-2014:Dan Clawson: transitioned from Admin Support Assistant to Graduate Coordinator, Fall 2013 Staff Hires 2013-2014:Gabriel de la Peña: System Administrator, Spring 2014Maddie Foster: Student Career advisor, Fall 2013Scott Wright: Adm Support Assistant, Fall 2013Sarah Yennerell: Grants Compliance Assoc, Fall 2013 Ongoing Staff Hiring for 2014:Grants Compliance Assoc (Sarah Yennerell has left)Technician position in the Systems Group

  16. Student Recognitions

  17. Assistantships & Fellowships • 165 graduate students (100 MS, 65 PhD) • 27 Research Assistants • 57 Teaching Assistants • 8 Scholarship for Service fellowships • 5 GAANN fellowships • 1 Harris scholarship • 658 undergraduate students • 4 Harris scholarships • 2 Owenby scholarships • 8 Undergraduate Research Assistants • 3 Lab monitors • 4 System group technicians (up from 2) • 8.5 (12) undergraduate teaching assistant graders (up from 7)

  18. CS Student Head Count

  19. Outstanding Teaching Assistant Awards… Mr. Robert Myers • SharanyaJayaraman • Martin Brown • Carlos Sanchez • John Nguyen • Rajat Raychaudhuri • Daniel Porrello • Tathagata Mukherjee “Good teachers get apples, Great teachers get chocolate” R. W. Hamming

  20. ACM Recognitions…Dr. Zhang • FALL 2013 ACM Programming Contest (1st Place) Team Lambda Clinton Powell (2nd Place) Team ~Competition() Adam Gorman, Andrew Rosenberg (3rd Place) Team acm99 Ryan Baird (4th Place) Your Team’s Name Yue Chen, Xiaoguang Wang, XiangminXu

  21. ACM Recognitions… Dr. Zhang • SPRING 2014 ACM Programming Contest (1st Place) Team DerpityDerp Adam Gorman, Lauren Pearce (2nd Place) Team Splines Biswas Parajuli, AvishekMukherjee, Rajat Raychaudhuri (3nd Place) FACULTY TEAM ZhiWhan, David Whalley, Xin Yuan (4th Place) Team Dragon Shuanglong Zhang, XiangminXu

  22. ACM Programming Organizers • Abdullah Raiaan • Angela Gibbens • April Byrne • Clark Wood • Connor McLaughlan • DhavalKashyap • Emily Morehouse • Eric Daniels • Frank Valcarcel • Nigel Hagan • SharanyaJayaraman • Preston Hamlin

  23. Student Publications • ACM Conference on Languages, Compilers, and Tools for Embedded Systems, June 2013, pages 33-43. "Reducing Instruction Fetch Energy in Multi-Issue Processors" by P. Gavin, D. Whalley, and M. Sjalander in ACM Transactions on Architecture and Code Optimization, vol 10, no 4, December 2013. • “Programming Trends on Smartphones,” by F. Sposaro, Z. Wang, and G. S. Tyson, CSI Journal of Computing, 15-18, 2013. • "Speculative Tag Access for Reduced Energy Dissipation in Set-Associative L1 Data Caches" by A. Bardizbanyan, M. Sjalander, D. Whalley, P. Larsson-Edefors in the Proceedings of the IEEE International Conference on Computer Design, October 2013, pages 302-308. • "Designing a Practical Data Filter Cache to Improve Both Energy Efficiency and Performance" by A. Bardizbanyan, M. Sjalander, D. Whalley, and P. Larsson-Edefors in ACM Transactions on Architecture and Code Optimization, vol 10, no 4, December 2013. • "Reducing Set-Associative L1 Data Cache Energy by Early Load Data Dependence Detection (ELD3) by A. Bardizbanyan, M. Sjalander, D. Whalley, P. Larsson-Edefors in the Proceedings of the IEEE/ACM Design Automation and Test in Europe Conference, March 2014.

  24. Student Publications (cont) • “Systematic Audit of Third-Party Android Phones,” Michael Mitchell, GuanyuTian, Zhi Wang, Proceedings of the 4th ACM Conference on Data and Application Security and Privacy (CODASPY 2014), San Antonio, TX, March 2014 • Jenkins, J., & Burmester, M. (2013). Chapter 6, Protecting infrastructure assets from real-time and run-time threats. In Butts, Jonathan, & Shenoi, Sujeet (Eds.), Critical Infrastructure Protection VII (pp. 97-110). Springer. • Burmester, M., & Redwood, O. W. (2013). Dynamic Trust Management: Network Profiling for High Assurance Resilience. In EvangelosKranakis (Ed.), Mathematics in Industry, Advances in Network Analysis and its Applications (pp. 91-116). Springer-Verlag, Berlin. • Ho, S. M., Timmarajus, S. S., Burmester, M., & Liux, X. (2013). Dyadic attribution: A theoretical model for interpreting online words and actions. In 2014 International onferenceon Social Computing, Behavioral-Cultural Modeling, & Prediction (SBP14) (pp. 8). Springer, Lecture Notes in Computer Science (LCNS). • Jenkins, J., Easton, S., Guidry, D., Burmester, M., Liu, X., Yuan, S., Laurence, J., & Ty, S. (2013). Trusted Group Key Management For Real-Time Critical Infrastructure Protection. In 32nd annual Military Communications Conference, MILCOM 2013 (pp. 6). IEEE Communication Society.

  25. Student Publications (cont) • Burmester, M., Laurence, J., Guidry, D., Easton, S., Ty, S., Liu, X., Yan, X., & Jenkins, J. (2013). Towards a Secure Electricity Grid. In IEEE International Conference on Intelligent Sensors, Sensor Networks and Information Processing (ISSNIP) (pp. 6). Melbourne, Australia. • Jenkins, J., & Burmester, M. (2013). Trusted Computing for Critical Infrastructure Protection Against Real-time and Run-time Threats. In Jonathan Butts, & SujeetShenoi (Eds.), Seventh Annual IFIP WG 11.10 International Conference on Critical Infrastructure Protection (pp. 12).Washington, DC, IFIP. • X. Yuan, S. Mahapatra, M. Lang, and S. Pakin, "Static Load-balanced Routing for Slimmed Fat-trees," Journal of Parallel and Distributed Computing, 74(5):2423-2432, May 2014. • Z. Gu, M. Small, and X. Yuan, "Protocol Customization for Improving MPI Performance on RDMA-enabled Clusters," International Journal of Parallel Programming, 41(5):682-703, October 2013. • X. Yuan, S. Mahapatra, S. Pakin, and M. Lang, "LFTI: A New Performance Metric for Assessing Interconnect Designs for Extreme-Scale HPC Systems," the 28th IEEE International Parallel & Distributed Processing Symposium (IPDPS), Phoenix, Arizona, May 19-23, 2014. • M. Small and X. Yuan, "A New Design of RDMA-based Small Message Channels for InfiniBand Clusters," IEEE International Conference on Cluster Computing (CLUSTER), Sept. 23-27, 2013.

  26. Student Publications (cont) • X. Yuan, S. Mahapatra, W. Nienaber, S. Pakin, and M. Lang, "A New Routing Scheme for Jellyfish and its Performance with HPC Workloads," ACM/IEEE International Conference for High Performance Computing, Networking, Storage, and Analysis (SC), November 18-21, 2013. • X. Yuan, S. Mahapatra, M. Lang, and S. Pakin, "RRR: A Load Balanced Routing Scheme for Slimmed Fat-trees," IEEE IPDPS CASS Workshop, 2013. • GuanyuTian, ZhenhaiDuan, Todd Baumeister, Yingfei Dong, "ThrawtingTraceback Attack on Freenet". In Proc. IEEE GLOBECOM 2013, Atlanta, USA, December 9 - 13, 2013 (Acceptance Rate: 37% (841/2272)). • GuanyuTian, ZhenhaiDuan, Todd Baumeister, Yingfei Dong, "A Traceback Attack on Freenet". In Proc. IEEE INFOCOM 2013, Turin, Italy, April 14-19, 2013. (Acceptance Rate: 17% (280/1613)) • S. Zhou and Z. Zhang, “L2Relay: Design and implementation of a layer 2 Wi-Fi packet relay protocol,” to appear in Proc. of IEEE ICNP, Gottingen, Germany, October 2013. 10 pages. Acceptance rate: 18% (46/251). • W. Hu, J. Xie and Z. Zhang, “Practical opportunistic routing in high-speed multi-rate wireless mesh networks,” in Proc. of ACM Mobihoc, Bangalore, India, August 2013. 10 pages. Acceptance rate: 10.3% (24/234). • Z. Zhang, S. Bronson, W. Hu and J. Xie_, “Employing the one-sender-multiple-receiver technique in wireless LANs,” IEEE/ACM Transactions on Networking, vol. 21, no. 4, pp. 1243-1255, August 2013.

  27. Student Career and Award Recognition • GAANN Fellowships • Harris Corporation Awards • Carl and EmineOwenby Sr. Scholarships • Latin Caribbean (LAC) Scholarships • Science, Mathematics & Research for Transformation (SMART) Scholarships • Federal Cyber Service: Scholarship for Service (SFS) • S-STEM Scholarships

  28. Student Career and Award Recognitions 2013 – 2014 GAANN Fellowships • Ashleigh David • Britton Dennis • Randy Flood • Chris Ogden • William Thrasher

  29. Harris Corporation Awards Presented By Hussain Frosh • Graduate Fellowship • Daniel Voss • Undergraduate Scholarship • Myles Anderson • Ian Barrick • David Perez • Thomas Clayton

  30. Carl and Ermine Owenby Sr. Scholarships Presented By: Ms. Ermine Owenby & Mr. Carl Owenby • Thomas Clayton • Rafael Mendoza • David Perez

  31. Other Scholarships The Latin-Caribbean (LAC) Scholarship The Science, Mathematics & Research for Transformation (SMART) Scholarship • Leon Brown • Martin Brown • Jeremy Hatcher

  32. Other Scholarships (cont) 2012-2013 Federal Cyber Service: Scholarship for Service (SFS) • Lindsay Barlett • Jacqueline Carter (Undergrad) • Nicholas Clark • Andre King • John McLaughlin • Lauren Pearce • Thomas Rollinger (Graduated Fall 2013) • Matt Share • Adam Steele • Tyler Travis • Scott Wallace • Clark Wood • Doug Wussler

  33. Other Scholarships (cont) • TimonthyBarao • Aaron Kemmer • Jennifer Yarboro • Nikolas Goetzke • Marquise Rosier • Delponja-Rai Howard • Emilio Figueroa • William Goble • Jared Bennett • Alissa Ovalle-Marquez • Connor Christian • Simon Baduy • Robert Jensen • Matthew O'Hagan 2013 -2014 Scholarships for Science Technology Engineering and Math (S-STEM)

  34. Phi Beta Kappa Honor Society ElecteesSpring Semester 2014 • Phi Beta Kappa Honor Society Electees • Kendall Clark • Elizabeth Collins • Alexander Fehr • Alicia Gambill • Brian Hague • Clinton Powell • Richard Tilley Phi Beta Kappa is the oldest honor society in the United States, founded in 1776 The PBK Induction ceremony was held Sunday April 6th

  35. 2013-2014 UPE Inductees Upsilon Pi Epsilon is the Computer Science Honor Society, founded in 1967 • Derrick Bacon • ManalSarhanBayousef • Justin Evan Block • Alexander Damiani • Tomas de Jesus Celaya • Timothy Green • Daniel Timothy Hoekman • Shiva Houshmand • Jonathon Lee • Javier Lores • Robert Massicotte • Joe McMillian • Jeremy M. Noel • Kaman Pavlov • David Perez • Abdullah Rajaar • Todd Ryks • Sheena Salmon • Carlos Sanchez • Edward Skrod • Kayla Smith • William John Thrasher • John Cameron Wheeler • Steven A. Williams Jr. • Doug Wussler • Chuanglong Zhang

  36. Reception Following Please join us now in Room 151 of the Love Building for our Celebratory Reception And… to all of the CS department faculty, staff and students who helped out in many ways too numerous to list here 