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資源循環学科循環社会システム学講座 循環経営社会学研究分野 学籍番号 513D103 氏名 飯尾裕光 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Issues on encouraging the local young power in Agriculture -  Case studies on Young Organic Agricultural Farmers in Iga District in Mie Prefecture -. 資源循環学科循環社会システム学講座 循環経営社会学研究分野 学籍番号 513D103 氏名 飯尾裕光. 1. Background and Contents of this Study 1-1. Agricultural Problems in the World.

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Issues on encouraging the local young power in Agriculture- Case studies on Young Organic Agricultural Farmers in Iga District in Mie Prefecture-




氏名 飯尾裕光

1.Background and Contents of this Study1-1

Agricultural Problems in the World



Improvement of Food Security

Preservation of Natural Resources


familyfarmers account on average for over 80 percent of all holdings. In developed and developing countries alike, they are the main producers of food consumed locally, the primary stewards of food security.

Nothing comes closer to the sustainable food production than family farming. The preservation of natural resources is rooted in their productive logic ; and the highly diversified nature of their agricultural activities gives them a central role in promoting the sustainability of our food systems and ensuring food security.

Grazianoda Silva, Director General FAO

Problems to be solved for networking and encouraging the family farmers in the world

2.Background and Contents of this Study1-2

Serious decrease and aging in Agricultural population

Agricultural Issues in Japan


*Encouraging the new comers to Agriculture

*Encouraging the family farmers successors

*Reducing numbers of those who leave agricultural sector

Number of Agricultural Households

(出典:HP of MAFF )

Agricultural population about 2.6million

Decreased by 747thousand(22.3%) compared with 5 years ago.Average Age 65.8 years old

Necessary conditions to keep the farmers in agricultural sector

Worldwide consensus

3.Method of the investigation

conducted our survey of young organic farmers of advanced Japan.

By revealing the success stories,

there was a need to have consultation the challenges of the future.

Clarify the problem

July to December 2013

Investigation ( by Organic farming entrants Promotion Council )

Investigation object 187 organic farmers by the investigator of 83 people.

(New farmers is 62.1%, agriculture successor is 37.9%)

March 14 2014

Interviews and consultation with the young

organic farmers in Igadistrict in Mie prefecture

before the General Assembly Of AINOUKAI

4.Summary of new young organic farmers

Cultivated area

VegeField 13.6ha of green house140a

Increased by 161%

Average Experience8.4years

5.Investigation report-1 -How they got their customers

Increased by 207%

New farmers yearly gross profit (average) in Iga district

Current 8,860 thousand yen (2013)

Increased by207% 

Overall support of securing markets

Overall supports for securing markets

6.Investigation report-2 -how they acquired agricultural skills-

Their trainer farmers or other regional farmers give them sufficient supports so that they can become independent in short period.

Up-skilling training in the region

Number of their trainees ⇒ 4 for present (47 by 2013)

After the training ⇒ number of newly started farmers – 25,

number of new workers for Agricultural corporation-6

AimBusiness in larger scale or business in same scale but with more efficiency.

AccomplishmentTrained at regional leading farmers and supported by them in many aspects (skill, Land, house, market) and after setting up for themselves, they also work for and support the new comers.

Support for acquiring cultivation skills

7.Investigation report-4

3 major organic agricultural groups support the local farmers

 ⇒ become increasingly organized


Organic Iga Village

Iga Organic Agritural Products Supply Center

Iga Organic Farming Primitive Association

Strengthened Cooperation

8.Consultation Summary

Factors necessary to increase the young farmers

・Introducing / securing markets for the new farmers for the first 3 to 5 years.

Stable income for the first 3 to 5 years is required for the continuous engagement in Agriculture. Therefore it is necessary to secure sale destination in the beginning.

・securing abundant human recourses in agricultural sector by continuous acceptance of trainees.

Overall support for the new farmers / trainees by providing market / land / house / skills and the new farmers become trainers when settled.

・Up skill training and development of new markets by the cooperation of the several agricultural groups

Stronger relationship has been achieved by setting up the new association.

・Facilitating activities by organization of the groups and cooperation with administrative agency.

・Simplifying and support for the application.

・Abundant information about trainer farmers

・Agricultural skills based on scientific evidence and other farm management

9.Suggestion for the farmers and local government

Reflect the voice of young organic farmers to government

Diffuse organic products / safe food

Lectures, Cooking classes and other activities to campaign the lusciousness and safety of organic products.Training course for up-skilling

Organizing seminars to inquire better skills for organic and environment conservative farming. Improvement of cropping skills by organizing touring and interact with advanced farmers.

Farmers support

Support new farmers and change over to organic.

Support plans including ensuring the land / house and securing sales destination / training for the new farmers.