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Energy Efficiency & your home PowerPoint Presentation
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Energy Efficiency & your home

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Energy Efficiency & your home - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Energy Efficiency & your home. Annie Batten Tom Whitehead Thames Valley Energy Efficiency Advice Centre. Energy Efficiency Advice .

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Energy Efficiency & your home

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energy efficiency your home
Energy Efficiency & your home

Annie Batten

Tom Whitehead

Thames Valley Energy Efficiency Advice Centre

energy efficiency advice
Energy Efficiency Advice
  • Thames Valley Energy Advice Centre is part of the Energy Saving Trust. We are one of a national network of 52 energy efficiency advice centres bringing the domestic sector…
  • FREE
tvec our aims
TVEC – Our aims
  • To advise and inform consumers about energy saving options
  • To offer sustainable energy services via discounts and benefits
  • To support local government and their partners in achieving sustainable energy successes
main operations
Main Operations




climate change why save energy
Climate change Why save energy?
  • Help the environment

- reduce impact on global warming

  • Save our forests
  • Save our arctic animals and thousands of others from extinction
  • An increase in fires droughts floods as the weather changes
don t let your home get away with it
Don’t let your home get away with it!

The facts

  • Every UK household creates about 6 tonnes of carbon dioxide each year
  • Enough to fill six hot air balloons
  • The average home emits more harmful carbon dioxide than the average car.
how do you keep your house warm
How do you keep your house warm?
  • Range of ways to keep your home warm starting with..
  • Free measures
  • Low cost
  • Medium cost
  • Expensive
loosing heat low and no cost measures
Loosing heat, low and no cost measures
  • Where does your home loose heat? What percentage of heat is lost through different parts of the house?
  • Can you think of 7 – 10 no cost measures that will save you energy in the home?
  • What low cost measures can you think of to save you energy and money?

Where does your house loose heat?

Roof loses 25%

Windows lose 10%

Walls lose 35%

Floors lose 15%

Doors lose 15%

start small things to remember
Start small…things to remember

No-cost measures

  • Turn off lights & TVs when not in use
  • Turn down heating and hot water thermostats
  • Don’t overfill the kettle
  • Only use the washing machine for a full load, or use the half load option if you have one
  • Don’t leave the fridge door open
  • Have a shower rather than a bath
low cost energy measures
Low cost energy measures

Low-cost measures

  • Replace ordinary bulbs with low energy lightbulbs (CFLs)
  • Replace old hot water tank jackets
  • Insulate hot water pipes
  • Eliminate draughts with DIY draughtproofing
medium cost measures
Medium cost measures
  • Install heating & hot water controls
  • Thermostatic radiator valves
  • Draughtproofing windows and doors professionally
  • Insulate your loft
  • Insulate your walls
more expensive measures
More expensive measures
  • Replace your old boiler
  • Replace your windows
  • Replace old appliances You could save up to £100 per year if you have no insulation at present
don t let your home get away with it1
Don’t let your home get away with it!

The solution

  • The average household could save around £200 a year by taking energy efficiency measures.

The statistics

  • Nearly £5 billion is wasted on energy in the UK every year – enough to give every man, women and child £84 a year.
bigger savings
Bigger savings…

Energy Efficient appliances

  • Old appliances could be wasting up to £45 per year
  • By replacing any old appliances with A-rated equivalents could save you £45 for a fridge-freezer or £15 for a washing machine
  • Look out for the Energy Efficiency Recommended logo….
greener energy
Greener Energy
  • The easiest way to opt for “greener” energy is to sign up with a “green” tariff offered by most fuel companies
  • If you’re really keen you could install technologies such as solar water heating
  • Solarsavers can help you find

local solar water heating installers

  • Clearskies is a government

grant scheme which can help

with the cost of renewables

greener transport
Greener transport
  • Try walking or cycling for shorter journeys
  • Use the bus or train
  • Try car sharing
  • When you next buy a car, consider a smaller engine (if buying second-hand) or a car with lower emissions (if buying new)
  • Campaign for better cycleways, footpaths or public transport services
  • Think about why you’re travelling; do you need to travel at all?
  • Try working from home
energy quiz
Energy Quiz……
  • What does DEFRA stand for?
  • At what temperature should you set the thermostat for hot water?
  • What percentage of Greenland is covered by its ice sheet? – 50%, 75%, 85%?
  • In what decade was the 1st documented use of a solar powered oven?
  • What percentage of heat from an open fire is lost up the chimney?
  • What is an SSI?
  • Where was the first Earth Summit held in 1992?
  • The melting and retreat of the Artic icecap is affecting which animal?
  • In the Northern Hemisphere, due to global warming climate zones are moving but north or south?
  • Nitrogen Dioxide, Carbon Monoxide and …….. Are in gas emissions from cars and contribute to global warming?
  • GB has 80% of Northern Europe's most ancient trees, T or False?
  • How many different ways are there to pay for your electricity?
energy quiz1
Energy Quiz
  • Where were the earliest known windmills?
  • How long are the blades of the largest wind turbine in operation?
  • Where and when was the first use of Geothermal electricity?
  • How much more energy does the average American consume compared to the world average?
  • Recycling Aluminium cans saves what % of energy compared to producing them from virgin material? 20% 55% 95%?