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Best Energy Saving Water Heater

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Best Energy Saving Water Heater - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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What is a Desuperheater? How It Works?\nA desuperheater is known as a secondary heat exchanger device that transfers heat efficiently from the earth in the winter season and from your house in the summer, into your domestic hot water tank.\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\nDesuperheaters are crucial components used in the thermal management of heat from power generation sources to industrial uses in Refrigeration and Air Conditioning.\nWhen gas is used for heating or other heat transfer or in industrial processes, it is most efficient when saturated. It is a device that lowers the temperature of superheated gas so that it can be used efficiently for heating or for other industrial use. This gas temperature minimization is also called as attemperation, is performed by the desuperheater water heater (a device that injects a prescribed amount of water into a gas flow stream).\nThe general purpose, of this device is to provide effective and continuous heat transfer between gas and water. And a highly effective desuperheater application and design ensures that costly problems to be avoided, including general wear of downstream piping and equipment, long startup and shutdown times, and reduced process efficiency.\n

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best energy saving water heater

Best Energy Saving Water Heater

-Manufactured By Maniks

maniks desuperheater
Maniks Desuperheater
  • Introduction:
  • About us
  • Maniks Desuperheater Water Heater
  • Theory of Desuperheater
  • Need of Desuperheater in Refrigeration
  • Working of a Desuperheater
  • Advantages of ManiksDesuperheater
  • Applications

maniks desuperheater 1
Maniks Desuperheater
  • Maniks Desuperheater Water Heater :

maniks desuperheater 2
Maniks Desuperheater
  • About Maniksdesuperheater:
  • Maniks are having comprehensive range of desuperheater supply since last three decades. Maniks introduced variety of desuperheaters with precise temperature control for various applications in chemical or oil & gas process plants where the available refrigerant is at superheated conditions. These Desuperheaters have high performance, custom design, easy to install and requires very low maintenance.
  • Maniks provides two types of desuperheaters
  • Freon Desuperheater - SERIES HEF 33- XXX- 22
  • Ammonia Desuperheater - SERIES HEA 77- XXX- 717

maniks desuperheater 3
Maniks Desuperheater
  • Theory of Desuperheater:
  • Desuperheater is a device used to cool the steam in a power plant. When steam is used for mechanical power plant such as driving the turbine rotor by expanding across turbine blades, it will be more efficient when the steam is superheated. A desuperheater is a device which lowers the temperature of the superheated steam so that it can be effectively used for heating or other industrial applications. This action is performed by injecting a predetermined amount of water in to the stream of steam flow.

maniks desuperheater 4
  • Need of Desuperheater in Refrigeration
  • The basic principle of refrigeration is the evaporator transfers heat into the refrigerant the refrigerant transfer heat to the condenser then the condenser transfers heat to a cooling medium like water or outside air. The ultimate heat energy emitted from the refrigerators is wasted when it is transferred to the outside air this waste of energy is been avoided by using desuperheater.
  • Desuperheater absorbs the energy from condenser to utilize the same for other applications.

maniks desuperheater 5
Maniks Desuperheater
  • Working of a Desuperheater
  • Desuperheater brings superheated steam into direct contact with water the steam is cooled through the evaporation it reduces the temperature of the steam.
  • Maniksdesuperheater is designed to work in a refrigeration system so it uses ammonia water inside to cool the refrigerant gas. When refrigerant gas in a refrigeration system is compressed in a compressor it passes though a condenser where it gives off heat and changes to a liquid state and then it passes through an expansion valve to an evaporator coil to absorb heat and change the refrigerant back to gaseous state for recompressing in the compressor to complete and the refrigeration cycle. This cycle is performed repeatedly in refrigeration systems.

maniks desuperheater 6
Maniks Desuperheater
  • Advantages of ManiksDesuperheater
  • Available in two types Ammonia and Freon
  • Economic product
  • No moving parts so requires less maintenance
  • Simple design
  • Easy to install
  • Very less pressure drop

maniks desuperheater 7
Maniks Desuperheater
  • Applications
  • Improve heat transfer of surface type heat exchangers
  • Reduction and control of superheated steam
  • Use on boilers between super-heater stages or at boiler exit
  • Controls superheat temperatures at partial loads
  • Bypass of bleeder or backpressure turbines to maintain balance between process steam and power requirements
  • Balancing and make up steam in reducing pressure systems
  • Desuperheaters
  • Shipboard service
  • Industrial heating system
  • Food processing
  • Turbine bypass steam temperature control & many more.

maniks desuperheater 8
Maniks Desuperheater

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