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Postconsumer Recycled Paper at OWU PowerPoint Presentation
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Postconsumer Recycled Paper at OWU

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Postconsumer Recycled Paper at OWU
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Postconsumer Recycled Paper at OWU

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  1. Gissele Miller Postconsumer Recycled Paper at OWU

  2. My project Why postconsumer and not just recycled? The goal is to encourage the OWU campus to use at least 30% postconsumer paper or higher in printing machines

  3. Post-Consumer paper is paper that has been used before, to say just recycled paper can mean Pre-consumer paper, this paper is great because it allows the unread magazines and un-used products to be recycled but the term can also just mean the factory can use their scraps and pass it as 30% recycled. Post-consumer vs Pre-Consumer

  4. Save trees Save energy Less pollution: only contributing with Sludge/the inks taken off of paper. Less chemicals Why is this Initiative important? Recycled/Postconsumer paper helps:

  5. We use an average of 700 pound of paper every year and nearly 1/3 of it goes to the landfills. Also the fibers in the paper can be recycled 5-7 times before needing to be mixed with virgin fibers. Most importantly it saves landfill space:

  6. Yes! Trees are grown in managed timberlands just to produce paper. So your backyard tree is not about to be cut down to produce paper. But because trees take a long time to grow more tree farms come to be in order to keep up with the paper demands. These tree farms become biologically homogeneous causing soil erosion. Conclusion: recycled paper will help us not use as many trees for making paper but they still need to be used eventually and those trees may still get cut down for other purposes. But aren't trees especially harvested just for paper

  7. OWU buys 1,000 cases of paper per year, each case has 5,000 per case. We currently pay $28.50 a case 30% recycled $30.50 a case If the entire university would change it would only cost $2,000 more per year. OWU

  8. The Baby Step Plan To provide different departments with a free ream of 30% recycled paper. Along with the paper a letter will also go to the departments informing them of the great environmental impact we could have by making the switch. I plan to make a survey about online submissions and with it encourage faculty to accept online submissions more often, this reduction in paper use will help alleviate the cost some. Different students will then go to the departments and collect input on the paper, if they liked it, hated it, or most likely didn’t notice the difference. We are starting small and only having recycled paper as an option to the departments, then we hope to make it the default when each department Is getting paper

  9. It jams copiers- false, Today's recycled paper is perfected for for copying. True or false about recycled paper

  10. We have a contract with a local company, they sell recycled paper but for significantly more. This makes sense why not just out it into place