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About us. Why Silentwind?. Our products. About us. Established in 1993, Rulis Electrica , Lda is a Portuguese company with German management.

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About us

Why Silentwind?

Our products


About us

Established in 1993, Rulis Electrica, Lda is a Portuguese company with German management.

We have thirty years of experience and know-how acquired with our work on small wind turbines on marine vessels under particularly difficult conditions, especially on the Portuguese coast and in Atlantic crossings.

Ourinitialactivity for theareaofsmallwind turbines wasthedevelopmentoflow noise rotorbladesmadeof 100% carbonfiber material, handlaminatedand UV-resistent. Thesebladeswereintroduced in 2008 as replacementparts for a windgeneratorwellknownonthemarket as verynoisy.

Due to their great success, we decided to develop and manufacture our own appropriate wind generator for our silent power blades.

In the end of 2010, the commercialization of our Silentwind generator started and has become a worldwide success for sea and land use.





Why Silentwind?


Quiet operation due to technical optimization of the rotor blades

Reliableand Safe

High-quality components and German engineering

3 year warranty for the wind generator and 2 years for the charge controller

Complete and Versatile

For marine and land use at low, middle and strong winds

For professional applications

Independent and Unlimited

Wind and solar energy wherever you are!

Ideal for Marine / Coastal applications

Sea water resistant aluminum alloy with special treatment against corrosion, stainless steel screws and UV resistant rotor blades

Compact, Practical and Elegant

Lightweight 6.8 kg only

Suitable for all types of sailboats and easy to install

Ergonomic and aerodynamic design

External wind and solar hybrid controller with multifunctional LCD display, and integrated manual and electronic switch-off, suitable for the installation of solar panels without the need for additional controllers


Our products

Wind Generator

  • 3 models: 12, 24 and 48V
  • Weightofonly6,8kg
  • Permanent-magnet 3-phase AC-generator with rated power of 420 - 500W
  • Design-optimization in our own wind-tunnel
  • Very good start-up performance due to low cogging torque at 2,2m/s wind speed (4 knots)
  • Start-up chargingfrom a wind intensity of 2,8 m/s (5knots)
  • Universal application for low, middle and strong winds
  • For marine and land use and professional applications
  • Durable and low maintenance

Our products

Charge Controller

  • The battery system-voltage (12v or 24V) isautomaticallydetected
  • Hybrid charge controller (wind and solar) withmultifunctionalLCD display and integrated, electronicalautomatic and manualbrake system
  • Free adjustable final charging voltage for all battery types
  • Adjustable max. charging current
  • Programmable user port for external consumers
  • LCD-display of all relevant working data (W, A, V , Ah, kWh)
  • Results:
  • Significantperformance increase
  • Improvedchargingprocess for longerbatterylife time
  • Maximumsecurity

Our products

Rotor Blades

  • High-tech carbonfiber rotor blades
  • Made of 100% Carbon-Fibermaterial – CFRP
  • Handlaminated. By using High–Tensile carbon fibers in hand laminated application with epoxy-resin the blades get extremely resistant
  • UV-resistant
  • Wind channeloptimized
  • Ultra low noise emissions
  • Balanced for low vibrations
  • Outstanding strength to weight ratio
  • Successfully tested according to DIN EN 61400-2 at hurricane speed 122km / h (5480 rpm, with almost speed of sound at the blade tips)

Our products

  • Quality assurance and certificates:
  • DIN VDE protection class II
  • RoHS - conform
  • CE - conform

Hybrid Set

  • First class high power-monocrystalline solar panel
  • 6combinations available: 520W/12V, 620W/12V, 550W/24V, 650W/24V, 820W/12V and 850W/24V.
  • Stable: double walled aluminum structure with the height of 35mm, anodized, in silver color
  • Water resistant:U-bead filled up with glue. The edges of the laminate are glued in and sealed
  • Optimizedprotectionagainsttorsion: aluminum frame reinforced with additional metal brackets at the edges
  • No lossofpower:bright silver frame to avoid too high temperatures of the panel and in consequence loss of power and efficiency
  • Easy replacement of the diodes
  • Easyassembly
a new generation of wind turbine with silent power blades safe quiet and efficient
A new generation of wind turbine with Silent Power Blades: safe, quiet and efficient
  • Approved by sailors throughout the world!
  • Compact, Ergonomic, Aerodynamic
  • Convenient, Affordable
  • Reliable and Safe
  • Complete and Versatile


Rulis Eléctrica, Lda.

Loteamento Industrial de Linhares, Lote 19Briteiros / S. EstevãoPT-4805-486 GuimarãesTel: +351253572765Fax: +351253572764Email: info@silentwindgenerator.comWeb: