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Introducing NEW. NYS For-Profit Vendor Responsibility Questionnaire Irene Waldorf – OSC July 15, 2010. What to expect today:. Hear the why, how & what about the changes Understand new terms Know impact on: VendRep System SPC & OSC websites Understand timeline & Ask Questions.

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Presentation Transcript
Introducing new

Introducing NEW

NYS For-Profit Vendor Responsibility Questionnaire

Irene Waldorf – OSC

July 15, 2010

What to expect today
What to expect today:

  • Hear the why, how & what about the changes

  • Understand new terms

  • Know impact on:

    • VendRep System

    • SPC & OSC websites

  • Understand timeline & Ask Questions

Why change
WHY Change?

  • Experience

  • Difficult for complex vendors

  • Collected unused information

  • Information readily available from other sources

How did the changes happen
HOW did the changes happen?

  • Joint OGS/OSC workgroup

  • Vendor testing

  • Presentations to New York State Procurement Council

    • Invitation to State agency VR Communication Liaisons

  • SPC Vote

What s the biggest change
WHAT’s the biggest change?

  • Vendor will select scope of disclosure

    • Legal Business Entity; or

    • Organizational Unit within and operating under the authority of the Legal Business Entity

New terms
New Terms

  • Legal Business Entity

  • Reporting Entity

  • Organizational Unit

  • Associated Entity

Legal business entity lbe
Legal Business Entity (LBE)

  • Must have an IRS assigned Federal Tax Identification Number (TIN)

  • Sole Proprietor – may use Social Security Number

Reporting entity re
Reporting Entity (RE)

  • A Legal Business Entity Or

  • An Organizational Unit of the larger LBE

Organizational unit must
Organizational Unit MUST

  • Be an established unit within and operating under authority of LBE

  • Have a designated manager or management team

  • Have primary responsibility for fulfilling contract terms

  • Use Legal Business Entity’s TIN

Associated entity
Associated Entity

  • Any entity the Reporting Entity controls or is controlled by

  • Not “sibling organizations” unless direct relationship with or impact on the Reporting Entity

  • Replaces “Affiliates”

Legal business entity is re
Legal Business Entity is RE








Organizational unit is re
Organizational Unit is RE











Highlights of changes
Highlights of Changes

  • Informational cover sheet

  • Revised Definitions

  • Questions removed/added/revised

Section i
Section I

  • Information for Legal Business Entity

  • Removed:

    • Executive Office

    • Registered to do business in NYS

    • Registered as Sales Tax Vendor

    • Joint Venture

Section ii
Section II

  • Removed entire section – Affiliates & Joint Venture Relationships

  • Added – Reporting Entity Information

  • If Organizational Unit, identifying information required

Section iii
Section III

  • Removed – Contract History

  • Moved Leadership Integrity

  • Respond only on behalf of Reporting Entity (not Affiliates)

  • Change in scope - “current or former” officials…

Sections iv viii
Sections IV - VIII

  • Scope is Reporting Entity only, not affiliates

  • Some questions have been streamlined or clarified

Section ix
Section IX

  • New section for Associated Entities (Replaces Affiliates)

  • If Reporting as LBE, complete only if has Associated Entities

  • If Reporting as Organizational Unit, must complete section for Associated Entities

Section ix1
Section IX

  • Questions are limited

  • Disclose larger issues

  • Most issues are specific to federal or within New York

Sections x xi
Sections X & XI

  • FOIL – no change

  • Moved Authorized Contact to the end


  • Updated 12/31/2008

  • Revised now to specify Reporting Entity

Impact on vendrep system
Impact on VendRep System

  • New Instructions

  • If starting new questionnaire, responses are not copied for any questions having changes

  • If vendor is editing, continue and certify current version

Osc website
OSC Website

  • New Questionnaire posted the same day as VendRep System updated

  • New Definitions

  • NEWS item on website & VendRep System

State procurement council website
State Procurement Council Website

  • Best Practices Bulletin

  • Details issues to consider

Current timeline
Current Timeline

  • June & July 2010 - State agency training sessions

  • June 28, 2010

    • Updated website

    • New VRQ in VendRep System

    • Emailed vendors in VendRep System

  • Meet with Business Council

Osc contact
OSC Contact

  • OSC Help Desk

    866-370-4672 or 518-408-4672

    [email protected]

  • VendRep Website