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“ Public finance ” course

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“ Public finance ” course. First term 2010/2011 Instructor Dr. Mo’een Rajab E.mail: Palestine University Finance and business college. Questions for Revision (III). 2/1/2011. Section I Mention whether the below statements are true or false:.

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public finance course

“Public finance” course

First term 2010/2011


Dr. Mo’een Rajab


Palestine University

Finance and business college

section i mention whether the below statements are true or false
Section IMention whether the below statements are true or false:

1- In short: public finance is a monetary science.

2-The size of public revenue is one of fiscal science activities.

3- Public finance is one of those subjects which is on the boarder line between economics & politics.

4-Public finance in modern era is a simple phenomenon.

5- Public Revenuesdeals with the method of raising funds and the principles of taxation.

6- Public Debt deals with the study of the causes and methods of public loans as well as public debt management .

7- One ofthe basic functions of public finance is to make proper adjustments in income distributional .

8- The private sector can satisfy the social wants owing to their typical nature.

9- Social wants are satisfied by individual goods.

10- Social wants cannot be satisfied through the process of market mechanism

section ii answer the following questions
Section IIAnswer the following questions:

1- Give the meaning of public finance according to Dalton.

2- What are the activities of fiscal science?

3- What is public finance concerned with?

4- Mention the main contents of public finance.

5- Illustrate the complex aspects of public finance.

6- Explain what we mean by the economics of public finance.

7- Give Two items only of the public expenditure aspects.

8- Compare between social wants & social goods.

9- Distinguish between social wants and merit wants.

10- Satisfaction of collective wants involves complicated social problems. Explain.