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Evangelism: Session 3

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Evangelism: Session 3. FBC Subang , 2012. Review. Why should we evangelize? What principles should guide our evangelism? What evangelistic tools can we learn and have in our tool belt?. Making the offer of new life. How does someone become a Christian?

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evangelism session 3

Evangelism: Session 3

FBC Subang, 2012

  • Why should we evangelize?
  • What principles should guide our evangelism?
  • What evangelistic tools can we learn and have in our tool belt?
making the offer of new life
Making the offer of new life
  • How does someone become a Christian?
  • What are the requirements to be a Christian?
  • What are the essential steps to becoming a Christian?
offer challenge to new life
Offer/Challenge to New Life
  • Evangelism is more than sharing the gospel; it is leading people to Christ.
  • Questions to ask:
    • Does the meaning of the story make sense? Is it clear that we could not save ourselves except for God himself providing a way for the forgiveness of sins through the sacrifice of Jesus Christ?
    • Have you ever heard this before?
    • Do you believe that Jesus Christ has died so that our sins could be forgiven through his sacrifice?
  • Read Romans 10:9-10 with the person and invite them to respond.
  • Help them in a prayer to God making this decision.
  • Immediately, give them some initial handles on living out this new life they have received.
    • Renouncing sins and strongholds
    • Basics for going growing. What is the spiritual milk infants need?
    • Encourage them to do this with their friends and family
a word about apologetics
A Word about Apologetics
  • “Be prepared to give an answer for the hope that you have” (1 Peter 3:15)
  • Role for apologetics in the public square
  • Danger of apologetics in a witnessing encounter
    • End up in debates
    • Moves the conversation to the mind only—too cerebral
    • Makes the witnesser look arrogant
    • Distracts the nonbeliever from examining their own idolatry/sinfullness/unclean heart
    • Sometimes conversation moves to points of minutiae that have no impact on embracing the gospel
go and make disciples
Go and make disciples
  • How were you discipled?
  • Discipleship is the goal!

“The church is only as good as the quality of her disciples.” –Neil Cole, KL, Nov. 2

1 thessalonians 1
1 Thessalonians 1
  • How long was Paul in Thessalonica?
  • What did Paul say about the disciples in Thessalonica?
  • What did Paul do during that short time to make such disciples?
start well
Start well

The first instructions for a new believer, are the most important!

  • Start well.
  • Have a plan ready
  • Drop everything to invest in this disciple
  • Make a disciple of Jesus, not just a tithing church member
  • Life on life- not just a class, workbook, or knowledge, but passing on a way of life- it life-on-life, caught not taught
  • All of life- new life in Christ impacts everything about life
  • Milk first, then meat- Start with the basics of belief and obedience
  • Reproducible- your disciple should be able to disciple others, 2 Timothy 2:2
crusades revivals events
  • What are the strengths and weaknesses of these approaches?
  • Is it a tool of the past or the present?
  • How does it work cross-culturally?
seeker groups halfway houses alpha courses
Seeker groups/halfway houses/Alpha courses
  • Safe community to ask questions and search
  • Alpha
    • Strengths
      • Value of video
      • Value of meal
      • 80% conversion rate
    • Weaknesses
      • Relies on interested nonbelievers (will not reach the resistant)
      • Loss of community after conversion is disillusioning
evangelism and the church
Evangelism and the Church

I bet they don’t have many visitors

evangelism and the church1
Evangelism and the Church
  • Have you ever been a visitor at a church?
    • You should try it
  • Two types of churches in how they respond to you:
    • Fish tank
    • Amazon river
a church that reflects the gospel
A Church that Reflects the Gospel

Become the kind of church that you would want to bring a nonChristianto

What this means?

  • The gospel is proclaimed and demonstrated clearly
  • Everything that happens is mindful of nonChristians
    • Worship
    • Tithes and offering
    • Sermon
    • Announcements
  • Body life should look like the body of Christ, not the body of sin and Satan

What this does NOT mean?

  • Everything is dumbed down
    • Instead, create ways for milk and meat to get to the right mouths
  • Emotional manipulation and guilt-trips
    • Instead, find ways to let people know it is an option
  • Everything is reduced to a plan of salvation
    • Instead, demonstrate how the gospel impacts/transforms every aspect of life
children and evangelism
Children and Evangelism

Children are more vulnerable and susceptible to manipulation

Which means:

  • Share the gospel, but apply no pressure for decisions
  • Involve the child’s family as much as possible—complete transparency
  • Help them understand the big story of God’s Forever King
    • Pushing children into guilt-laden obedience is a betrayal of the gospel
attractional or missional church growth
Attractional or Missional Church Growth

Attractional Church Growth

  • Primary means of growth occurs through drawing the lost to your church
  • Strengths?
  • Weaknesses?

Missional Church Growth

  • Primary means of growth occurs through the church going into the community where the lost already are
  • Strengths?
  • Weaknesses?
front door back door side door
Front Door, Back Door, Side Door
  • Front door- new comers come to worship service or big events at the church
  • Back door- church members leaving the church
    • Needs to be tracked and

investigated, not just assumed

  • Side door- new comers

enter the church community

through small groups,

church ministries, etc.

enabling the whole church
Enabling the Whole Church
  • Ephesians 4:11-13
  • Have you identified peoples’ gifts in the church? In your small groups?
  • Do your evangelists have the freedom to be among the lost?
  • Do your shepherds have the freedom to welcome them into community?
as you go make disciples
As you go, make disciples…

Here is your breath mint 