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Demio review & SECRETS bonus of Demio PowerPoint Presentation
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Demio review & SECRETS bonus of Demio

Demio review & SECRETS bonus of Demio

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Demio review & SECRETS bonus of Demio

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  1. Demio – A Smart Webinar Platform on a Simple Mission • Demio focuses on giving you the tools to connect and sell to your audience better than ever before, without the scary downside of technologyfailure. • • DemioOverview • Homepage: • Demio: • Type ofProduct: • Authors: • Targetniche: • OfficialPrice: • SpecialOffer: • Bonuses: [EXCLUSIVE] You will get any of the bonus packs inbelow: • GIANT Bonuses Pack1 • SPECIAL Bonuses Pack2 • ULTIMATE Bonuses Pack3 • HUGE Bonuses Pack4 • MEGA Bonuses Pack5 • What IsDemio? • Like you, I was frustrated. I has tried almost every webinar platform on the market, and none of them worked for my business. They all claimed to have everything, but yet, they were all missing something. Many of the core features such as reliability, quality, and ease of use were often overlooked. My webinars would crash, recordings were lost, and it was generally a terrible webinar experience for everyone involved. But for some reason, I was still paying almost $6,000 per year for sub-par webinar software. I wanted to changethis. • We are marketers. It seems like everything we do these days is on webinars-- everything from marketing, sales, onboarding, trainings, building relationships, andmore. • It’s obvious, to us. Webinars are the most powerful marketing and sales tool that any business can use to grow theirbusiness.

  2. And although designing a technology driven platform from scratch, was not easy, I found a way to put the right pieces inplace. Now introducing a marketing-driven application with the full of “incomplete” solutions calling Demio. It focuses on giving you the tools to connect and sell to your audience better than ever before, without the scary downside of technologyfailure. How Does DemioWork? Special Features ofDemio: Create a webinar without ahandbook

  3. Custom branded registrationpages Embeddable registrationforms Create a recurring webinarseries

  4. Let your registrants choose adate/time Use your webcam and share yourscreen Automationrules

  5. Polls withreporting Play inline videos during awebinar

  6. Live, real-time chat with youraudience Automatic webinarrecordings

  7. Automatic reminderemails Custom Thank YouPage Invite up to 15Coordinators

  8. Feature individual chatmessages Add tracking pixels to registration page, thank you page or webinarroom

  9. Automatic replaypage Sub-users with limitedpermissions Individual ContactReporting

  10. Minute-By-Minute Webinar analytics Reply to your attendees after thewebinar

  11. Understand WHO did WHAT on yourwebinar Display offers andCTA’s

  12. Share handouts with theaudience • Who Should UseDemio? • Here’s what they built itfor: • MarketingWebinars • From the beginning, they’ve had the marketer in mind. Almost every feature they’ve built in Demio has been built with a common goal: make webinars more effective. With advanced segmentations, automations, real-time engagement, in-depth tracking, actionable analytics, in-webinar features such as Call-To-Actions, Polls, Handouts, Featured Chat, and more, were all built to help make your webinars even morepowerful. • SalesWebinars

  13. Demio is powerful sales tool. With real-time streaming and interactive chat, you can engage your audience easily and kill objections. With Automation Rules, you can follow up with different segments of your audience in different ways in order to close thesale. • With featured chat messages, you can display testimonials or social proof to effectively push your prospects off of the fence. And of course, with Resources, you can display offers in a beautiful, effective way. The days of just pasting in a link to your sales page in the chat areover. • Live Trainings and Q&ASessions • With training and Q&A sessions, it’s REALLY important to get feedback in real-time. A 30-second streaming delay simply won’t cut it for you. With Demio, the live streaming is in real-time; therefore, when you ask a question, you’re going to get nearly instant feedback and answers from your audience. Your webinar sessions are recorded automatically, so you don’t have to worry about forgetting to press “record.” You can even have Demio send the replay link to your audience automatically. After the webinar, you can use the analytics to see how engaged your audience was during the live session. • Group Demos andOnboarding • Webinars are great for building relationships in a scalable way. 1-on-1 demos and onboarding sessions are limited: one person at a time. With Demio, you do daily, weekly, or monthly group sessions to demo your product or onboard your customers. There’s nothing like face-to-face interaction, and it’s never been easier to achieve with Demio. Imagine being able to segment your most active customers, your most engaged prospects, or your hottestleads. • Why Should You Get DemioNow? • Look some benefits that Demio brings toyou: • Save over 1000% from other Competitors During our GrandOpening • Increase your engagement with your Audience with Real TimeCommunication • Bring up to 1000 Attendees onto an easy browser based platform in seconds without any download issues ordelays • Make your marketing and sales webinars more effective. Increased registration rates, higher engagement, improved conversionrates • Onboard new users easier into your programs, courses, and software with easy to run userdemo’s. • Segment your audience and send more detailed, personal follow up emails to the right sub-groups of yourregistrants • Get Detailed Analytics of your webinar to find where you can update or improve your webinar presentation for maximumengagement

  14. Seamlessly integrate Demio into your business with Zapier integrations to reduce webinar campaign setup • 2 Years in Development. Over 850 Beta Testers. 1500+ Webinars Run. Have a look at what their customers say about thisproduct. Conclusion HURRY! Don’t miss out on the Launch Special Price! SAVE tons of money without anycondition! Special discounted price only for a while, don’t waste the opportunity. Make a wise and smartdecision!

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