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Things to know about kerala honeymoon destination PowerPoint Presentation
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Things to know about kerala honeymoon destination

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Things to know about kerala honeymoon destination
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Things to know about kerala honeymoon destination

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  1. Kerala Honeymoon Packages Contact us Name Email address +91 Contact number Yes, send me the best deals by email CONTACT ME Contact Call +91-22-33951010 OR Ping us on WhatsApp +91 9920 204 596 When it comes to cherishing the most important moments of your life, there can be no reason or rhyme that presents itself before you to stop you from getting your ideal honeymoon. What’s more, you can obtain the surreal dream of the perfect honeymoon, right here in India, with the backdrop of the lovely back waters, swaying coconut trees, the silence of the authentic boats as they glide over the waters. Celebrate the exquisite emotion of Love in Gods own country- Kerala, with our Kerala honeymoon packages. Why Kerala? Well, why not Kerala? It has everything for the promotion of a good romantic experience. Everything about it spells love. The beauty of the place can manage to tug your heartstrings and bring you and your partner closer . Kindle the romance and let it set ablaze the feelings you have for each other with nature being the mediator and the translator of your deepest emotions. Explore the honeymoon packages for Kerala and create interesting memories with your sweetheart. converted by

  2. What can you do in Kerala? When God himself trims the very edges of Kerala, there are numerous things you can indulge in. Paradise awaits as you await to hold your partner in a loving embrace and let nature work its never ending magic on your relationship. Let your love grow and blossom as you glide over the waters of Kerala in your house boat, and feel the light breeze fondle your hair. Even offshore, Kerala will not disappoint you with its charm, but instead leave you in a seizure of laughter as you feel the waves tickle the soles of your feet, teaching you that the bond you share is deep and nurturing. Let your love shine with honeymoon packages that are specially designed for letting the love grow. Even better yet, customize it by adding what you and your partner love doing. Add the serenity of beaches, add the sizzle of the best restaurants, mixed with the blend of the comfort of your hotel and garnish with the tangy setting of nature while you indulge in sightseeing. Make your honeymoon a memory of a lifetime by booking a honeymoon package that will cater to your needs. Let the backdrop of heavenly serenity of nature say it all. By booking a customised honeymoon package leaves you with an assurance that you will never have to leave anything to doubt. Show your better half that you care and how much you respect their comfort by looking into every aspect as per your liking. Kerala invites you to explore yourself and your budding romance with specialized honeymoon packages, designed by you, for you. For exquisite packages that cater to your needs and desires, the below honeymoon packages are meant for your satisfaction: Serene Kerala @INR 14,999/- per adult. Fascinating Kerala @INR 18,999/- per adult. Blissful Kerala @INR 25, 399/- per adult. Charismatic Kerala @INR 29,999/- per adult. Make this worth your while by checking out honeymoon packages in Kerala. Make memories that will last a lifetime. Book the right honeymoon package, and gift yourself an experience. Make the first venture of your married life an exotic experience. Let nature work its magic and bless the bond that has been written by the heavens, right in its own land. Best time to visit Kerala To visit paradise, no one awaits a favourable time, then, why wait to visit God’s own country? Every season has a bliss and charm of its own whenever you visit. Although monsoons and winters can set the mood and the vibe right for any honeymoon background, Summer can make you get that long awaited tan, as also, there's a secret pleasure in drinking coconut water directly from its shell when the sun shines down brightly on you. What ever the season, Kerala is always ready to embrace you in its eternal goodness, inviting you to savour the abundant treasures of mother nature. Kerala honeymoon package is your gateway to an enticing wonderland. Top five things to do in Kerala: converted by

  3. Top five things to do in Kerala: Watch the boat race: Nothing can beat the adrenaline rush of simply watching the boat race as they sway over the backwaters of Kerala, with the people rowing with gusto to outdo each other. Indulge in food: A good strong burp after eating an authentic meal prepared by the locals in Kerala, is something you have to experience . Fresh sea food, steaming idlis, crisp dosas lathered in butter, every aspect makes this gastronomical adventure worth a try. Tip: This gastronomical voyage tastes even better when you share them with someone special. Ayurveda: If you visit Kerala and you haven't treated yourself to a good and relaxing body massage, you have missed a huge chunk of an experience. The fragrance of the Kerala Oils that take your body into a tour of the most delectable form of relaxation, are the most essential part of the whole Kerala experience. Elephant trekking: Elephants are synonymous with Kerala as kangaroos are to Australia ! It is only in Kerala that you can serve yourself a visual treat as you ride on the back of an elephant through the rough woods and jungle areas of Kerala. Live in a house boat: Every little aspect of Kerala carries with itself a little speck of its tradition and culture. House boats too, form a incredible and important part of Kerala’s culture. To have a fulfilling experience, have a stay in the house boat as a part of your honeymoon package by customising it. The moments that you spend in your houseboat, will never be forgotten. Walk on the beaches : Kerala is known for its uber clean beaches , and its conduciveness to create the whole idea of romance. With a customised honeymoon package, you can add or substract what you desire, and add a pinch of your own magic to it. Honeymoon packages in India are a delight. A Kerala honeymoon package that has your own personal touch can ignite the passion that is well known in a newly wedded couple. Kerala allows love to blossom in its grandeur. With careful nurturing, your Kerala experience can be listed easily as among the best travel memories. Go ahead, go Ghoomne, Contact us All rights reserved Call +91-22-33951010 converted by