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Which School is Right for You???

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Which School is Right for You??? - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Which School is Right for You???. Get a Life. Unskilled Labor - High School or less education. Skilled Labor - 2 years of education past high school. Professional Labor - 4 years of college or more. Example 1 Become registered nurse Work in a large pediatric ward Midwife

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get a life
Get a Life

Unskilled Labor - High School or less education

Skilled Labor - 2 years of education past high school

Professional Labor - 4 years of college or more

Example 1

Become registered nurse

Work in a large pediatric ward


Start my own business

4-year university

Business classes

Extensive nursing program

Example 2

Become an auto mechanic

Work for Mercedes’ Benz

Vocational School


More training with Mercedes’ Benz

training and education
Training and Education
  • University
  • Vocational College programs
  • Community College system
  • On the job training opportunities
  • Apprenticeships
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Military
things to consider
Things to consider…
  • Admission Requirements
  • Areas of Study
  • Community
  • Campus Life
  • Room & Board
  • Special Programs
  • Post-Graduate Plans
  • Campus Visit
admission requirements
Admission Requirements
  • GPA
  • Entrance Exams- SAT/ACT or other
  • High school courses
  • Application process
  • Other qualifications
  • Is early decision possible?
$$$ MONEY $$$
  • Total cost of tuition and fees
  • Est. cost of room & board, books, personal expenses, and travel
  • State residency / WUE / private, or out of state
  • Financial aid- The whole package because the cheapest school is not always the cheapest
areas of study
Areas of Study
  • Degree type- certificate, associates, bachelors, masters, PhD
  • Over 100 areas of study
  • 20-30 specific majors with in each area
  • Unsure of your major?
    • Choose a larger school- they offer more choices that can help your decision
    • Choose a community college and transfer
  • Urban/Rural
  • Weather
  • Recreational opportunities
  • Cultural opportunities
  • Vicinity to other areas
  • Transportation
campus life
Campus Life
  • Large or small? Student/teacher ratio
  • Private, public, or religious?
  • Student population
  • Accredited and by whom?
  • Safety and security record
  • Transfer rates
  • Do you know anyone there?
room board
Room & Board
  • Dorms- required or optional?
  • Types of dorms
  • Off campus housing
    • Transportation needs
  • Fraternities and sororities
  • Meal plan options
  • Freshmen allowed cars?
special programs
Special Programs
  • Foreign exchange
  • Honors college
  • Athletics
  • Music
  • Theater
  • Clubs
  • Publications
  • Campus activities
  • Special Services
post graduate plans
Post-Graduate Plans
  • What is the placement rate for graduates in your area of study?
  • What is the rate of graduates accepted to grad school?
  • Does the school provide employment services for graduates?
campus visit questions
Campus Visit - Questions
  • What services are available for students?
    • Academic?, Social?, Community?
  • How big are, and who teaches freshmen classes?
  • Are academic counselors assigned, and how easy is it to meet with the faculty?
  • What is the real cost of attending your school, and how do I apply for aid?
  • Where do most freshmen live?
campus visit questions16
Campus Visit - Questions
  • May I take a campus tour?
  • Is placement assistance available for graduates, and what is the placement rate for your major?
  • What library / technology services are available for students?
  • What percent of your students graduate in four years?

The College Board












And lots more!


Undergraduate School Sort

* Describes categories that may be used in choosing a college

* Lets you decide which characteristics are important to you

* Creates a list of schools for you to explore further

When you begin, no schools are on your list. As you choose selection criteria, matching schools appear on your list.

You can view your school list, get more information for any school on your list, and review and change your selection criteria.

You can add the criteria in order by clicking on Continue on each page or you can use the navigation bar to select just the criteria you are interested in.

Below is an example of the navigation bar you will see at the top of each page. You can use it to start with the criteria that interest you or you can click Continue to apply the criteria in order. You can view your list of schools at any time by clicking on Get My Results.

[ Majors | Degree | Location | Setting | Type | Size | Admissions | Tuition | Financial Aid | Sports | ROTC | Services ]


Get My Results

how can i use akcis alaska career information system
How can I use AkCIS?Alaska Career Information System
  • The URL is: http://akcis.org
  • Choose: Login
  • The username is: ketchhs
  • The password is: 4akcis