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28 Years of Excellence and Counting… PowerPoint Presentation
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28 Years of Excellence and Counting…

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28 Years of Excellence and Counting… - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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28 Years of Excellence and Counting…. What is the “MUN” Team?. What we do… We simulate the United Nations by representing one or more countries at the National Model United Nations Conference. Recent Countries Represented by Wright State University. What is the “MUN” Team?. What we study…

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what is the mun team
What is the “MUN” Team?
  • What we do…
    • We simulate the United Nations by representing one or more countries at the National Model United Nations Conference

Recent Countries Represented by Wright State University

what is the mun team3
What is the “MUN” Team?
  • What we study…
    • Many international issues: peace and security, health, economics, development, human rights, technology, energy
    • We focus on the development of writing, speaking, negotiation, and research skills

2006-2007 WSU Model United Nations Team with Japanese Ambassador

what will i do as a delegate
What will I do as a delegate?
  • Take one 4 credit hour, upper level political science class
      • Meets from 1:30 to 5:00pm Monday, Wednesday, and some Fridays during winter quarter
  • First-year delegates are matched with returning delegates for a one-on-one learning partnership
  • Collaborate with local and regional schools in real United Nations simulations

“Being a member of the Model United Nations team for the past three years has been the single most important part of my intellectual, civic, and interpersonal development as an undergraduate” –Sean Graves (3 year member, Political Science major)

who is a typical muner
Who is a Typical “MUNer”?
  • Anyone with…
    • A desire to study international relations
    • An interest in improving speaking, negotiation, writing, and research skills
    • The ability to balance multiple commitments and classes
    • The motivation to extend learning beyond the classroom
    • A desire for an academic challenge
  • Previous experience not required
  • No age, major, or GPA requirement

“Model UN not only improved my writing, speaking, and negotiation abilities, but also provided me with a deepened self-confidence that I will carry into all my future endeavors”–Tiffany Carson (2 year member, English major)

why be a member of the team
Why be a member of the team?
  • Develops essential life and work skills for future success
  • Excellent preparation for students pursuing advanced degrees
  • An opportunity to meet and work with students from all over the world at the National MUN Conference in New York City
  • Full Delegates receive room and travel scholarship to New York City for a week
  • Will work with the some of the best and brightest of WSU

NMUNC at Great Hall of United Nations Headquarters

“I learned so much from the head delegates, the faculty, and the students that I can definitely say that I am a better student and professional due to this team.” –Pablo Banhos (2 year member, graduate student)

how do i become a member
How do I become a member?
  • Attend information sessions
  • Turn in application to Department of Political Science (325 Millet Hall)
  • Sign up for interview
  • Study for interview
  • Interview with advisors, head delegates, and returning delegates
  • Decisions based on interview and letter of intent
  • Wait for email/phone call

“The best thing Model UN has given me is the ability to interact with people on a much higher level with greater understanding in any situation, whether it is at home, school, local community, or in a broader sense.”-Garland Roberts (2 year member, Environmental Sciences major)

deadlines and more information
Deadlines and more information…
  • Applications will be available online through the Department of Political Science website or the PLS office, 325 Millet, starting first week of Fall quarter
  • Applications due week of October 1st (24 hours before interview)
  • Interview signups begin September 24th and end October 1st
  • Interviews held October 2nd -6th
  • Contact Head Delegates, Brad and Tatiana at:
  • Information sessions held in E107 Student Union
    • Thursday, Sept. 13, 10-11 am
    • Monday, Sept. 17, 3-4 pm
    • Wednesday, Sept. 19, 7-8 pm

“I can’t wait for another exciting year on the team and I’m ready to get started already”-Sarah Short (3 year member, Finance major)