the communications and public relations department canadian tourism commission l.
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The Communications and Public Relations Department Canadian Tourism Commission PowerPoint Presentation
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The Communications and Public Relations Department Canadian Tourism Commission

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The Communications and Public Relations Department Canadian Tourism Commission - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The Communications and Public Relations Department Canadian Tourism Commission. “We are connectors - between the CTC and the world, and inside the CTC - and we tell Canada's story.”. our clients. media industry CTC partners And - government consumers staff. In General

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The Communications and Public Relations Department Canadian Tourism Commission

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    1. The Communications and Public Relations DepartmentCanadian Tourism Commission

    2. “We are connectors - between the CTC and the world, and inside the CTC - and we tell Canada's story.”

    3. our clients • media • industry • CTC partners • And - • government • consumers • staff

    4. In General Global PR support Domestic PR initiatives Media relations Timely and relevant news and intelligence Specific Manage Visiting Journalists Program Manage GoMedia Marketplace Populate CTC media centre website Leverage media opportunities afforded by 2010 games services

    5. provide strategic direction for global travel media and public relations • Host Go-Media Canada Marketplace • Host on-line Media Centre • Source stories, images and B-roll that will promote the brand and appeal to international journalists in target markets • Ensure ongoing communication and PR calls in all key markets • Publish original content

    6. products • TOURISM magazine • Tourism Daily News • Media Centre • Press Kits • Corporate Presentations

    7. 2007 results • PR projects and corporate media relations activities reached a domestic audience of 20.5 million and secured $627,000 in unpaid publicity (Sept 2007) • The Visiting Journalists Program supported travel for more than 150 domestic media in 2007 • More than 250 participants in GoMedia event in Banff • International media visited Canada on trips organized by the nine overseas markets • Over 100 stories now posted to media centre website

    8. United Kingdom France Germany Japan Korea China Australia Mexico United States CTC Media Relations Around the World The Canadian Tourism Commission has media relations staff in:

    9. Interesting PR projects around the world • Clever Women – Germany • a collaboration with celebrities, media, and traditional and non-traditional partners • promotes Canada as a destination for female travellers. • BIONADE, a trendy producer of wellness drinks partnered. • prize trip to Ontario. • bakery bags with celebrity “blogs” (web logs) from travels through Alberta and Ontario. • Canada Skating Rink – Canary Wharf • USB drop-off campaign flashes silver for CTC • NHK – Anne of Green Gables 100 • Harley Pasternak – the Five Factor program

    10. CTC Media Centre • • A resource for staff and media • 100 compelling, original stories and counting… • “Mexican media are taking our talking points just as you designed them…thank you for all your effort and team support.” • CTC Mexico about CTC Master Key Messages Document, 2007 • Already getting media pick-up “We are trying to find more Canadian content and your stuff looks great.” - AOL Canada about CTC stories on Media Centre, 2007 • Long range plan to increase uptake of stories and ideas by all media formats

    11. Stories and Ideas Images (new image management system in the works) Resources News releases Facts and figures Writer directory GoMedia Marketplace link CTC Media Centre

    12. Visiting Journalists Program • Travel Assistance • Travel support is available for accredited members of the press to produce stories about Canada – generally on a 50% funding • Ensure the media are qualified and will provide the best results for your destination • Contact Provincial Marketing Organizations who will work with CTC

    13. GoMedia • Annual media marketplace that attracts 250 participants • Canadian travel journalists • Journalists from nine overseas markets • Canadian provinces and territories • Canadian destinations • Appointment-based format • Professional development • Local tours • Pre- and post-tours

    14. GoMedia: 2007, 2008, 2009 • “From start to finish the event was amazing, from lodging, food, entertainment and staffing it really was a marvel.” - Mount Engadine Lodge after attending GoMedia in Banff, March 2007. • GoMedia 2008 will be in Quebec City, • July 2-6 • Contact BC Tourism to discuss ideas for pre- • or post-tours • GoMedia 2009 will be held at Whistler in late August

    15. enhance CTC position as a leader within the tourism community • Proactively engage news media with stories about CTC programs and research • Communicate the Canada Brand via appropriate news and media relations activities • See Brand Toolkit at

    16. Other services • Brand writing style guide for CTC and industry partners • Internal communications • Corporate communications for CTC • Communication to Industry via Tourism Daily News and Tourism magazine

    17. Goals • Increase traffic to media centre • Increase pick-up of stories and story ideas • Continue communications with provinces and DMOs • Influence increased exposure for Canada as a travel destination in all media formats • Open lines of communication with travel journalists

    18. support key travel media and PR initiatives in Canada • Visiting travel media program • Special projects such as partnering on media association meetings or press visits to cover one-of-a-kind Canada events • Relationship building with key media • Invite input from Canadian partners

    19. Prioritydifferentiate Canada

    20. Results • Canada gains buzz as a hot travel destination — abroad and at home • Media content reflects brand priorities and highlights Canada experiences • Our websites become a leading source of info for consumers, media and partners • Canadian Tourism Commission will be recognized as a leader and supporter of innovative media activities • Media exposure for Canadian travel destinations will increase

    21. PriorityLeverage media exposure afforded by the 2010 Games

    22. Build strong working relationships with key media and partners • Full participation in 2010 media relations coalition • Build relationships with key media and VANOC • Collaborate internally to build business plan for 2010 • Work with current media and PR contacts to actively position 2010

    23. Position CTC as the national conduit for Canadian travel stories and resources to the media • Ensure tools and technology in place • Increase content (B-roll, stories) • Secure media presence at Beijing Games

    24. outcomes • Brand message will be reinforced globally • A legacy model for working with partners established • Canada’s story will be covered all over the world, in all beats and in all mediums

    25. tomorrow’s travellers • The web! As if we didn’t already know. • 30% Americans (36% Canadians) researched a destination online; 22% browsed “things to do when I get there” (30% Canadians) - (source: Jupiter Research, 2007) • Which resources did you use to research your most recent trip (US)? Search engine (Google, Yahoo) - 22%, newspaper travel section - 2% - (source: Jupiter Research, 2007) • Consumers want interactive websites that are easy to use - (source: Jupiter Research, 2007)

    26. numbers and fancy charts Colour coding: Sabrina and Duncan Source: Jupiter Research, 2007

    27. numbers and fancy charts Source: Jupiter Research, 2007

    28. numbers and fancy charts Source: Jupiter Research, 2007

    29. numbers and fancy charts Source: Jupiter Research, 2007

    30. For the future • Uncover the best of Canadian stories • Reach journalists working in new media and influence social media circles • Enhance CTC’s visual content with images and video • Broll collection already underway • Continue to promote Green Canada • S:\PIE\Media\media stories\NGA-Nov 2007.pdf • Improve and possibly standardize media monitoring on a national and international level

    31. Thank you Questions?