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Silver Lake Public Schools

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Jr.- Sr. High School P.O. Box 8, 9405 S. Lincoln Street Roseland, NE 68973 Phone: (402) 756-6611 Fax: (402) 756-6613. Elementary P.O. Box 127, 104 Webster Street Bladen, NE 68928 Phone: (402) 756-1311 Fax: (402) 756-1313. Silver Lake Public Schools.

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Presentation Transcript
silver lake public schools
Jr.- Sr. High School

P.O. Box 8, 9405 S. Lincoln Street

Roseland, NE 68973

Phone: (402) 756-6611

Fax: (402) 756-6613


P.O. Box 127, 104 Webster Street

Bladen, NE 68928

Phone: (402) 756-1311

Fax: (402) 756-1313

Silver Lake Public Schools

mission statement of silver lake public schools
The mission statements of Silver Lake Public Schools is to be dedicated to providing excellence in learning for all students through strong instructional leadership, a safe and inviting environment, and partnership with parents and the community.Mission Statement of Silver Lake Public Schools
administration information
Superintendent: Jeff Walburn

Elementary Principal: Mark Grove

Second Principal: Ken Mahoney

Administration Information
history of roseland
History of Roseland
  • Established in 1875
  • Named after the acres of wildroses growing here
  • 1901, boardwalks were built over mud holes
  • 250 inhabitants today
  • Excellent agricultural land
history of bladen
History of Bladen
  • Established in 1872
  • Bladen was established when the Burlington and Missouri River Railroad.
  • When the train couldn’t make the grade at the bottom of the hill the townspeople relocated to the top of the hill creating Bladen, NE.
  • In 1905 was when the Webster County Fair was created.
  • Bladen remains a prime-shipping center for grain.
  • Many of the landowners are the grandsons or granddaughters of the people who stuck out the 30’s hardships.
history of campbell
History of Campbell
  • Established in the 1870’s
  • The little Blue River attracted settlers to this area.
  • The Lincoln Land Company purchased the west half of Section 24 and platted the town of Campbell in May of 1886 named Alex Campbell, a supervisor of the railroad.
history of holstein
History of Holstein
  • Established in the early 1870’s
  • Stories from early days suggest that their was a village
  • The coming of the railroad gave a boost to community development and Holstein was officially incorporated in 1889.
school history
School History
  • In 1986-1987 the Bladen Bulldogs and the Roseland Cardinals consolidated.
  • In 1998 the Campbell Cardinals merged with the Silver Lake School District.
  • In 2006 the Holstein Wildcats joined.
  • The 4 communities create an outstanding learning environment for kindergarten though twelfth grade students.
  • Silver Lake Public adopted the MUSTANGS as the official mascot and MAROON, SILVER, and BLACK as the schools colors.
one to one technology
One-to-One Technology
  • At the beginning of January 8th, 2008 the students received their laptops.
elementary opportunities
Elementary Opportunities
  • Student Council
  • Quiz Bowl
  • Science Fair
  • Knowledge Master Open
  • Jr. High Math Counts
elementary opportunities11
Elementary Opportunities
  • Technology: Laptop & Computer Lab
elementary opportunities12
Elementary Opportunities
  • Farm Safety
  • Earth Jamboree
  • Dr. Seuss Day
  • Community Boy/Girl Scouts
  • Interaction with Community Centers
elementary opportunities13
Elementary Opportunities
  • State Writing Contest
  • Accelerated Reader Program
  • Honors Night
elementary opportunities14
Elementary Opportunities
  • Winter/Spring Musical
  • Community Youth Basketball/Volleyball
  • Elementary Cheer Clinic
elementary opportunities15
Elementary Opportunities
  • 6th Grade Promotion
  • Field Trips related to material being studied
jr sr high opportunities
Jr.-Sr. High Opportunities


  • Cheerleading
  • Football
  • Volleyball
  • Girls Basketball
  • Boys Basketball
  • Track
jr sr high opportunities17
Jr.-Sr. High Opportunities
  • Close-Up
  • FBLA
  • Student Council
jr sr high opportunities18
Jr.-Sr. High Opportunities
  • County Government Day
  • Science Fair
  • Quiz Fair
  • Academic A.C.T.I.O.N.S. Day
jr sr high opportunities19
Jr.-Sr. High Opportunities
  • Speech
  • Drama
  • Pep Band
  • Choir and Musicals
jr sr high opportunities20
Jr.-Sr. High Opportunities
  • Distance Learning:
  • Students earning college credit while in High School
jr sr high opportunities21
Jr.-Sr. High Opportunities
  • Yearbook Staff
  • Journalism
  • Pony Express
jr sr high opportunities22
Jr.-Sr. High Opportunities
  • Accelerated Reader Program
  • Science Fair
  • Honors Night
  • National Honors Society
jr sr high opportunities23
Jr.-Sr. High Opportunities
  • Student Activities Scheduled At Least Once A Month:
  • Homecoming
  • Prom
  • Lock-In
  • Movie Nights
  • Dances
why slps
  • Updated Technology
  • One-to-One Technology Education
  • Advanced Computer Education
  • Power School
why slps25
  • Interactive Website
  • Includes Daily/Weekly/Monthly Announcements
  • Student Alert Program
  • Online Grading System & Lesson Plans
why slps26
  • Updated Facilities
  • Early Learning Center
  • Online Media Center
why slps27
  • College Credit
  • Articulated Classes
  • Online Classes through CCC-Hastings
why slps28
  • School Transportation To All Events
school board member information
School Board Member Information
  • President- Randy Sorenson
  • Vice President- Dana Meyer
  • Secretary- Kathy Riese
  • Treasurer- Joan Fisher
  • Members- Dennis Timm, Daren Niemeyer, Steve Parr, Jeff Grabill, and Lenard Trausch
  • Because We Care!