nanotechnology changing everything l.
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“Nanotechnology- Changing Everything”

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“Nanotechnology- Changing Everything” - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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“Nanotechnology- Changing Everything”. Jim Mason, Executive Director Oklahoma Nanotechnology Initiative The State Chamber 405-235-3669 What is Nanotechnology?.

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“Nanotechnology- Changing Everything”

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    1. “Nanotechnology- Changing Everything” Jim Mason, Executive Director Oklahoma Nanotechnology Initiative The State Chamber 405-235-3669

    2. What is Nanotechnology?

    3. “Nanotechnology is an enabling technology that will change the nature of almost every human-made object in the next century.” -National Science and Technology Council

    4. Nanotechnology is the manipulation of matter at the nanometer* scale to create novel structures, devices and systems. Structures (e.g.materials) Devices (e.g. sensors) Systems (e.g. NEMS) WHAT IS NANOTECHNOLOGY? * 1 millimeter = 1,000 micrometers; 1 micrometer = 1,000 nanometers Source: "Nanotech: The Tiny Revolution" by CMP Científica (November 2001)

    5. HOW SMALL Nanobatteries are 200 nm in diameter2 billion could fit on the surface of a nickel ™

    6. is already making today’s products: Lighter Stronger Faster Smaller More Durable Nanotechnology …

    7. Nano Products Available Now

    8. The promise of nanotechnology • More powerful computers and information storage devices • Fast chemical analyses using minute quantities of materials • New approaches for medical diagnosis, treatment, and drug delivery • New catalysts for cleaner,more efficient chemicaland energy industries • New materials 100 times as strong as current materials • New technologies for energy production and conversion(fuel cells, solid-state lighting, photovoltaics) Nanochannel sensors DNA delivery Nanoscale “vacuum tube”

    9. “Computers are incredibly fast, accurate, and stupid; humans are incredibly slow, inaccurate, and brilliant; together they are powerful beyond imagination”—Albert Einstein Nano and Super Computing

    10. Nanotechnology will provide new applications to electronics and computing by creating organic electronic components that are grown using methods more similar to biological processes than the etching, crystalline growth, or directed molecular assembly methods that are currently used. The extreme vision of nanotechnology is the “bottom-up” production of virtually any substance or object by one atom at a time.

    11. Objects produced using nanotechnology generally have unique characteristics such as super connectivity, high strength relative to their weight, low friction, high thermal insulation properties, specific beam frequency selectivity, quantum effects, extreme water repellence and self assembling geometric patterns such as nanotubes, nanospheres, and nanooctagons. cont’d

    12. Nanobio NEMS Chemical catalysts Nano-arrays A DIVERSE SET OF OPPORTUNITIES Coatings & Powders Cosmetics Medical applications Paints Drugdelivery Coatings Bio-materials Lubricants Medicaldiagnostics Textiles Tissue/organ regen Memory/Storage devices Displays Composites Food packaging Smart implants 1-4 Molecularcircuitry Energy/ fuel cells Simple ICs Sensors Portable Energy cells 5-8 Lighting Quantum computing Micro-processors Solar cells 9-14 Energy, Industrial Devices & Microelectronics 15+ Years

    13. Market Size Predictions (within a decade)* $340B/yr Materials $300B/yr Electronics $180B/yr Pharmaceuticals $100B/yr Chemical manufacture $ 70B/yr Aerospace $ 20B/yr Tools $ 30B/yr Improved healthcare $ 45B/yr Sustainability $1 Trillion per year by 2015 *Estimates by industry groups, source: NSF Economic impact of nanotechnology

    14. The Oklahoma Nanotechnology Sharing Incentive Act which establishes the Oklahoma Nanotechnology Applications Project (ONAP) was signed by Governor Henry on April 21,2006. Funding for ONAP was included in the $10 million of new funding that was provided to the Oklahoma Center for the Advancement of Science and Technology (OCAST) for the current year. Oklahoma Nano Legislation

    15. OCAST funds the Oklahoma Alliance for Manufacturing Excellence, i2E (Oklahoma’s Technology Commercialization Center) and the Oklahoma Nanotechnology Initiative (ONI); each of which have a role in the ONAP program. The Alliance Oct. 2nd announced a call for white papers to encourage Oklahoma companies and researchers to convey their interest in applying nanotechnology processes to commercial products. White papers are due Oct. 30th.

    16. A form with the information that should be included in the white paper is available. Shortly, interested companies will be invited to submit proposals for funding of projects that will result in commercialization using nanotechnology. A total of $1,200,000 is being made available to fund highest ranked proposals.

    17. Two “Introduction to Nanotechnology” workshops are being provided to help companies learn more about nanotechnology. Oklahoma City – Oct. 19th 8:30-10:30 at The State Chamber (330 N.E. 10th) rsvp 405-235-3669 (Nancy) Tulsa – Oct. 25th 8:30 to 10:30 at OSU Tulsa (North Building) rsvp 918-529-0722. Intro to Nano Workshops

    18. NanoBioMagnetics - Edmond NanoBioMagnetics, Inc. (NBMI), is engaged in the development and commercialization of magnetically responsive nanoparticle technologies (MNP) for a range of human health applications for an emerging area of nanobiomedicine referred to as Organ-Assisting-Devices (OAD). Fields of application for OAD platform technologies include biostable implants, vectored drug delivery, and functional biosensors/switches. Using magnetic properties, NanoBioMagnetics moves nanoparticles within the human body. It has been used successfully to vibrate the inner ear, improving hearing and has potential to move medicines directly to ailing cells. NBMI's nanoparticle technology was developed by NBMI, with applications development subcontracted to healthcare organizations and institutions. For information on NanoBioMagnetics, XetaComp - Edmond A wholly-owned subsidiary of NanoBioMagnetics, XetaComp produces custom nanomaterials for commercial and research applications. XetaComp has the capacity to produce nanomaterials in powder or dispersion forms. The technology is based on an aerosol process that provides greater flexibility in the preparation of metal and mixed metal oxides, doped metal oxides, and specialty coated or encapsulated nanomaterials. For more information on XetaComp, Oklahoma Nano Companies

    19. Southwest Nano Technologies - Norman SouthWest Nano Technologies, Inc. (SWeNT™) is a privately held independent specialty chemical firm, manufacturing single wallcarbon nanotubes for a broad array of specialty products. Customized SWeNT™ nanotubes are available for application development. SWeNT™ was incorporated in April of 2001 to spin off nanotube research developed by the University of Oklahoma with extensive support from ConocoPhillips, the National Science Foundation (NSF), the National Aeronautics & Space Administration (NASA), the Department of Energy (DOE), the Oklahoma Center for the Advancement of Science & Technology (OCAST), and others. The mission of SouthWest Nano Technologies, Inc. is to be the leading producer of high quality single wall carbon nanotubes and to be an innovative partner in the continued development and application of carbon nanotubes. Carbon nano tubes have great promise for plasma displays, fuel cells and many other applications.

    20. EKIPS Technologies Inc. – Norman Ekips has developed the Breathmeter which measures biomarker molecules in exhaled breath with a sensor that uses a mid-infrared laser chip similar to the laser chips used in commercial DVD players. Future Breathmeter applications include asthma therapy monitoring, kidney function monitoring, and cancer detection. Colossus Nano Batteries - TulsaColossus Nano Batteries won the Oklahoma graduate student business plan competition by proposing to produce the world's smallest battery utilizing technology developed from research conducted at the University of Tulsa by Dr. Dale Teeters. Dr. Teeters’ nano batteries are so small that 242 of them can be laid side by side across the width of a human hair. Nomadics - Stillwater Nomadics is a research and development company focused on homeland security and force protection. Research and development efforts encompass sensing technologies and instrumentation, nanotechnology, VLSI Photonics and further advancement of the biological and medical frontiers.

    21. ARC Outdoors - Tulsa Arc Outdoors sells nano enhanced clothing to places like Bass Pro Shop and Cabella’s. Numerous other nano enhanced products are in their developmental stages. ConocoPhillips – Bartlesville/ Ponca City ConocoPhillips has supported the Southwest Nano Technologies research and is very involved in Nano research of its own. WON Laboratories - Norman WON Laboratories is an emerging nano company that has developed Nano Cotton a water repellent, air breathable fabric.

    22. Imation Enterprises – Weatherford Imation Enterprises makes magnetic tapes used to back up computers. Imation utilizes iron nano particles as a part of the substrate of their magnetic tapes. A process is used to get the nano particles to line up and lay flat so that a coating can be applied over them to create a very flat magnetic surface on a flexible film.

    23. Before 2010 the market for nanotechnology products and services is estimated to reach $1 trillion in the U.S. economy. This market will require anywhere from 800,000 to two million new jobs. Most of these workers will require at least two year postsecondary degrees. Nano Workforce Trends

    24. Tulsa Community College is offering several courses for Nanotechnology and MEMS (Micro Electrical Mechanical Systems). OSU- Okmulgee is developing a Nano Technician Training program that will be an added certification to the Electrical Engineering Associates program. Nano Technician Training

    25. Oklahoma City Community College is offering a Nanotechnology and MEMS program and just graduated 5 members from the first class. A new class started in September. The Oklahoma Department of Career and Technical Education is actively engaged in benchmarking nano training and is working cooperatively with OSU-Okmulgee and others on a federal grant to develop the Oklahoma Nanotechnology Education Initiative. Nano Technician Training

    26. EPSCOR funding has provided $132 million in new faculty, equipment, and lab space at OU, OSU, TU, and many regional colleges and community colleges across the state, a large part is going to nano. Currently the Regents of Higher Education are funding $500,000 to support ongoing nano positions and research.

    27. * C-SPIN – Center for Semiconductor Physics in Nanostructures recently receive a $7.8 grant from NSF to research nanoscale structures OU receives $1 million to support research into applications for Carbon Nanotubes Oklahoma Nano MRSEC

    28. $50 million has been raised to build and staff OSU – Tulsa’s new Helmerich Advanced Materials Research Center. The facility will be staffed with 40 faculty in these emerging fields. The University of Tulsa is currently seeking to add additional faculty in Nanotechnology. OSU/Tulsa

    29. Over 60 scientists and researchers are actively participating in the Nano Net which is a vehicle for sharing scientific information about nanotechnology. The Oklahoma Nanotechnology Initiative maintains a website to serve as a clearinghouse of information about the state of nanotechnology in Oklahoma. Oklahoma Nano Net & ONI

    30. Objective 1 Create a statewide awareness of the emerging nanotechnology industry and its potential impact on the state Objective 2 Promote Oklahoma and its resources as a valuable site for nanotechnology-related industry location Objective 3 Serve as a clearinghouse of information on nanotechnology to the academic, financial, industrial, and business communities. Objective 4 Create a Center of Excellence for Nanotechnology in Oklahoma ONI’s Primary Objectives