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TRU-Vu Customizable Industrial DISPLAYs

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TRU-Vu Customizable Industrial DISPLAYs - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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TRU-Vu Customizable Industrial DISPLAYs Who is TRU-Vu ? · Full line of customizable, industrial LCD displays · Specialize in custom/OEM designs · All TRU-Vu monitors are designed, developed, stocked and serviced in the USA (Rockford,IL) Who is TRU-Vu ?

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Who is TRU-Vu?

· Full line of customizable, industrial LCD displays

· Specialize in custom/OEM designs

· All TRU-Vu monitors are designed, developed, stocked and serviced in the USA (Rockford,IL)

who is tru vu
Who is TRU-Vu?

All TRU-Vu LCD Monitors are Manufactured by Clinton Electronics

  • In video/ display business since 1963
  • Leading private-label mfger. of B/W picture tubes for RCA, GE, Admiral, Westinghouse
  • As technology advanced they private-label CRT’s for IBM, Apple, HP, DEC.
  • Currently, Clinton focuses on LCD monitors for CCTV/Security, and TRU-Vu services the industrial and custom monitor markets.

Standard Products

Touch Screen Monitors

Standard, Customizable and All-In-One (built-in Computer) Displays

Portable/Field Monitors

5.5”, 7” & 8”

Flip-Down Displays

3.5” to 10”


Standard Products

Rack Mount Monitors

NEMA 4 (Waterproof) Displays

Medical/Surgical Displays

Public Display &

Sunlight-Readable Displays


Custom Solutions

Customize our standard displays with any of the following options.

Or, we can build a completely custom unit from the ground up.


HOUSING:  ABS or rugged metal enclosures.  OPEN FRAME: No housing; ideal for machine buildersWATERPROOF ENCLOSURES: NEMA 4 and IP-rated enclosures PANEL MOUNT:  In indoor and outdoor configurations. RACK MOUNT:  Compatible with EIA 19" rack.  Single, Dual, or Triple displaysCOLORS:  Custom colors for OEM’sFACE TREATMENTSGLASS PANEL:  Glass placed in front of the LCD screen for protection; has Anti-Reflective (A/R) coating on both sides to minimize glare while enhancing the image quality.  TOUCH SCREEN:  Available in SAW, Resistive, and Capacitive technologies. OPTICAL BONDING: Optical grade resin injected between LCD screen and a glass panel for superior image.  Costly option, but the best for outdoor applications.  SUNLIGHT READABLE/ HIGH-BRIGHT:  Enhanced backlighting to achieve 1000 nit and higher brightness. 


Custom Solutions



ELECTRICALCUSTOM TIMING:  Custom signal programming available to meet proprietary and legacy video signal requirements.SPECIAL VOLTAGES:  12V-24VDC, 90-240VAC and universal AC/DC voltage models

OTHER POPULAR OPTIONS:MAGNETIC CARD READERS:  Available for POS systems in USB or RS-232 MOUNTING: VESA mounting holes are standard; brackets & stands are availableINTEGRATED PC:  Built-in PC for an all-in-one solution.INTEGRATED MEDIA PLAYER: Built-in media card player.BUILT-IN CAMERA:  CCD camera built into the front bezel. Often referred to as a Public View Monitor.PRIVATE-LABEL:  Your company name, logo, and model number on the monitor, labels, instruction manuals and shipping cartons.

NARROW BEZEL: Enhance the look of video walls


Customized Solutions

Portable test monitor with custom cables, stand and interface

Custom models for police vehicles

Dual & Triple Rack Mount Monitors with special functions and interfaces ; designed from scratch


TRU-VuIndustrial Displaysvs Retail/Consumer-Grade Monitors

  • Built for desktop operation in a

clean office 

  • Utilize low-cost components for low- cost mass production   
  • Use low-to-mid-level panels, to lower their cost-of-goods
  • Available in 120VAC
  • Commercial use voids warranty
  • Models change often, on average every 6 months
  • Built for harsh industrial environments 
  • Use industrial-grade components for long-term reliability 
  • Use the highest-quality LCD panel to ensure optical image quality 
  • Available in 12/24VDC,110-240VAC, and Universal Voltage
  • Built for industrial/commercial use
  • Guaranteed long-term availability for OEM models

TRU-Vu Industrial Displays vs Retail/Consumer-Grade Monitors

  • 3 to 12 month warranty
  • Standard configuration only
  • Not available
  • Not available
  • Replies from non-technical salesperson or overseas call-centers with minimal product training or experience
  • 3-Year Warranty, with Advance Replacement (all std. models)
  • Available in a wide range of configurations: standard, panel mount, rack mount, open frame and touchscreen
  • Customize to meet your exact requirements
  • Demo units available for testing and evaluation
  • Tech support, advice and troubleshooting from U.S. technicians with 15+ years experience
top 10 reasons to choose tru vu
Top 10 Reasons To Choose TRU-Vu

1. Designed for industrial/commercial applications

2. Built with high-performance LCD panels and industrial-grade components

3. Designed for 24/7 operation

4. Huge selection of display styles and sizes:

-Standard -Touchscreen

-Open Frame -Rack Mount

-NEMA 4 Waterproof -Flip-Down

-Public-View -Mobile/Portable

-Sunlight Readable -Medical/Surgical Grade

-Built-In Computer -From 3.5” to 52” sizes

top 10 reasons to choose tru vu14
Top 10 Reasons To Choose TRU-Vu

5. All monitors can be customized/modified with features/functions to meet your specific needs

6. Guaranteed long-term availability for OEM models

7. Private-label any display with your company name, logo, model number and colors on the monitor, labels, instruction sheets and shipping cartons.

8. Demo units available for test/evaluation

9. 3-Year warranty (all standard models), with Advance Replacement Program

10. Product design, development, inventory and tech support

in the USA


For more information,

please contact us at:

TRU-Vu Monitors, Inc.

925 E. Rand Rd, #209

Arlington Hs., IL 60004