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Leading email archiving solution for Exchange

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Leading email archiving solution for Exchange - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Leading email archiving solution for Exchange. Presentation outline. Dependency on email IT pain points Scenario The product Testimonials Kudos Conclusion. Why email archiving is no longer an option but a must. Companies’ dependency on email to do business is ever increasing

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Presentation Transcript
presentation outline
Presentation outline
  • Dependency on email
  • IT pain points
  • Scenario
  • The product
  • Testimonials
  • Kudos
  • Conclusion
why email archiving is no longer an option but a must
Why email archiving is no longer an option but a must
  • Companies’ dependency on email to do business is ever increasing
  • Email volumes and attachment sizes are creating storage problems on Exchange Servers as employees want larger mailboxes
  • Compliance regulations and other laws are obligating companies to retain a copy of all email correspondence
  • Heavy reliance on PST files or tape backups makes it harder for administrators to search and retrieve emails at short notice, especially for eDiscovery requests
it pain points soundbites 1 2
IT pain points/soundbites (1/2)
  • Growing mass-volume of emails and attached files is resulting in sluggish email server performance, server downtime and reduced server storage space
  • Strong reliance on PST files creates problems for administrators, especially if corrupt or not backed up on the server
  • 60% of the critical corporate information is contained in the employees’ emails
    • – Radicati Research Group
it pain points soundbites 2 2
IT pain points/soundbites (2/2)
  • Employees want access to past emails – even if deleted – both at the office and when mobile
  • Email archiving is now a business requirement, driven by many pieces of legislation and Acts – SOX, E-Comm Act 2000, HIPAA, eDiscovery and others.
five important questions
Five important questions
  • Is it important for your business to store all emails for eDiscovery or compliance purposes?
  • Are your PST files a nightmare to manage?
  • Do you or your employees sometimes delete emails by mistake?
  • Have you ever needed to retrieve an old and deleted email on demand – with full thread and conversation?
  • Would you like to reduce reliance on cumbersome PST files?
gfi mailarchiver 1 2
GFI MailArchiver (1/2)
  • No. 1 email archiving and management solution with over 10,000 customer installations worldwide
    • Easy-to-use email archiving solution
    • Archive emails centrally for compliance purposes, internal investigations, legal enquiries and eDiscovery requests
    • Backup emails in a way that they can be easily searched and restored in their original format
    • Reduce maintenance associated with PST files
gfi mailarchiver 2 2
GFI MailArchiver (2/2)
  • Tested and proven: used by thousands of IT administrators
  • Ships at an unbeatable price and offers unparalleled performance
  • MSExchange Gold Award, Windows IT Pro Email Archiving Solution Readers’ Choice Award and more
top features
Top features
  • Integration with Exchange 2000, 2003 and 2007
  • Outlook integration allows you to avoid problems associated with the use of stub files on Exchange, a practice that has been discouraged by Microsoft
  • Enhanced auditing functionality so that any email that is requested for eDiscovery/compliance purposes has not been tampered with and genuine
  • Archives emails for an entire organization into one or multiple MS SQL Server databases or an NTFS-formatted hard drive
  • Allows users to quickly restore emails through a OneClick Restore process – even mistakenly deleted email!
  • Powerful searching capabilities – searching through multiple databases with a single search query
what s new in v 6
What’s new in v. 6?
  • Industry first: GFI MailArchiver is the first email archiving product to offer integration with Outlook without the use of stub files. This reduces the load on the Exchange Server while greatly reducing client complexity issues and administration
  • Offers the ability for users to access their archived email from within their Outlook client in a transparent and highly efficient manner doing away with stubs and reducing the administrative workload for the IT administrator
  • Multi-lingual support for indexing emails (includes languages such as English, German, Arabic, Japanese and many more)
  • Support to download messages in Outlook (.msg) format
  • Indexes can be paused (Administrators can pause indexing on particular indexes for maintenance purposes)
product snapshot
Product snapshot

The GFI MailArchiver Mailbox folder in Microsoft Outlook (Outlook Connector)

product snapshot12
Product snapshot

The GFI MailArchiver Mailbox folder in Microsoft Outlook (Outlook Connector)

Archived stores management

product benefits 1 3
Product benefits (1/3)
  • GFI MailArchiver offers a number of benefits for the network administrator, employees and management.
  • Management benefits can:
    • Access to emails if required for eDiscovery and compliance purposes, internal inquiries and employee monitoring
    • A safeguard in customer lawsuits
    • Auditing functionality that guarantees stored emails are genuine and have not been tampered with
    • A complete and secure archive of all company email
product benefits 2 3
Product benefits (2/3)
  • Network administrators can:
    • Allow users to access their emails from Outlook but without the problems associated with stub files on Exchange; an industry first
    • Reduce your message store size and improve Exchange performance
    • Reduce reliance on cumbersome PST files
    • Archive past, present and future emails into one or multiple databases and avoid complex backup plans to copy PST files from each employee’s workstation
    • Intuitive to setup and fine-tune email retention policies.
product benefits 3 3
Product benefits (3/3)
  • Employees can:
    • Instantly access archived email directly from Outlook or using the GFI MailArchiver web interface.
    • Retrieve old and deleted emails with full thread and conversation
    • Use advanced email search and ‘Saved Search’ capabilities.
  • Unbeatable pricing! For more information visit http://www.gfi.com/newpricing/
why is gfi better
Why is GFI better?
  • Industry-first: email archiving without using Stub files in Exchange
  • Easiest to setup, install and configure: hours not days
  • Storage management – reduce storage requirements by reducing size of Exchange stores and reducing the load on Exchange
  • Outstanding price-performance: gives you the functionality you need at an excellent price
  • Auditing functionality ensures all archived emails have not been tampered with
  • Used by over 10,000 customers
  • Award-winning product
product testimonials
Product testimonials
  • “The GFI MailArchiver installation, in the company owners’ eyes, paid for itself at that one moment. GFI MailArchiver has proved to be reliable, easy to use, and easily configured for security and retention policies.”
    • – Michael H. Bartlett, Director, Information Technology, Quantum Marine Engineering of Florida, Inc., US
  • “GFI MailArchiver allows senior management to sleep easier at night, knowing that in the case of a customer dispute or suspected misuse of corporate information or IT resources, we are in possession of the evidence necessary to make prudent business decisions.”
    • – Jay Bregman, Technology Director, eCourier, UK
  • Click here for more testimonials!
product kudos
Product kudos
  • With over 10,000 customer installations worldwide, these are just a few companies that use GFI MailArchiver:
    • American International Movers, Inc
    • Autoflug GmbH (Germany)
    • eCourier (UK)
    • INTER-Clean Service GmbH (Germany)
    • I PINCO PALLINO Spa (Italy)
    • Johnston Press plc
    • And many more!
  • Numerous product awards, here are a few:
gfi product complements and suites
GFI product complements and suites
  • GFI EmailProtection Suite
    • Providing full email protection for your network whilst archiving all internal and external email with GFI MailEssentials (anti-spam), GFI MailSecurity (email security) and GFI MailArchiver (email archiving)

Suite pricing applies!

  • Archive emails centrally for compliance purposes, internal investigations, legal enquiries and eDiscovery requests
  • PST files are cumbersome to maintain, easily corruptible and difficult to backup network-wide
  • Backup emails in a way that they can be easily searched and restored in original format
  • Outlook integration allows for fast and easy access to archived emails by employees
  • Off load emails from MS Exchange Server and increase server efficiency
  • Reduce maintenance associated with PST files.
more info and downloads
More info and downloads
  • Click here to learn more about the product
  • Check out our competitive pricing
  • Download your FREE trial of GFI MailArchiver
corporate overview
Corporate overview
  • Founded in 1992
  • Over 200 employees worldwide
  • Offices in Malta, London, Raleigh, Hong Kong and Adelaide
  • GFI products installed on over 200,000 networks worldwide, mostly SMBs
  • A channel-focused company with over 10,000 partners throughout the world

The visionTo become the technology of choice for IT security and productivity solutions.

The missionTo provide quality, cost-effective content security, network security and messaging solutions to IT professionals around the world.