human resources and personnel management
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Human Resources and Personnel Management

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Human Resources and Personnel Management - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Human Resources and Personnel Management. © 2007 Mgr. Tereza Vogeltanzová. Human resources - two basic meanings :. Political economy and economics – human resources stand for labo u r , one of production factors.

I am the owner, or an agent authorized to act on behalf of the owner, of the copyrighted work described.
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human resources and personnel management

Human Resources and Personnel Management

©2007Mgr. Tereza Vogeltanzová

human resources two basic meanings
Human resources- two basic meanings:
  • Political economy and economics – human resources stand for labour, one of production factors.
  • Corporations and businesses - refers to the individuals within the firm, the firm's organization that deals with hiring, firing, training, and other personnel issues.
the objective of human resources hr s raison d etre
The Objective of Human Resources (HR's Raison d'Etre)

To maximize the return on investment from the organization's human capital.

The productivity of new hires should be higher than the costs of recruiting, selecting, and training them.

key functions of hr
Key functions of HR

1)Hiring/ Recruitment

2)Compensation/ Remuneration

3)Evaluation and Management of Performance


5)Managing Relations

- conducted in an effective, legal, fair, and consistent manner.

hiring recruitment
  • job analysis

- skills/technical abilities, competencies, flexibility etc. of the employee required.

- factors influencing the recruitment of employees

  • external factors

out-with the powers of the organization: current and future trends of the labour market e.g. skills, education level, government investment into industries etc.

b) internal influences

easier to control, predict and monitor: management styles, organizational culture.

job desription business analyst case study
Job desription – BUSINESS ANALYST- case study
  • BA is responsible for identifying the business needs of stakeholders to help determine solutions to business problems. 
  • BA is a key facilitator within an organization, acting as a bridge between the client, stakeholders and the solution team. 
  • BA is in charge of gathering, analysis, validation, specification, verification and management of the real needs and requirements of the project stakeholders. 
  • BA provides analytical support during project-development. 
candidate profile ksao person specification
Candidate profile – KSAOPerson specification
  • K – knowledge
  • S – skills
  • A – ability
  • O – other characteristics
business analyst candidate profile
BUSINESS ANALYST - candidate profile
  • University degree (system analysis, information management preferred.). 
  • An understanding of contemporary requirements gathering, analysis, specification, verification, and management practices and the ability to apply them in practice. 
  • Familiarity with requirements engineering standards and methodologies. 
  • Very good written and spoken English language. 
  • Very strong communicational and interpersonal skills
  • For Junior BA, at least 1 year in a position cooperating with business/requirements analysis. 
  • For Senior BA, at least 2 years in business/requirements analysis. 
recruitment methods where to search for your employees
- job centres

employment agencies/consultants


local/national newspapers



promotion (own resources)

+ outsourcing may sometimes proove useful

!!! Correct media = appropriate response to the advertised post !!!

Recruitment methods – Where to search for your employees?
recruitment selection procedure
Recruitment/ selection procedure
  • Application – application form, CV (résumé), cover letter
  • Job interview/ internal or external assessment centre (AC) activities/ psychometric testing
  • Introduction of a new staff – training (trial period)
sample application form cv cover letter
Sample application form/CV/cover letter

Application form:

Sample CVs:

sample cover letter general administrative
Sample Cover Letter - General / Administrative

Dear XY,

  • I was excited to read about the Administrative Assistant job opening at XYZ company. I have several years of experience in a variety of fields including insurance and finance.
  • In addition to my extensive office experience, I have strong communication, customer service, and administrative skills. My broad background makes me an excellent candidate for this position.
  • Thank you for your consideration. I look forward to hearing from you to arrange an interview.




p. 49/ ex. 1,2


Extra homework for 4 pts.: find a concrete job advertisement on the Internet (according to your qualification and interest) and write a CV + cover letter.

assessment centre why how and for whom
Assessment Centre – WHY, HOW and FOR WHOM?
  • One/two days or sometimes longer
  • TOP management, highly specialist positions etc.
  • A number of different selectors (a psychoanalyst, HR manager, language auditor etc.) → the chance to see what you can do, rather than what you say you can do
  • Variety of situations:
  • Social/informal events - opportunity to find out about the organisation and to ask questions in a more casual setting; may appear informal and not part of the true assessment procedure but they really are!
  • Tests and exercises to reveal your professional potential.
tests and exercises used
Tests and exercises used
  • Interviews
  • Psychometric/aptitude tests
  • Case studies – solution searching
  • In-tray exercises - business simulation exercises; a heaped in-tray or electronic in-box, full of e-mails, company memos, telephone and fax messages, reports and correspondence + information about the structure of the organisation and your place within it. You are expected to take decisions: prioritise your workload; draft replies; delegate tasks; recommend action to superiors; and so on.
  • Giving presentations
  • Group activities – simulations; cooperation; team spirit
job interview
Job Interview
  • Training Administrator
  • Duties
  • Provide administrative support for all aspects of the graduate/apprentice schemeAttend training meetings and take minutes where required
  • Maintain and administer the training calendars
  • Administer bookings of external & internal training courses, sending out joining instructions, ensuring that training evaluation forms and certificates are received
  • Provide a proactive and proficient administration service supporting the Training Coordinator and the Director of Organizational Development
  • Requirements
  • Good secondary education, preferably to Higher level
  • Administrative experience preferably in a Training department
  • Good secretarial, organizational and co-ordination skills
job interview standartized questions
General Introduction : greeting, welcome, friendly questions about journey etc 

Question 1 : Could you briefly tell me about your educational background and any relevant job experiences you’ve had in the past

Question 2 : Why do you want to work for us? 

Question 3 : What do you think you can personally bring to the job? 

Question 4: What do you think is your greatest asset? 

Question 5: If you could change any one thing about yourself, what would it be? 

Question 6 : Do you have any hobbies or leisure interests which may contribute to your application?  

Question 7: Do you have any questions you would like to ask me about the position or the company in general? 

Closing :Thank you for your time, you will be contacted by letter as soon as a decision has been reached.

Job interview – standartized questions

Compulsory: p. 53/ ex. 9 – translation, p. 54/ ex.10

Extra homework for 2 pts.: find a concrete job advertisement on the Internet (according to your qualification and interest) and write a CV + cover letter