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DotAsia sTLD Initiative:

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DotAsia sTLD Initiative:. A Top-Level Domain for the Pan-Asia and Asia Pacific Internet Community. The .Asia Concept. Result of over a year of work All TLDs except ccTLDs are perceived as Western-based Yet, over 60% of the world’s population and 90 languages reside in Asia

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DotAsia sTLD Initiative:

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dotasia stld initiative

DotAsia sTLD Initiative:

A Top-Level Domain for the Pan-Asia and Asia Pacific Internet Community

the asia concept
The .Asia Concept
  • Result of over a year of work
  • All TLDs except ccTLDs are perceived as Western-based
    • Yet, over 60% of the world’s population and 90 languages reside in Asia
  • Asia undergoing dramatic, accelerating change
    • Economic
    • Cultural
    • Technical
  • Asian community bound together by this dynamic environment
    • Coherent/mature/thriving (e.g. APNIC, APNG, APRICOT meetings)
  • NOW is the time for the Asian community to establish its own identity on the Internet
why a asia tld
Why a .Asia TLD?
  • .Asia fulfills a market need
    • Internet penetration/usage growing exponentially in Asia
    • Internet is critical to community’s growth, access and integration
    • A new domain will satisfy demand for a “virtual central market” with a neutral identity
  • .Asia fulfills the requirements for an sTLD
    • “…a specialized TLD that has a sponsor representing the narrower community that is most affected by the TLD.”
    • “…a sponsor is an organization to which is delegated some defined ongoing policy-formulation authority…”
  • .Asia fulfills a dream
    • A powerful, integrated market to balance the West
who needs asia tld
Who needs .Asia TLD?
  • Asia based regional companies
  • Local companies expanding to regional
  • Asia Headquarters of global companies
  • NGOs and not-for-profit organisations in Asia such as APNIC, APIA, APTLD, ASOCIO, etc.
  • Asian Games, Asian Cup and many other Asia based sports events
  • Asian Wall Street Journal, Asia Computer Weekly, Channel News Asia and many other newspapers / magazines / TV channels which target the Asian market or community
  • Many others…
what is asia
What is .Asia?
  • A “sponsored” top level domain, or sTLD
  • Registrations available in LDH at the second level (e.g.
    • to be supported in the future
  • Eligibility requirement: legal entity in Pan-Asia or Asia Pacific
    • Definition: ICANN’s Asia/Australia/Pacific region
  • Sold via registrars including ccTLDs
  • Standards-compliant domain
dotasia organisation limited formed to serve the community
DotAsia Organisation Limited: formed to serve the community
  • Vision:
    • Leverage the successful and cooperative platform of the Pan-Asia and Asia Pacific Internet community to further this collaborative approach to other areas of the growing economies.
  • Mission:
    • Sponsor, establish and operate an Internet namespace with global recognition and regional significance dedicated to the needs of the Pan-Asia and Asia Pacific Internet community
    • Reinvest surpluses in socio-technological advancement initiatives relevant to the Pan-Asia and Asia Pacific Internet community
    • Operate a viable not-for-profit initiative that is a technically advanced, world-class TLD registry for the Pan-Asia and Asia Pacific community
who is dotasia organisation limited
Who is DotAsia Organisation Limited?
  • Not-for-profit organisation incorporated in Hong Kong
  • “Owned” by Pan-Asia and Asia Pacific Internet community:
    • Sponsored by ccTLD’s
    • Co-sponsored by regional based Internet/IT/Telecom groups, NGOs, and other relevant community organizations
  • Open and accessible governance
    • Board of 11 (8 sponsors, 2 co-sponsors, 1 CEO)
    • Advisory Council (1 representative from each co-sponsor, plus other experts appointed by the Board)
    • Proceeds Steering Committee—selects community projects to fund
  • Initial funding loaned by Afilias Limited
special features differentiators
Special Features & Differentiators
  • Pan-Asia and Asia Pacific regional presence requirement
  • Augmenting UDRP & WIPO reserved domains list with local DRP & reserved lists
    • Improve regional intellectual property rights protection
    • Especially important for IDNs
  • Joint marketing, product bundling with ccTLDs
  • Proof-of-concept IDN lab
    • Leverage existing ccTLD experience
    • Advanced application of standards
sponsor members cctld participation and benefits
Sponsor members (ccTLD) participation and benefits
  • Nominations to and votes for the Board
  • Local Domain Dispute Resolution Policy to augment the UDRP
  • List of Reserved Names to be blocked
  • Language expertise on multilingual domain names
  • TLD operating experience from your ccTLD
  • No capital investment is needed
  • “Revenue sharing”
asia expected to complement cctlds
.Asia expected to complement ccTLDs
  • Example: .INFO launch in Germany
    • 260,000 .INFO’s in Germany did not negatively impact sales of .DE
    • .UK experience similar during .INFO launch



co sponsor members ap groups participation and benefits
Co-sponsor members (AP Groups) participation and benefits
  • Nomination of a representative on the Advisory Council
  • From the AC representative, nominate and vote for the seats at the Board
  • Experience and policy knowledge for .Asia
  • Bids to the Proceeds Steering Committee for grant allocations
  • Counsel to Proceeds Steering Committee on areas of interest for re-investment
  • No capital investment is needed
asia bid already has good support
.Asia bid already has good support
  • Current Sponsors (LOIs signed)
    • .CN - China Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC)
    • .ID - Country Code Top Level Domain Indonesia (ccTLD-ID)
    • .IN - .IN ccTLD Registry
    • .IR - .IR ccTLD Registry
    • .JP - Japan Registry Service Co., Ltd. (JPRS)
    • .KR - Korea Network Information Center (KRNIC)
    • .MO - Macau Network Information Center (MONIC)
    • .NU - Internet Users Society - Niue (IUSN)
    • .NZ - InternetNZ
    • .PH - PH Domain Foundation
    • .SG - Singapore Network Information Centre (SGNIC)
    • .TW - Taiwan Network Information Center (TWNIC)
    • .VN - Vietnam Internet Network Information Center (VNNIC)
  • Current Co-sponsors (LOIs signed)
    • APNG - Asia Pacific Networking Group
    • APNIC - Asia Pacific Network Information Centre
    • PAN – Pan Asia Networking, International Development Research Centre
other supporters
Other Supporters
  • Asia Pacific Top Level Domain Association (APTLD)
  • Hon SIN Chung-Kai, Legislative Councillor, HKSAR
  • Hong Kong Cyberport Management Company Limited (CYBERPORT)
  • Hong Kong Information Technology Federation (HKITF)
  • Hong Kong Information Technology Industry Council (HKITIC)
  • Hong Kong Internet Service Providers Association (HKISPA)
  • Hong Kong Productivity Council (HKPC)
  • Hong Kong Telecommunications Users Group (HKTUG)
  • Information and Software Industry Association, Hong Kong (ISIA)
  • Invest Hong Kong, HKSAR Government (InvestHK)
  • IP Mirror Private Limited (SGNIC-Accredited Registrar from Singapore)
  • (ICANN-Accredited Registrar from Korea)
  • Philippine Internet Services Organization (PISO)
  • Web Commerce Communications Limited (ICANN-Accredited Registrar from Malaysia)
initial board
Initial Board
  • Indra K. HARTONO (Managing Partner, ccTLD-ID)
  • Hirofumi HOTTA (Director, JPRS)
  • LIM Choon Sai (General Manager, SGNIC)
  • Tommy MATSUMOTO (Chairman, APNG)
  • Dr. SIR Jae-Chul (Vice President, KRNIC)
  • Richard ST. CLAIR (Co-founder and Technical Manager, IUSN)
  • Dr. THAM Yiu Kwok (Administrative Contact, MONIC)
  • Prof. TSENG Shian-Shyong (Chairman, TWNIC)
  • YU Yang (Commissioner, International Affairs, CNNIC)
  • One vacancy from Co-Sponsor Member
  • CEO (Ex-Officio)
initial advisory council
Initial Advisory Council
  • Izumi AIZU (Member Asia / Australia / Pacific, Interim ALAC)
  • R.K. ARORA (Group Coordinator & Senior Director, Department of Information Technology, Ministry of Communications and Information Technology, Government of India)
  • Prof. Vincent CHEN (Advisory Board, APNG)
  • Prof. Kilnam CHON (KAIST)
  • Khaled FATTAL (Acting Executive Director, AINC)
  • Dr. Kenny HUANG (Advisor, CDNC)
  • Maria NG Lee Hoon (Regional Senior Program Specialist, PAN, IDRC)
  • Paul WILSON (Director General, APNIC)
  • Prof. XUE Hong (Member Asia / Australia / Pacific, Interim ALAC)
  • More experts are needed
asia timetable
.Asia timetable
  • ICANN bid submitted : March 16, 2004
  • The first bid from Asia ever
  • Public comments: April 1 – May 14
  • Independent evaluation: May-July
  • First physical Initial Board Meeting in KL in July
  • August 1 and forward: Selection of applications for commercial / technical negotiation and contract talks
joining as member
Joining as Member
  • Please join .Asia:
    • Run by Asians for the Asians
    • Owned by the Community
    • Not-for-profit organisation
    • Participate in the governance
    • Help Internet development in Asia
    • the only gTLD bid from Asia
  • Only non-binding Letter of Intent (LOI) is needed at this stage
  • More support means higher chance of success
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