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Curtis R. Hagedorn. Career Overview. 817 Carroll Street Apartment #2A Brooklyn, NY 11215 Tel: 718 783 5440 Mobile: 718 930 8740 E-mail: Viewing Note: Please Left Mouse-click to move through slides/animation at your own pace. Right-Click for Navigation Menu.

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Curtis R. Hagedorn

Career Overview

817 Carroll Street

Apartment #2A

Brooklyn, NY 11215

Tel: 718 783 5440

Mobile: 718 930 8740


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  • Introduction
  • Career Highlights
  • Clients & Brands
  • Brief Samples & Background
  • Supplemental Material (Available)

Curtis R. Hagedorn

Exceeding Expectations...

Have You Found The Range Of Expertise Your Company Deserves?

Are You Looking for a Run-of-the-mill Copywriter or a Brand Partner?

  • Wide-ranging Experience
  • Abundant Creativity
  • Cultural Vigilance
  • Audience-focused Insights
  • Uninhibited Perspective
  • Rapid-fire Ideation
  • Personal Commitment
  • Tireless Effort
  • Infectious Enthusiasm
  • Straightforward Communication

Curtis R. Hagedorn


Clients And Brands

  • Advertorial
  • Print, Web & E- Commerce Content
  • Features
  • Press and Promotional Material
  • Reviews
  • Marketing Research & Analysis
  • Speeches and Event Scripting
  • Development and Fundraising
  • Planning and Strategy
  • Product Conceptualization and Development
  • Management
  • Public Education and Advertising
  • Targeted Direct Mail



Curtis R. Hagedorn

Career Highlights



Tribune Media Services/On The Mark Media

Faith Popcorn's BrainReserve

SmartSource Home Center


Movie Collectors World Magazine

DIG Magazine

Publishers Edge Special Sections

Hill & Knowlton (a division of Bertelsmann) (a division of LVMH)

Paper Magazine



Administrative V P/Consultant, Nike Communications (1995 to 1999)

Development Coordinator, Scholastic Art & Writing Awards (1993 to 1995)

PR/Administration, Victoria Munroe Fine Art (1990 to 1993)

Associate Director, Save the Theatres, Inc. (1984 to 1989)


Poetry:The James White Review, Privates, 708, Poetry Magazine (Online)


Carleton College, Northfield, Minnesota, BA, English Literature

Right-click on any of the links at right to go directly to that client/employer’s page (some clients omitted, please inquire.)


Curtis R. Hagedorn

Tribune Media Services

Everything Old Is New Again (excerpt)

Fashion Accessory Gifts for Girls – Christmas 2002

If you remember your treasured Frye boots, fringed suede bag, and patchwork denim hat and have a young girl (age 6-15) on your Holiday list, this is your lucky year – everything you wore during your own junior high or high school days is as fashionable as frosted lipstick. According to Judy Gordon, “Today Show” Style Editor and founder of the, girl’s fashion is following the same Seventies trend as women’s: if it’s got some combination of “retro,” “bohemian” or “athletic” style, in fabrics like denim, corduroy, velour or suede, your gift should be a Holiday 2002 hit...

Tribune Media Services is looking for immediacy – up to the minute trends, useful information from the field and the reliability of multiple sources from various areas of the country – the “New York” perspective just won’t appeal to all of their markets. No matter what the subject, I help provide that immediacy, with lively responses from tastemakers and angles which help attract consumers and advertisers alike, wherever they’re located.

Tribune Media Services/On The Mark Media is a major publisher of special advertising sections and other syndicated content solutions for newspapers across the U.S.


Curtis R. Hagedorn

Faith Popcorn’s BrainReserve*

BrainReserve rewards thinking that’s not only “out-of-the-box,” it’s beyond the box. I contribute to a number of different client service areas, including analyzing and summarizing industry market studies and consumer research, summarizing and identifying client/executive shared attitudes, preconceptions and roadblocks in key staff interviews, conceptualiz-ing new products and contributing to both successful new business proposals and client deliverable presentations.



Since she identified the trend “cocooning” – which has since become part of the vernacular – Faith Popcorn’s brilliant and visionary team of marketers and strategists have been leaders of future-focused brand and marketing consulting for the Fortune 500, with clients including Bell Atlantic, BMW, Cigna, GE Capital, IBM, KitchenAid, MetLife, Nabisco and Pepsi/Lipton.


Curtis R. Hagedorn

SmartSource Home Center

  • Dial Up Sales Script Introductions (excerpt)
  • It's been reported that one of life's most stressful times (right up there with planning a wedding and doing your taxes) is moving. At Smartsource we understand that finding a new home isn't just a financial transaction, but one that involves a lot of complex feelings. In fact, it's often those "gut" responses to a home that clue us into what you're really looking for -- whether you respond to open spaces or cozy rooms, love a garden or wish Astroturf came in a more natural color. It's our job to listen to that information, and then guide you toward choices that will give you years of satisfaction at a price you won't regret.

For Smartsource, it’s all about the hook – identifying the dreams, worries and preconceptions of potential home buyers and speaking to them directly – motivating them to the next step of speaking directly to an agent. This is just one of the nearly 100 spins I put on that particular task, allowing Valerie Van De Zilver, President of SmartSource, to pick and choose her messages from month to month


SmartSource is at the cutting edge of buyer focused real estate sales in the Southern California market. The scripts at right are excerpted from an 800 number where customers can dial in to get information on specific homes. The image above is from signage created for their consumer center.


Curtis R. Hagedorn


Theatrical Magic (Inside and Out) at The Ritz London

 Some travel experiences are truly timeless and, in London, The Ritz is at the center of them all. Returned to private hands in 1995 and meticulously restored to its original Louis XVI French Country House theme, The Ritz is one of The Leading Hotels of the World and Small Luxury Hotels of the World. Walk into the Ritz and you share the same air (and the same impeccable service) as the world's most celebrated -- from Scott and Zelda Fitzgerald to Carnegies and Rockefellers to the crowned heads of Europe and…and Hollywood. Piccadilly, Bond Street, Christie's, Sotheby's and Saville Row are just steps away, as is the famous West End, heart's home of world theatre for generations.

Luxury Link makes its money through partnerships with luxury hotels and resorts around the world. Each short feature has to hit a variety of notes – positive reviews, a glimpse backstage, a sense of place – in order to result in bookings. I had the opportunity to use some of my luxury brand experience to highlight features that would appeal to an upscale audience for hotels and resorts throughout the world – and Luxury Link is one of the few dot.coms of its kind that remained successful after the bubble burst in the late 90s. provides reviews, news and other information about luxury travel destinations worldwide. If you are interested in travel, hospitality or food writing, please request a full sample of my work in that area.


Curtis R. Hagedorn

Movie Collector’s World

The Best Christmas Movies Of All Time (excerpt)

 Like Christmas itself, the number of Christmas movies for all ages -- from Hollywood classics to made-for-television animation -- can be an embarrassment of riches. In fact, it's pretty much impossible to narrow a few hundred films down to a "top ten" or even "top twenty." What follows is a generous "baker's dozen," an attempt to make sure that, no matter what your taste or mood, your movie collection features both the classic stories and some quirky originals to fill those hours when the holiday meal is over, the "weather outside is frightful" and family and friends get together to share some of the joys of Christmas past. All of these films are available on video or DVD, most are suitable for young children and any (or all) of them would make an excellent gift to be enjoyed during the holidays, or whenever you "need a little Christmas."

A Charlie Brown Christmas (1965) Since it first premiered on television (remember those ads for Dolly Madison cakes?) this little animated film has been a classic with a simple message that rings ever truer today than it did in 1965. Charlie Brown's quest for the true meaning of Christmas in a world overrun by commercialism will linger in your memory along with Linus, Lucy, Schroeder, Snoopy and the gang. With magnificent writing by "Peanuts" creator Charles Schulz and an unforgettable jazz score by Vince Guaraldi.

You can’t predict the future if you don’t understand the past. Since Coca Cola Marketing Chief Steve Heyer’s much buzzed about speech at Ad Age’s “Madison and Vine” conference, it appears that new partnerships with the entertainment industry – understanding how to tell a compelling story that drives purchase – are going to involve a lot more than product placement. My work for MCW helps maintain my perspective on the past, present and future of film and television.

Movie Collectors World is one of the oldest publications dedicated to the art of film and to collecting film memorabilia. Other articles include a compendium of the best movies starring “non-humans”– Lassie, Rin Tin Tin, Francis the Talking Mule and others.


Curtis R. Hagedorn

Dig Magazine

HOLLYWOOD WRAP-UP 2001 (excerpt)

Considering the "events" of September 11, 2001 and their ongoing consequences, maybe it's trivial to be spending time on the trials and triumphs of the rich and/or beautiful, scratching and clawing to get ahead out there in the figurative shadow of the Hollywood sign. Maybe, except for one thing. Those folks, whether you believe they're creating or just expressing our culture (or both), have more power to influence the thoughts and feelings of "average" people around the globe than the biggest, baddest bomb of your worst nightmares. Sure, a lot of the product out of Hollywood is Grade Z (fun, but face it) and might lead people who don't know Americans very well to think we're all running around in bathing suits, waving guns and driving hot cars with wild abandon through crowded streets, either running from or chasing after a population made up of one-third cops, one third serial killers (of the individual, team, or corporate variety) and one third innocent victims who are usually poor, oppressed and probably on drugs. Maybe every film and TV program should come packaged with an hour of "Martha Stewart Living" just to show the world the other, terrifying side of the coin. But film and television also have the grand-scale ability to reveal, revere and reinforce our common humanity -- the fact that except for a few bad apples who continue to live lives based on evils of prejudice, intolerance, ignorance and greed stretching back centuries -- we're pretty much all just individual people trying to make our way on the planet. We need food, shelter, freedom from fear and the feeling that we are not alone.

DIG was my first opportunity to write specifically for the teen demographic – where most consumer companies seem to be marketing their products these days (regardless of whether they’re actually purchased by thirty and forty-somethings.) Teens value authenticity above all, responding to messages that show that advertisers/content providers are “on to themselves.” The article about Hollywood excerpted here tapped into those attitudes with irony and humor.

“dig Magazine is an edgy, teen-focused magazine that is distributed in over 400 Journey's shoe stores across the country. Completely oozing attitude from every page, the diG site was created with the same funky feel. Quite a departure from the normal online magazine. “ Created by Kertoons Web Media


Curtis R. Hagedorn

Publisher’s Edge Special Sections

Every article for Publisher’s Edge must accomplish a number of objectives simultaneously. It must reach the broadest possible demographic, contain enough useful information to act as a “clip and save” for consumers – increasing its pass along potential – and it must also be broadly inclusive of brand, service and retail recommendations in order to attract the widest possible range of advertisers to each section – appearing to be as “homegrown” as possible no matter what region of the U.S. or Canada it’s purchased to serve. My ongoing work with Publisher’s Edge also allows me to research and learn about a broad variety of subjects and consumer issues, from retirement planning to snowmobiling to cooking a Holiday meal.


You've worked hard -- and you've finally reached that place in your life where you can afford to be discriminating -- to pursue a lifestyle based upon lasting values rather than the trend of the moment, to provide things for your family (and yourself) that have classic style, enduring worth and self-evident elegance and taste. From the newest offerings of classic brands to the latest discoveries for the home, garden and table, to world class advances in motoring, leisure, travel and personal care, Upscale is here to introduce you products and services that meet your high standards, to remind you of traditions which have stood the test of time, and to help you separate -- from the many voices clamoring for your attention and dollars -- those that are most interesting, deserving and worthwhile as your success transforms what some might deem luxuries into necessities of a life well-lived.

Publisher’s Edge special sections are published by local newspapers throughout the U.S. and Canada.


Curtis R. Hagedorn

Top 10 List of Delicious Hideaways (excerpt)

Since one person's "delicious hideaway" is another person's "hole in the wall," get ready for an extremely personal list of favorites -- for which the reasons may not be superficially apparent. Part of the joy of visiting or living in New York is discovering the places that, for whatever reason -- food, décor, service, atmosphere -- touch something within you. Your time of life, whom you're with, what you're dreaming about -- all of it merges together like a properly mixed cocktail, creating a fizzy, memorable glow around that particular experience of The City. And since restaurants open and close in New York like lightning -- in the course of preparing this article I was surprised to find that even I had somehow missed the demise of a few old-time favorites that seemed just perfect for this category (goodbye, Kiev) --anyone can be the first to discover their own special New York hangout...

Chowbaby valued not only my unique voice for its food and beverage writing but required treading a fine line between actual “reviews” -- providing information on special occasion restaurants or specific categories of cuisine to a food savvy audience -- and promoting restaurant advertising on the site.

Chowbaby publishes “Top Ten” reviews of restaurants in major cities throughout the U.S., including New York. Other articles available on the site below include Best Vegetarian Restaurants, Best Restaurants for Stargazing, Best Brunches and others.


Curtis R. Hagedorn

Forever Young (excerpt)

America's Top 40 Television Shows

The list of America's Top 40 all time favorite television shows may come as a surprise. First, the number of sporting events on the list must certainly make Americans the world's all time sports fans -- out of 40 entries, half are sporting events, primarily Super Bowl games from years past, but also (and only) the Winter Olympics. Not surprisingly, the first network showing of "Gone With The Wind," (the only film in the Top 40 Films of All Time list that was made before 1970, see article) comes in at a respectable 8 and 9.

Thanks to syndication, cable and satellite TV and video, many of the shows on the list are still running today. The "Who Shot JR" episode of "Dallas" which coming in at number 2, Alex Haley's "Roots, " at number 3, widely recognized as the first blockbuster mini-series, and the series finale of "MASH," holding on to the top spot since 1983, are all still available for viewing by generations to come somewhere on the planet. required communicating with another focused target audience – basically the businessperson looking for tips on what to see and what to buy in entertainment, as well as factual information on water-cooler subjects, like this article about the top TV shows. The site remains an interesting concept, albeit overshadowed by services like AOL and MSN. was designed as a business-to-business site providing both light features and fun facts (as at right) as well as practical advice concerning entertainment purchases, getting tickets, etc. Please request a full sample of entertainment related writing.


Curtis R. Hagedorn

Hill & Knowlton




(Munching Cookies)

A girl gets hungry winning a gold medal. Besides, I made them with Splenda -- taste.

(Throws Cookies Out To Audience)


(returning to podium)

In Sydney they made us stand on a box, I didn't know when I got back to America I was going to have to pop out of one. (PAUSE) I was listening to what everyone was saying while I was sitting in there backstage, and I've actually read a lot of that information Barbara was talking about. In fact, there was a survey about which cities in the United States consumed the most sugar…you'll be happy to know it wasn't New York…you guys came in eleventh, which unlike in the Olympics is a good thing, though dead last would be a lot better. That's the kind of competition that I've joined Splenda and Shape Up America for -- one in which the winning city comes in absolutely last in sugar consumption. And I think New York should start, with me, right now!

Having written speeches and staged events in the not-for-profit world for Save the Theatres, Scholastic and for Nike Communications clients like TAG Heuer (and having experienced the special requirements of writing for public figures like Mary Tyler Moore, Lily Tomlin, Scholastic CEO Richard Robinson and Britain’s Lord Duro among others) I was well equipped to provide Hill & Knowlton with a clearly outlined and on-message event script for the launch of Splenda in New York’s Bryant Park. Part of an all-day “health carnival,” this event was designed to put the product directly into the hands of consumers in a context that emphasized both its unique qualities as an ingredient and its contribution to a healthy lifestyle.

Hill and Knowlton handled the New York launch event for Splenda, for which I created the event script and staging, from which an excerpt is at right.


Curtis R. Hagedorn

The Goddess Wore Trousers

Marlene Dietrich Conquers Hollywood

In 1930, Paramount Pictures head B.P. Schulberg invited German actress Marlene Dietrich to Hollywood. Earlier that year he had seen her in The Blue Angel, where her exposed her bare legs had the intended erotic effect. Immediately boarding the S.S. Bremen for America, Dietrich devised a gimmick to set herself apart from Hollywood’s glamour girls, and came up with a shocking idea: Dietrich would wear trousers, unheard-of for women.

It was no big deal for Dietrich, already fond of wearing men's attire she’d seen in the gender-bending cabarets of Berlin. Her director-mentor, Josef Von Sternberg decided that in the first scene of her first American film, Morocco, Dietrich would be featured in trousers, top hat, black tie and tails.

Zooba demanded a pithy and information-rich style for its email newsletter articles, not to mention discovering unique angles from which to approach a huge range of subject matter. In addition to Dietrich, I developed and created articles on Marcel Marceau, a series for “Black Thumb” gardeners, an appreciation of the art of the totem pole and a short history of chewing gum.

Zooba began with an interesting idea, to provide regular email newsletters to subscribers on a host of subjects, from finances to gardening to….movie stars. Zooba has since been purchased by Bertelsmann, and provides its services solely to Bookspan Book Club members. Please request a feature writing sample if you would like a better idea of my feature work.


Curtis R. Hagedorn

Product Descriptions (Excerpt)

Fresh Fruit Hamper

The juiciest, most perfect, most rare…by the time they finish describing the contents of this basket, most of it will be gone. For this season, the selection includes white nectarines that taste, well, indescribable – sweet, delicate champagne grapes, truly fresh figs, blood oranges, pomegranates, crisp red Hudson Valley apples, Muscat grapes. The willow hamper is reusable, if only to bring back fond memories.

Handmade Chocolates

Forget Switzerland. The secret of the world’s finest chocolates resides in New Hampshire, and belongs to a man named Burdick. Starting with the finest raw ingredients, including brick upon brick of chocolate from Valhrona, Burdick hand cuts and shapes tiny masterpieces that have the rough simplicity of true works of art. In fact, it’s almost a shame to eat them, except that Burdick’s chocolates are all about taste. Creams, caramels, nuts and fruit. Packed in an elegant wooden box, Burdick’s chocolates are available in the conservative 32 and extravagant 64 piece collections packaged exclusively for Camdens.

Camdens remains one of my favorite projects – it challenged me to stretch every one of my talents, from creating the original voice of the site as a whole to conceptualizing creative approaches to selling sometimes less than unique products to making sure that every word in every description helped tell a story that motivated sales for over 500 items for which sometimes only a photograph was provided as background – all in somewhat over a month’s time. Camdens helped me develop an ongoing taste for the creative puzzles and sales-measurable pleasures of e-commerce/catalog type copy.

Camdens was the first attempt at an e-commerce site specifically targeted to corporate giving and launched on a very short turnaround to take advantage of Christmas 1999 and the 2000 Millennium. Unfortunately, Camdens was a victim of the collapse of the e-commerce bubble and folded shortly thereafter.


Curtis R. Hagedorn

Paper Magazine

Book Review (excerpt)

The publication of Sex, Art and American Culture, Camille Paglia's follow-up to her best-selling Sexual Personae, poses one of the questions of the last decade of the twentieth century: what does this woman want? Celebrity? Certainly -- if personal and provocative appearances everywhere from Costas to Rose to Rivers, have anything to do with reaching a mass audience. Paglia's writings, thus far, have even debuted in comfortably priced paperback -- never before have so many paid so little for such a quantity of sexual semiotics. Power? Definitely, if that commodity can be measured by the number of people you are capable of pissing off -- the kind of power that, in the hands of the Rush Limbaughs of this world (or the Dan Quayles, for that matter), translates into money in the bank and a guaranteed spot on the panel any time Burt Reynolds is having a bad hair day. But there is a great deal more, or less, to Camille Paglia than her personal fifteen minutes in the spotlight --now stretching perilously close to an hour.

Straight on book reviews with a sophisticated slant – not marketing in the truest sense of the word but some of the writing of which I’m most proud, and a good example of how my work on the other side of the media equation helps me keep my ear attuned to the vibrations of the culture.

Paper Magazine remains one of the go-to magazines with a readership of over 500,000 hip young professionals in New York and elsewhere. Please request a full sample of all of my reviewing assignments – books, film and television, product and food.


Curtis R. Hagedorn (Nike Communications)

As an administrator & writer, I helped take Nike from 8 employees and under $500,000 in billings to 24 employees and over $5 million in four years, as well as developing press and marketing materials for Montblanc, H. Stern, BVLGARI, ULTA, Maybelline, Johnny Walker, and many others. I created the copy for Tanqueray’s first web site, including the brand history, recipes and captioning and party ideas (as seen here) all in Tanqueray’s decidedly stylish, upscale voice.

A Tanqueray Party (or two, or three) (excerpt)

You don't have to have a reason for a party, of course (remember college?) But in these cocktail party times there's a lot of competition -- not that you're competitive, but there's nothing wrong with wanting people to put your invitation at the top of the pile. Herewith a few ideas to build your reputation as a premiere party-giver -- as if Tanqueray wasn't enough.

The Classic Cocktail Party

These are the basics: Call the party for 6 to 8 p.m., dress is cocktail dresses (remember how great Laura Petrie always looked) for the women, somewhere between casual and spiff for the men. Have some sparkling piano music playing on the stereo, or if you have a piano, find someone to play. The classic cocktail party food is "finger food" -- chilled shrimp with your own cocktail sauce, smoked salmon canapés, some kind of meatballs on little skewers (veal with capers and tarragon is nice.) Round these off with some kind of...

Nike Communications is one of the world’s foremost boutique PR firms with an enviable list of clients including some of the world’s most coveted luxury brands.


Curtis R. Hagedorn

Scholastic Art & Writing Awards

I was hired by Scholastic to assist in the transition of the Art & Writing Awards from a corporate scholarship program to a not-for-profit organization capable of raising funds from outside sources for projects, increasing opportunities for young people interested in the arts and literature. I was responsible for the initial planning documents – including the company name, the Alliance for Young Artists and Writers – board development, initial grant proposals and creation of a major celebrity donor program which simultaneously helped raise operating funds while publicizing the program in full page NY Times ads signed and paid for by prominent individuals and organizations in the arts, commerce and government.


DATE: October 13, 1993

WHO: Carol Burnett, Lily Tomlin, James Earl Jones, Sissy Spacek, Keith

Carradine, Lauren Hutton, Kenneth Jay Lane, Julie Harris, Ivana,

Don Johnson, Robert Rauschenberg and many others hope you will

join them as signatories to...

WHAT: A full-page advertisement in The New York Times in support of the arts

in education, sponsored by The Scholastic Art & Writing Awards.

WHEN: October 22, 1993 is the deadline for signatories. A signatory

contribution of $138.47 is required (to help cover some of the costs of

the program, based upon 100 signatories) The ad will run the week

of October 24,1993, in conjunction with National Arts & Humanities

Month. Mayor David N. Dinkins has declared October 29, 1993

Scholastic Art & Writing Awards Day" in New York.

WHERE:All signatories will be a kick-off event for The Scholastic Art &

Writing Awards held in the Publisher's Dining Room of The Times on

November 3, 1993, from 5:30 - 7:30 p.m.

WHY: Currently, The Scholastic Art & Writing Awards reaches into 99% of

America's public schools -- last year over 250,000 students responded to the call for entries in 32 different categories of art and writing (the largest number in The Awards' seventy-year history.) These students are supported by a grassroots network of regional competitions reaching across the nation -- 68 regions in almost all 50 states -- which involve countless parents, teachers, arts institutions and community leaders in recognizing the achievements of these talented young people in their own communities.

This past June, Awards events in Washington D.C., attended by thousands of winners their families and friends, included an Exhibition of Art Award winners at Howard University (with Secretary of Education Richard Riley in attendance), an SRO reading for Writing Awards Winners at The Library of Congress and an Awards Ceremony and Reception at the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts where students, parents and teachers were inspired by a message from First Lady Hillary Rodham Clinton, the remarks of revered journalist James Reston, award-winning author Terry McMillan and renowned abstract-expressionist painter Grace Hartigan, and entertained by TV's "Beakman," Paul Zaloom.

The Scholastic Art & Writing Awards are the Nation’s oldest and most comprehensive scholarship program for secondary school age art and writing students – reaching into 99 percent of America’s schools, public and private. With a huge volunteer base operating programs in their communities each year and a prestigious National Awards ceremony attended by luminaries from the worlds of culture and commerce as well as thousands of students and their families at venues like the Kennedy Center, Corcoran Gallery and Library of Congress, The Scholastic Art & Writing Awards are a major force for America’s continuing cultural health.


Curtis R. Hagedorn

Save The Theatres, Inc.

The Biltmore Theatre was built as a commercial venue in 1925 by the Chanin Brothers, known for constructing the famed Chanin Building on the corner of Lexington and 42nd Street and the palatial Century and Majestic apartment buildings on Central Park West. Designed by Herbert J. Krapp in the grand style of pre-Depression theatres, the Biltmore was designated a landmark in 1987, largely as a result of the Save the Theatres initiative, which in 1982 rallied theatre artists to fight for the preservation of the historic playhouses that make up New York City’s famed theatre district. In the words of James Earl Jones, a participant in a 1982 Save the Theatres rally, "you can’t replace this kind of theatre"

Text & Photo: Manhattan Theatre Club,

For Save the Theatres I helped write “The Broadway Theatre District: A Preservation, Development & Management Plan” for the NY City Planning Commission, successfully organized fundraising and public education efforts including concepts for a celebrity-sponsored NY Times ad and major donor direct mail that I subsequently implemented for clients like Faith Hubley & The Eldridge Street Synagogue. I also wrote the catalog copy for an exhibition on the historic theatres at Lincoln Center Library for the Performing Arts and co-wrote the Actors’ Equity Plan for A National Theatre of the United States.

Biltmore Theatre Interior

Save the Theatres, Inc. was my first job in New York, where I began as an assistant in 1984, shortly after the destruction of the Helen Hayes (above) and Morosco Theatres caused city-wide protests and the forming of the organization by Tony Randall, Lily Tomlin Colleen Dewhurst and others, and left in 1989 as Associate Director after the successful Landmark designation of 35 historic Broadway houses against the political opposition of two mayors, the Broadway Theatre Owners and the real estate development community.


Curtis R. Hagedorn

Supplemental Material Available

  • Subject Matter
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  • Food and wine
  • Holiday Gift Guides
  • Holiday Entertaining
  • Golf
  • Snowmobiling
  • Manufactured Homes
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Writing samples are available in the types and subject matter listed at right.