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#119 – November 7, 2006. Greenup Co. ATC’s “Little Outlaw” Jessie James Exemplifies Outstanding Work Ethic.

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Did You Know?

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#119 – November 7, 2006

Greenup Co. ATC’s “Little Outlaw” Jessie James Exemplifies Outstanding Work Ethic

Jessie James, Greenup Co. ATC’s maintenance ‘Mrs. Ultra Clean’ is often introduced by Principal Marsha Burks Martin as “our little outlaw.” Jessie, a 70 year old wife, mother and grandmother exemplifies the meaning of an outstanding work ethic. She is a dedicated, hardworking woman who also conveys a loving admiration for all the students and exudes a spiritual confidence in her life and work. “Jessie is undoubtedly the most

lovedperson on staff,” says Martin of their little outlaw.

“I have always been busy and I love my work because I take pride in my job. Whatever you do, my mom taught me to do it your very best,” says Jessie. “I love the kids and know them too. When the kids get to know you it means a lot.”

“Jessie’s efforts support the overall feeling of respect for the school, teachers, and what we are offering. People see how clean our school is and they are in awe of how this can be accomplished. Because of the cleanliness of this building, the kids are proud to come here,” says Martin. “When we have visitors in the building, it makes me proud that they have the image of us that they do because of the work she does. Because our school is clean, pretty and shiny, they think we are all that way. What a great image to portray.”

Hired by Martin 10 years ago, Jessie is a self motivated woman and does not need to be told what to do – she just knows and then does it in an outstanding fashion. And, if you take the time to look around, the ATC is spotless – even in the corners!

“Every opportunity for her to work, she considers it a blessing,” says Martin. “At 70 years old, she can work circles around all of us. What a blessing for all of us and our students to see someone who exhibits such pride in her work. She is a wonderful example of what we all strive to be.”

Did You Know?