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Claro que existe.

Claro que existe.

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Claro que existe.

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  1. As atrocidades cometidas diariamente no Oriente Médio nos fazem passar mal.Fazem com que todos queiramos por um fim nisso.Como podemos por um fim nisso?Existe uma solução para o problema entre Israelenses e Palestinos?

  2. Claro que existe.

  3. E se chama“Dois Estados para Dois Povos”.Um Estado Palestino em Gaza e Cisjordânia, que viverá em paz com o Estado de Israel.

  4. Os Estados Unidos disseram “Sim” A Europa disse “Sim”.A ONU disse “Sim”.Israel disse “Sim”.Os países árabes disseram “Sim”. Por que não aconteceu?

  5. Infelizmente, Os palestinos disseram “Não” Um Estado Palestino na Cisjordânia e Gaza foi de fato oferecido aos palestinos em 2000, em Camp David, por Israel e pelos Estados Unidos, em troca da paz. Incluindo 97% da Cisjordânia e Gaza, MAIS 3% de território adicional em Israel, MAIS soberania em Jerusalém Oriental.

  6. Infelizmente, Os palestinos disseram “Não”. Em vez disso, começaram a Intifada. 20 meses de terror, tiroteios e bombas contra civis inocentesPor que?Foi de fato resultado de desespero?Foi de fato porque os palestinos insistiram nos outros 3%?Ou devemos procurar em outro lugar o motivo real?

  7. Even today,73% of IsraelisAre in favor of a free Palestinian State alongside Israel if the terror is stopped.Source: Yedioth Aharonoth National Opinion poll, April 5, 2002

  8. …While69% of Palestinians support suicide bombing operations against Israel. Source: Palestinian Opinion Pulse poll, July 2001, carried out by the Palestinian Jerusalem Media & Communication Center

  9. The Real Reason: The Palestinians say “NO”, because they demand a Palestinian StateIn Placeof Israel. It’s no big secret. Look at the facts:

  10. “The Oslo Accords Were a Trojan Horse; The Strategic Goal is the Liberation of Palestine from the [Jordan] River to the [Mediterranean] Sea”Faysal Al-Husseini, Palestinian Authority Minister for Jerusalem Affairs, in his Last Interview before his death, 'Al-Arabi' daily newspaper (Egypt),June 24, 2001

  11. Yasser Arafat wears the map of the entire area of Israel on his uniform. “This is Palestine from the (Jordan) river to the Mediterranean sea, from Rosh Hanikra to Rafah (in Gaza) . The gap between Palestinian expectations and the Israeli conspiracy will inevitably lead to a collision.” "Our Position" issued by Yasser Arafat's Fatah faction of the PLO in PA newspaper AL HAYAT AL-JADEEDA, Dec. 19, 1998

  12. Page 64 of the Palestinian Authority’s official 5th grade school book: “there’s no Israel” Em suas escolas…

  13. Em sua cultura… From a Palestinian cultural institute

  14. Em seus símbolos oficiais… O símbolo oficial da OLP: mapa de todo o Estado de Israel. OLP: Organização para a Libertação da Palestina, o grupo de Arafat, que governa a Autoridade Palestina

  15. In their military… The Fatah official Symbol: map of the entire state of Israel.Fatah: The military wing of the PLO

  16. In their politics… Palestinian political & military organizations – all feature the entire map of Israel in their symbols

  17. In their business… From the website of PALMART General trading, contracting & investment Co, Ramallah

  18. Em suapropaganda...

  19. In their welfare… A Palestinian Welfare organization com/welfare.htm

  20. In their fundraising… Committee of benevolence for solidarity with Palestine

  21. In their incitement… The Islamic Jihad symbol

  22. In their Universities… A R A B   A M E R I C A N  U N I V E R S I T Y Palestine map

  23. In their websites… A Palestinian cultural website

  24. In their Art lessons in school…

  25. What do Palestinians teach their children in school?

  26. To become Doctors?Lawyers?Farmers?Mechanics?

  27. No.They teach themone subject only:To becomeprofessional terrorists.

  28. Excerpts from the school books of the Official Palestinian Authority Education system:

  29. “Know, my son, that Palestine is your country... that its pure soil is drenched with the blood of Martyrs... Answer this: Why must we fight the Jews and drive them out of our land?" [Our Arabic Language for Fifth Grade #542, p. 64-66]

  30. “Bayonets and Torches '...In your left hand you carried the Koran, And in your right an Arab sword... Without blood not even one centimeter will be liberatedTherefore, go forward crying: 'Allah is great." [Reader and Literary Texts for Eighth Grade #578, p.102]

  31. The "New Atlas of the Arab Homeland and of the World for all the Grades" #P- GG-049-98, approved by the PA for use in the Palestinian Schools.

  32. “Indeed, Satan has, in the eyes of many people, made their evil actions appear beautiful... Such a people are the Jews..." [Islamic Education for Eighth Grade #576, p. 95]

  33. “The clearest examples of racist belief and racial discrimination in the world are Nazism and Zionism." [Modern Arab History for Twelfth Grade, Part I #648, p. 123]

  34. “Abraham was a Muslim monotheist and was not from among the idolaters". [Islamic Education for Fifth Grade #540, p143]

  35. “My brothers! The oppressors [Israel -ed.] have overstepped the boundary. Therefore Jihad and sacrifice are a duty.... are we to let them steal its Arab nature... Draw your sword... let us gather for war with red blood and blazing fire...Death shall call and the sword shall be crazed from much slaughter... Oh Palestine, the youth will redeem your land..." [Reader and Literary Texts for Eighth Grade #578, p. 120-122]

  36. “Subject for Composition: How are we going to liberate our stolen land? Make use of the following ideas: Arab unity, genuine faith in Allah, most modern weapons and ammunition, using oil and other precious natural resources as weapons in the battle for liberation." [Our Arabic Language for Seventh Grade, Part I #566, p. 15] Palestinian Authority’s official summer camp

  37. “Remember: The final and inevitable result will be the victory of the Muslims over the Jews." [Our Arabic Language for Fifth Grade #542, p. 67] Palestinian Kid in a rally

  38. “This religion will defeat all other religions and it will be disseminated, by Allah's will, through the Muslim Jihad fighters." [Islamic Education for Seventh Grade #564, p. 125] Palestinian Authority’s official summer camp

  39. “Martyred Jihad fighters are the most… honored people, after the Prophets..." [Reader And Literary Texts for Tenth Grade #607, p. 103] Young Palestinian kids dressed as suicide bombers with explosive belts.

  40. “Determine what is the subject, and what is the predicate, in the following sentences: The Jihad is a religious duty of every Muslim man and woman." [Our Arabic Language for Fifth Grade #542, p. 167] Palestinian toddler with a hand grenade and a suicide bomber’s bandana.

  41. Song of the Martyr: I shall take my soul in my hand and hurl it into the abyss of death[Guide to Improving Arabic Language for Twelfth Grade #719, p. 84] Palestinian child with an explosive belt

  42. We all see the results. The terror attacks are not “spontaneous acts of desperation”. They are the product of a deliberate, well-planned, meticulously organized, State-sponsored education and incitement system. Its product – to turn a whole People into a nation of terrorists.

  43. It did not happen by accident. Since the Oslo Accords in 1993, when the Palestinian Authority gained control over 98% of the Palestinian population, it has been hard at work building this kind of terror school system with the generous financing of Iraq, Saudi Arabia, UNESCO funds and donations from the US and European countries. The UN, US and Europe surely didn’t know what they were paying for.

  44. Should the civilized world just stand there and allow a totalitarian regime to educate and indoctrinate all of its nation’s children to become terrorists and suicide bombers?

  45. A Equação: The national Palestinian goal is Jihad. All Palestinian organizations – political, military, cultural and commercial, and the whole Palestinian school system, advocate the annihilation of Israel and educate generations of children to become terrorists. The national Israeli goal is Peace. 73% of Israelis agree to a Palestinian State that will live peacefully alongside Israel.

  46. The Difference: The Palestinian Authority is a totalitarian regime. No free speech, no human rights. Palestinians who voiced an objection to the practice of blowing up innocent Israeli civilians, were labeled ‘traitors’ and publicly hung or shot in the head before a cheering crowd. Israel is a Democratic, free society. You hear different voices coming out of Israel, including those who criticize the government and its policy.

  47. Palestinian children watch the body of a ‘traitor’ after his public execution.

  48. The Public Relations caper: "Kill a settler every day. Shoot at settlers everywhere. Do not pay attention to what I say to the media, the television or public appearances. Pay attention only to the written instructions that you receive from me.” Yasser Arafat addressing his people at a public event, July 2001