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Acute Care. Community. Consolidation Experience 2012. Long -Term Care. Anywhere. Consolidation 2012. The senior level consolidation is a 168 hours (14 -12 hr shifts or 21- 8 hr shifts) of concentrated nursing practice of the students' choice from the contractual list.

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Consolidation experience 2012

Acute Care


Consolidation Experience2012

Long -Term Care


Consolidation 2012
Consolidation 2012

  • The senior level consolidation is a 168 hours (14 -12 hr shifts or 21- 8 hr shifts) of concentrated nursing practice of the students' choice from the contractual list.

  • Consolidation is to be completed during the period of November 6th -December 5th , 2012.

  • X-ring December off from consolidation

  • Students engaged in this experience have met all theoretical and nursing practice requirements of the St. FXU Nursing Program.

  • All students are candidates for graduation in December, 2012 pending successful completion of course requirements.

  • Consolidation is part of the clinical practice hours and must be completed in order to pass N416.

Consolidation purpose p 45
Consolidation Purpose P.45

The purpose of the experience is to provide a final practice experience to enable students to more capably meet entry‑level competencies of professional nurses.

These competencies include ‑the following areas of practice identified by CRNNS:

  • Provides competent professional care

  • Serves the public and the nursing profession

  • Performs and refines client assessments

  • Individualize nursing care through experiences and reflect on practice experiences

  • Puts theory into practice

  • Communicates with clients

  • Teaches clients, verifies learning

  • Evaluates client progress

  • Organizes care delivery for self and team members

  • Practices collaboratively in the health system

  • Demonstrates accountability for own practice

  • Further develop beginning leadership

  • Refer to Entry‑Level Competencies for Registered Nurses in Nova Scotia


  • The majority of students will work as part of the nursing team in a practice area chosen by the student, and agreed to by the administration.

  • In most instances students will work a maximum of 168 hours and be completed in time to enable students to participate in the activities of structured RN Review Sessions.

  • During this experience students should be treated as senior level students who have completed the BScN program, but do not have their license to practice as a RN.

  • Thus, it is understood that students may not function as a RN but as a student at the end of the program.

  • For example students may not carry/use narcotic keys, or carry out advanced nursing procedures/practices requiring RN status.

  • A one on one preceptor required, and it is essential that students be in an environment where selected RNs have agreed to serve as mentors, and that they be available for support and advice.

  • Students may not be left on units at any time, without the presence of an RN willing to mentor the student (s).


  • Each student will be submit to their assigned faculty advisor/clinical associate their area of interest as well as five objectives ( approximately) for the experience by Sept. 4th

  • A short evaluation will also be completed by the student and designate in the area the experience is completed.

  • Contractual Arrangements exist between St.FXU and most District Health Authorities in Nova Scotia. During this experience students are covered by University insurance coverage. It is important to ensure that current contracts exist. Students do not earn salaries during this particular experience.

  • Students may be assigned a mix of day and night shifts as negotiated between the student and the unit manager.


  • Students are required to complete a brief self‑evaluation of their performance as well as an evaluation of the overall consolidation experience following completion.

  • The information will be used to make plans about repeating the experience in the future.

  • Students will provide a brief form for evaluation purposes that unit preceptor are encouraged to complete at the end of the experience.

  • This form should be completed and returned directly to Cathy MacDonald.

  • Anyone who prefers to make contact by phone, fax or email may do so. Persons with questions, positive comments, concerns or problems related to student performance are encouraged to call Cathy MacDonald. 902 867 3653, or email The department secretary may be reached at 902 867 2240.

Consolidation paperwork
Consolidation Paperwork:

  • Each student will submit to their assigned faculty advisor/clinical associate their area of interest as well as five objectives (approximately) on a provided consolidation form for the experience by September 4th,

  • Each advisor will review the objectives and the consolidation form prior to submission to the designated placement area.

  • About 5 objectives or so.

  • Contract b/t school and institution or placement must exist already

  • May need updated resume for some placements

  • Letter from your assigned clinical advisor will be send to the institution

  • Evaluation Form and your student evaluation form must also be completed and send to Cathy

Consolidation form
Consolidation Form:

  • Identify name, name institution, two possible choices.

  • Identify (point form) your goals for the placement.

  • Outline (point form) why you are interested in the practice area or initiatives that you are applying for.

  • Identify (point form) your previous clinical placements

Example of objectives
Example of Objectives:

During my consolidation experience I plan to achieve the following personal learning goals:

  • Develop a detailed plan for implementing and evaluating my learning & achievement of personal learning goals during the experience.

  • To increase my nursing knowledge about caring for clients with AIDS who have chosen to live in a Community Shelter.

  • To develop a teaching plan, in collaboration with the client and me for implementation during my time in the shelter

  • To strengthen my ability to perform nursing skills such as i) ………….ii) ……………… iii)……….. By a) reading at least 4 journal articles about related skills b) by reviewing my skills text c) by performing selected/ available skills in practice settings d) by receiving written feedback from professional nurses who witnesses my performance when possible

  • To assess, plan, implement & evaluate the nursing care of at least one client with AIDS and reflect this in a mini care plan.

  • To increase my ability to communicate and interact effectively with at least three other health care professionals who collaborate and provide health care services to my selected client with AIDS.

  • To prepare a report that meets course requirements, and that demonstrates that I have achieved my original purpose, objectives or alternates.

Sample goals for 1 professionalism and 2 social determinants of health
Sample Goals for 1) Professionalism and 2) Social Determinants of Health:

  • Goal: Demonstrate an understanding of professionalism as it is manifested in the nursing practice setting.

  • Goal: Understand the significance of the Social Determinants of Health in relation to the client situation/condition.

Consolidation advisors
Consolidation Advisors Determinants of Health:

  • Daphne Connolly

  • Lara MacDonald

  • Cara Stewart

  • Cathy MacDonald