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Ads List Changes. Limor Nadav-Greenberg| Solution Specialist J anuary 2011. Agenda. Case Study Master Ads List View Master Ads copies All Ads List New Ads Statuses. Case Study: Melrose Place & Vampire Diaries. Each program had a different premiere date

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Ads list changes
Ads List Changes

Limor Nadav-Greenberg| Solution SpecialistJanuary 2011


  • Case Study

  • Master Ads List

  • View Master Ads copies

  • All Ads List

  • New Ads Statuses

Remember melrose place vampire diaries

Each program had a different premiere date

Each program had both standard and rich ads

79 Original Ads (Master Ads) and a total of 1512 ads

422 Placements

Each placement contained ads of the two series

The weight between the standard and rich ads needed to change before, during and after the premiere date.

Remember Melrose Place & Vampire Diaries…?

Challenging workflow
Challenging workflow

1. No ties between master ad and its copies:

Editing of ad copies of the same original ad – challenging (hard to locate if they don’t bear the same name).



Original Ad



Challenging workflow1
Challenging workflow

2. Many ads gathered in one general list – hard to manage!

What is master ad
What is Master Ad?

  • A Master Ad is an ad that was created in the system by:

    • Create new (either manually, from bundle, or mass std.)

    • Copying an ad

  • 'Ad Copy' is an ad created in the system during the attachment process of master ad to placements.

Master ad hierarchy
Master ad Hierarchy

Placement 1

Copy 1

  • The Master Ad itself never gets attached to any placement

    • The system now creates an ad copy (with separate ad ID) for every placement

Master Ad

Placement 2

Copy 2

Placement 3

Copy 3

Master ad hierarchy1
Master ad Hierarchy

Copy 1

  • The connection between the master ad and its copies is kept, and displayed in the ads list.

  • When editing a master ad, the system will automatically open the edit multiple screen for its copies.

Master Ad

Copy 2

Copy 3

Solution 2 split ads list
Solution 2: Split Ads List

General Ads List

Master Ads List All Ads List

General guidelines
General guidelines:

  • All serving related actions have been moved from the Ads list to the Delivery group context.

    • Thus, Delete, Disable and Rotation Settings – are done on the Master ad, through the Delivery Group.

  • Creative related actions

    • Can still be done on each ad copy separately, without affecting any of the other copies.

Master ads list
Master Ads List

Contains Master Ads only

Ad copies created through the attachment of an ad to placements are not included in this list.

Master ad copies view
Master Ad Copies View

Master Ad copies view

Easy way to locate all ad copies of a certain mater ad, and edit multiple them (to apply a change to few of them).

Master ads list1
Master Ads List

Contains Master Ads only

Ad copies created through the attachment of an ad to placements are not included in this list.

All ads list
All Ads List

  • Includes all ads in one flat list.

All ads list1
All Ads List

Any action that changes the serving is done on the Master ads level, which is why 'Delete', 'Attach' and 'Disable' bottons are not available for ad copies.

* Disable will be available for Matser ads under 'More' in the next version.

New ads statuses
New Ads Statuses

Animation if needed

Is “Fade - very fast”

Upgraded and non upgraded accounts work
Upgraded and non-upgraded accounts’ work

Because the agency’s upgradestatus determines the behavior of new campaigns in the system:

When trying to edit such ads, the system will alert the user of the consequences of it.

Thus, the Master ad would become “Not attached ad” and would be attached to a placement, as the old process dictates. Once attached, this ad will switch location to the All Ads view.