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Building your own shelter PowerPoint Presentation
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Building your own shelter

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Building your own shelter
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Building your own shelter

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  1. Remote Equipment Structures Building your own shelter by Jeremy Anthony Kinsey a bella mia company

  2. Background Jeremy Kinsey or“Jer” to his friends. CEO and Co-Founder of Bella Mia, Inc. Been an ISP for 8 years Been a WISP for 4 years Part-15 WISP of the Year WISPCON III Part-15 Member Regular Speaker at WISPCON, WCA, P-15.,etc. Located in Wisconsin

  3. Overview • Planning your equipment shelter • Site Planning • Planning Commission and Approval Process • Materials Necessary • Construction Process • Costs

  4. Planning Stages • Determine the size of your shelter • Determine the type of materials necessary • Electric, HVAC, Heat and other utilities • Telco Demarc • Equipment placement

  5. How Big Should It Be? • What services and equipment will be placed in the shelter? • Leave room for utilities - HVAC, Power, Telco, etc. • Leave room for yourself! • What does the site footprint look like?

  6. Materials • Concrete Block or Wood Frame? • Drywall, or Abatibi? • Wiring, power panel, conduit, lighting? • The roof? Flat, shingled, what?

  7. Utilities • Small buildings with a lot of network equipment generates a lot of heat! • HVAC • Your equipment needs power • Telco and Wireless Gear needs a way into the building.

  8. Equipment Placement • What’s going in the shelter? • Where are you going to put it? • How are you going to install your gear? • Again, OVERBUILD! You never know when you will need more room!

  9. Telco Demarcation Point • Where is it if it is there? • How are you going to get it to your shelter? • Always OVERBUILD! • If you run one wire, run two.

  10. Site Planning • Determine and stake shelter location • Stake out utilities • Create drawings of the building placement • Create drawings of your shelter • CALL DIGGERS HOTLINE

  11. Stake out your foundation • Accurately stake and level plumb lines for your concrete contractor

  12. Locate your Utilities • Find your Telco and Power Demarcs

  13. Site Plan Drawings

  14. Site Plan Drawings

  15. Site Plan Drawings

  16. Building Drawings

  17. Building Drawings

  18. Diggers Hotline • It’s FREE, its FAST and it’s the LAW

  19. Plan Commission • Fill out application • Submit your drawings/plans • Get on the agenda • Show up before the meeting - Wear a Suit! • Calmly and professionally make your case

  20. Bella Mia Properties, LLCProposed Outdoor Equipment ShelterApril 1, 2003 Plan Commission Packet

  21. Packet Contents • Letter of intent Plan Commission • Site Plan Approval Application • Attachment - Information not included on Site Plan Approval Application • Compound Plan/Site Plan of Existing Tower • Bella Mia Proposed Site Plan and Description • Proposed Shelter Foundation • Proposed Shelter Detail (2 Pages)

  22. Packet Letter April 4, 2003 Whoever Plan Commission 123 Planning Way Whoever, WI. 53111 123-555-5555 Attn: Plan Commission Members, City Administrator, and Building Inspector. Bella Mia, Inc. is a Wisconsin based Corporation and Internet Service Provider with offices in South East Wisconsin. We are proposing a equipment shelter to be placed within the tower structure and tower compound at the 123 Easy Street tower location. Property Tax Key# 12-345-678-900. The property is currently owned by Jane Doe. The Doe’s lease space for this site to Tower Dudes in Whoever, Wisconsin. It is our intention to construct an outdoor equipment shelter to house our network related gear for our wireless and land line based internet communications services on this site. We currently have facilities located in outdoor enclosures at this site. We further have gear colocated at 123 Milky Lane (formerly Joe’s Tavern) in downtown Whoever. It is our intention to move our current equipment and POP (point of presence) from the Milky Lane location to the Easy Street location. This move has been precipitated by the intent of the prospective owners of the Milky Lane building to have us move our facilities to make way for their reconstruction of this site. Moving of “land” based telecommunications is by no means an easy process. Lead times are typically 30-45 days (business days). The organization and planning of both the telco, as well as our network planners is crucial and delicate in nature. In other words, timing is everything. I say this to express that our need for these new facilities is urgent and required quickly through no fault of our own.

  23. Packet Letter Cont. Briefly the structure we propose is a 8’ X 6’ outdoor equipment shelter approximately 8’ tall. The structure would be placed on top of a poured floating concrete pad, and would be fully insulated. Power and telco, either fiber or copper would be derived from our existing facilities currently at the tower site. There would be no windows on this structure, one solid metal door, and a climate controlled system, ie., A/C. The shelter will be wood frame in construction with cedar siding and a shingled roof both colored to match the existing structures at the site. The shelter will be placed inside the 190’ tower structure and placed parallel to the existing shelters at the site to maintain the current aesthetics, and orderly overall look of the site. The tower owner, Jon Doe of Tower Dudes, Inc. has already visited the site with a representative of Bella Mia and has approved the current plans. We have further contracted Bob’s Wicked Construction to form our foundation for our shelter. Both core samples of the concrete as well as any soil testing information, if necessary will be available upon completion of the foundation. Finally Bella Mia Properties, LLC will act as general contractor for the construction of the Equipment Shelter which will be prefabricated prior to shipment on site. Construction of the shelter is expected to take one day. Wiring of electrical and telecommunications will proceed in conjunction with the final phases of construction and will take place on separate time tables. I submit for you our completed application, site plans of the current site as it is now, drawings of our proposed shelter location, as well as the shelter and concrete base details and drawings as well. I appreciate your help and consideration in this matter, as well as your patience and understanding in the urgency with which our plans are being submitted. If you have any questions or comments, please contact our offices at 262-248-6769 or via email to Respectfully, Jeremy Kinsey VP Network Operations Bella Mia, Inc.

  24. Site Information Property Owner: Jane Doe 123 Two Way Whoever, WI. 53111 (123) 555-5555 Site Leasee: Jon Doe Bob’s Tower Service 123 One Way Whoever, Wi. 53111 (123 555-5555 Colocation Site Leasee: Bella Mia, Inc. 401 Host Drive Lake Geneva, WI. 53147 (262) 248-6759 Site Address: 100 ElmStreet Property Tax Key # : 12-234-456-789-001 Site Zoning - M2 Adjacent property Zoning - M2 & A1 Conditional Use permit for tower granted 8-11-98 Setbacks: N/A Leased parcel over 80' from required setbacks, no strebacks required within leased parcel.

  25. Getting your Materials • Based on your plans develop a material list • Off to Home Depot! • Clean out your garage • Get your tools ready!

  26. Material List • 36 8’ 2X4’s • 7 4X8 Cedar Backed Sheathing • 4 4X8 Plywood Sheathing • 12 6’ 2X4’s • 1 33” Steal Door • 2 Packs Shingles • 1 Roll Roof Felt • Roofing Nails, 16 Penny Nails, Siding Nails • 12 Truss Brackets

  27. Material List Cont. • 8 4X8 Sheets Abitibi • 2 88SqFt bags R13 Insulation • 1 16’ Weather Treated 1X6 Pine • 18 1X4 Rough Cut Cedar • 12 1X3 Rough Cut Cedar • 2” and 1 1/4” Wood Screws • 10 Cans Liquid Nail Adhesive Caulk • Door Hardware and Locks • Outdoor light fixture

  28. Construction • Pour the Foundation • Utilities - Trenching them in • Pre fab your walls and roof trusses off-site • Framing the walls and roof on-site • Wiring utilities, installing lighting, HVAC • Interior, walls, trim, etc. • Equipment Installation

  29. Preparing the Trench

  30. Preparing the Trench

  31. Ditchwitching the Trench

  32. Ditchwitching the Trench

  33. Finished Trench

  34. Laying Conduit

  35. Laying Conduit

  36. Wiring Electrical

  37. Conduit Terminated

  38. Foundation

  39. Get Materials

  40. Framing Walls

  41. Framing Walls

  42. Roof

  43. Shingles

  44. Completed Roof

  45. Completed Shelter

  46. Interior

  47. Telco Entry Way

  48. 100 AMP Power Panel

  49. UPS System

  50. Transmission Cable Entry