x ray spine obl view test n.
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X ray spine test PowerPoint Presentation
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X ray spine test

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X ray spine test - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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X-Ray Spine (Obl View) Test - View Normal Values, Test Results, Procedure to conduct & Best Prices for X-Ray Spine (Obl View) Test | Lybrate

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X ray spine test

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    1. X-Ray Spine (Obl View) Test

    2. About X-Ray Spine (Obl View) Test X-Ray Spine test is done to check the images of spine produced by radiations. X-Ray spine test is done in three different parts of the spine that are cervical (neck), thoracic (mid-back) and lumbar (lower back). The images produced by this X-Ray test appear in black and white on the film. X-Ray spine test is used detect injuries in neck or back parts of the body in a person.

    3. X-Ray Spine (Obl View) Test Uses Then the radiology technologist will pass X-Rays to the upper or lower area of the spine. Then the patient is asked to change positions or move arms in order to take 3 to 4 images. In order to take X-Ray of the neck, the patient is asked to open the mouth. In case if technologist instructs to hold the breath, then it is essential to do, so as to avoid blur in the images.

    4. Know moreX-Ray Spine (Obl View) Test