x ray hand pa lat view test n.
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X ray hand test PowerPoint Presentation
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X ray hand test

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X ray hand test - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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X-Ray Hand (PA / LAT View) Test - View Normal Values, Test Results, Procedure to conduct & Best Prices for X-Ray Hand (PA / LAT View) Test | Lybrate

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X ray hand test

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    1. X-Ray Hand (PA / LAT View) Test

    2. About X-Ray Hand (PA / LAT View) Test A x-beam test includes filtering within a person's body. This test produces pictures of the tissues, cells, and bones of the body part which is examined. The hand x-beam test is directed by passing a little measure of radiation through the hand for delivering the examined pictures. The parallel view keeps the hand at a 90 degrees position while the posteroanterior (PA) see thinks about the hand laid level on the table.

    3. X-Ray Hand (PA / LAT View) Test Uses This test is essentially used to examine the structure of the hands. It examines the inside of the hand and the specialist investigations the same for giving the accompanying inductions: Presence of protuberances or tumors in the tissues Risk of joint pain Determining the impacts of treatment Any variations from the norm or breaks in the bones.

    4. Know more X-Ray Hand (PA / LAT View) Test