m m s p by dante michele sean and rose pd 9 10 n.
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M.M.S.P by Dante, Michele, Sean and Rose pd. 9/10 PowerPoint Presentation
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M.M.S.P by Dante, Michele, Sean and Rose pd. 9/10

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M.M.S.P by Dante, Michele, Sean and Rose pd. 9/10 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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M.M.S.P by Dante, Michele, Sean and Rose pd. 9/10.

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The song “No Sleep” by Wiz Khalifa is about himself and lots of other people with him partying and drinking and some illegal activities all night long. Gatsby’s parties were known to be big and wild; not to mention much like Wiz “tonight everything is on me the drinks is on me the b*****s, the hotel, the w**d is all free”.

This song just embodies Gatsby’s huge and flashy life, well his seemingly huge and flashy life given off by his weekly parties. This would be played while the party is being introduced.


Death Cab for Cuties 2006 single “I Will Possess Your Heart” is about wanting to be with someone who doesn’t feel the same way. It has a lot to do with obsession as well, like in the line “There are days when outside your window I see my reflection as I slowly pass,

and I long for this mirrored perspective when we'll be lovers, lovers at last”. Gatsby’s obsession over Daisy is almost identical to the themes in this song. Gatsby wants nothing more than to be with Daisy at last after 5 years, but she doesn’t feel the same way about Gatsby since she is already married with a child.