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Communication English 3. November 13 th 2012. Today. Work on Task 3 Planning a video. A few notes. Task 3 consists of 2 parts. Part 1: Promotional video (value: 50% of the task). Deadline: November 27 th

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Communication english 3

Communication English 3

November 13th 2012


  • Work on Task 3

  • Planning a video.

A few notes
A few notes

Task 3 consists of 2 parts.

Part 1: Promotional video (value: 50% of the task). Deadline: November 27th

Part 2: Pitch (presentation) (value: 40% of the task). 12 – 15 minutes. Presentation day: December 3rd

Participation: 10%


  • NOTE: This is NOT a business marketing class; it is a communications class. As such, the focus here is on the process of team work (bringing all the different elements of the project together), applying what we have learned, and your demonstration of communicative skills.

  • You will not be expected to produce something worthy of a 4th year business major.


  • i.e., “Invest HK”

  • “Korea, the land of opportunity and infinite possibilities”

  • “Stockholm: The Capital of Scandinavia”

Making a video
Making a video

  • Before you run out and start taking videos and collecting images, you need to plan the video, or else...

Planning a video
Planning a video

  • First ask, “What is our goal?”

  • - easy this time, you already have a general goal.

  • - Think about how you will achieve that goal with this video.

    Which leads to…

Planning a video1
Planning a video

  • Gather information

  • - You need information for the video.

  • - Collect information that relates to your goal.

  • (i.e., If you were trying to advertise Busan to foreign investors, what information would be useful for that?)

Planning a video2
Planning a video

  • Gather information

  • One way to do this:

  • Write a statement that best defines your goal for the project.

  • - focus on collecting information that would relate to that.

  • - Keep in mind the proposed LENGTH of your video.

Planning a video3
Planning a video

  • Organize information

  • After the gathering phase, take a break, then come back to look at your information.

  • - Decide whether you need to cut anything (remember, keep the information specific to your goal),

  • - See if anything is missing.

Planning a video4
Planning a video

  • Organize information

  • - Start arranging the information into a logical order.

Planning a video5
Planning a video

  • You have information…


Planning a video6
Planning a video

  • You may start writing a script for the narrator.

  • Think about HOW you will express your information.

  • Also…

Planning a video7
Planning a video

  • It’s time to start thinking about the video itself.

  • What is going to be in the video?

  • - It can’t just be a series of text.

  • Gather some visuals (pictures, video) that relate to your information.

    One way to help you do this…

Planning a video8
Planning a video

  • Storyboard

  • - After you have some ideas and information, you need to think about how to put them together.

  • - Using a storyboard it a great way to get a visual concept of how your video will come together.

Planning a video9
Planning a video

  • A storyboard doesn’t necessarily have to be drawn.

  • You can write descriptions instead.

Planning a video10
Planning a video

  • You may be writing your script at the same time.

  • This is a good idea so that you are able to have your “visual” plan synch with what you will say in the video.

Planning a video11
Planning a video

  • Shot list

  • - A description of the video, shot by shot (or scene by scene).

  • - Written in chronological order.

  • - Can be as detailed as you need it.

Planning a video12
Planning a video

  • Shot list

  • - Can include information like:

  • - Length of a scene.

  • - Description of a scene.

  • - Narration script.

  • - Camera angle.

  • - any kind of effect to be used.

  • - important notes about the scene.

Planning a video13
Planning a video

  • Some people find it useful to combine the storyboard and shot list (it can also save time).

  • - May include sketches of a screen, or just a description of the scene.

  • - also includes information from a shot list (i.e., length of scene, script, notes about the scene).

For interview
For interview

  • Keep it short (like sample videos).

  • If someone agrees to participate, MAKE SURE YOU TELL THEM WHAT TO SAY (give them a script).