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Evaluating the Productive Office. Paul Bartlett. Office Productivity Network. Introduction. Economic Importance Measurement of Office Contribution Office Productivity Network The OPN Index Financial Sector Case Study The Future. Economic Importance. 145 Million sq m Office Space in UK

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Presentation Transcript
  • Economic Importance
  • Measurement of Office Contribution
  • Office Productivity Network
  • The OPN Index
  • Financial Sector Case Study
  • The Future

Paul Bartlett

economic importance
Economic Importance
  • 145 Million sq m Office Space in UK
  • 28 million people accommodated
  • 60% of added value created by office workers
  • Operational cost of 100 billion pa

Paul Bartlett

performance measures
Performance Measures
  • Company data
  • Business unit measures
  • Team objectives
  • Survey data

Paul Bartlett

what have you measured
What have you measured?
  • Increased output from improved communications
  • Stable output at lower accommodation cost
  • Stable output with fewer staff
  • Reduced disruption from lower/easier churn
  • Output positive impact of new ways of working
  • Improved storage/retrieval systems
  • Correlation between operational and survey results

Paul Bartlett

impact of environment on performance
time staff waste complaining


length of time working, lethargy

attitude to company/loyalty

mental & physical performance

errors/repetition of tasks

wasted time (downtime)

document access

level of concentration


work style/team-working

staff turnover

motivation, base needs

impression upon visitors

learning ability

Impact of Environment on Performance

Paul Bartlett

opn thesis
OPN Thesis
  • The impact of the office environment on business performance and staff output is poorly understood
  • The consequences of a property change on business productivity are rarely quantified or analysed and, at worst, are entirely ignored.
  • By investing management attention on productive offices, shareholder value can be increased for the occupying business, and their suppliers.

Paul Bartlett

opn objectives
OPN Objectives
  • To encourage and support the generation of data on the impact of buildings on workforce performance.
  • To provide for members a framework for exchange of information on the impact of all aspects of the indoor environment on office worker productivity.

Paul Bartlett

core membership


Lloyds TSB

Johnson Controls

Royal Mail


Advanced Interior Solutions


Swanke Harden Connell


British Land

Workspace Office Solutions



Co-op Financial Services

HM Treasury



Core Membership

Paul Bartlett

opni utility
OPNI Utility
  • Checklist useful component in communicating and resolving difference in views on building or decisions on its future (acquire,tweak, refurbish, dispose)
  • Confirm OPNI is for interview not self-completion, as many questions require interpretation by interviewer. Preferred format is short walk round (if interviewer is unfamiliar with the building) followed by sit down interview.
  • Interviews take less than 2 hrs per building including walk-round.

Paul Bartlett

key facts
Key Facts

Paul Bartlett

question examples 1
Question Examples 1

Paul Bartlett

question examples 2
Question Examples 2

Paul Bartlett

result output
Result Output

Percentage score of building for overall performance and sub-divided into categories:

  • Infrastructure and support
  • Environmental Conditions
  • Facilities and Amenities
  • Design and Layout
  • Location and Access

Set against Upper and Lower Quartile for Dataset

Short commentary identifying salient points, photographs and areas for future attention.

Paul Bartlett

survey database
Survey Database
  • Prime respondents were Facilities Managers with day to day responsibility for space (ie usually building) being assessed.
  • Some joint interviews with, for example, area property colleagues.
  • 26 Member premises; 8 clients

Paul Bartlett

  • Total of 34 buildings – est. 800,000 sq m
  • est. 55,000 total workstations
  • 2/3rd buildings fully A/C
  • 1950s to 2004 construction
  • Single to 25 storeys

Paul Bartlett

tower working floor
Tower working floor

Paul Bartlett

central atrium
Central Atrium

Paul Bartlett

A small office - showing the achievement of relatively high densities on the working floors without degrading working conditions

Paul Bartlett

current benchmark
Current Benchmark

Paul Bartlett

overall performance
Overall Performance

Paul Bartlett

responses to individual questions 1
Responses to Individual Questions 1
  • Q How long is the average journey to work location time?
  • 70% say between 30-60 minutes

Paul Bartlett

responses to individual questions 2
Responses to Individual Questions 2

Q What is the ratio of meeting rooms to staff?

54% say > 1 :40

30% say between 1 :20-40

Paul Bartlett

responses to individual questions 3
Responses to Individual Questions 3

Q What proportion of workstations are unoccupied at

any one time?

60% believe it’s less than 25%

Paul Bartlett

responses to individual questions 31
Responses to Individual Questions 3

Q Are meeting times dictated by the availability of appropriate rooms?

Nearly 40% say never but over 50% say sometimes

Paul Bartlett

responses to individual questions 4
Responses to Individual Questions 4

Q Is temperature/ventilation a significant source of staff complaints?

In 85% of offices it is sometimes or often

Paul Bartlett

responses to individual questions 5
Responses to Individual Questions 5

Q Do you monitor business measures of productivity?

In 50% of cases there are no measures

Paul Bartlett

financial sector
Financial Sector
  • Slightly lower overall score
  • High performance in Location and Environmental conditions
  • Lower in Design and layout

Paul Bartlett

next steps
Next Steps
  • Revise and update (at margin) the questions
  • Review costing comparison
  • Expand database
  • Expand sectoral analysis
  • Publish principles and outcomes
  • Develop award

Paul Bartlett

contact details
Paul Bartlett

SBS Business Solutions

Tel: 01379 678899



Contact Details

Paul Bartlett