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The Mobile Option A Revolution in Business Intelligence PowerPoint Presentation
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The Mobile Option A Revolution in Business Intelligence

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The Mobile Option A Revolution in Business Intelligence - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The Mobile Option A Revolution in Business Intelligence

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  1. The Mobile Option A Revolution in Business Intelligence Native Experience. Enterprise Grade. Fast.

  2. Event being recorded • All attendees muted • Submit questions via chat

  3. Introductions • Michael Lutito   Director, OEM Programs,  MicroStrategy • Fernando Gonzalez   Senior Sales Engineer, MicroStrategy • Sponsored by The Pinnacle Corporation • and hosted by Jane Sinn Gabriel, Retail Solutions Manager, Pinnacle Corporation

  4. The Mobile Internet is the Next Wave of Information Technology and Will Dwarf All Previous Waves MainframeComputing (1960-1980) MobileInternet (2010- ) MiniComputing (1980-1990) PersonalComputing (1990-2000) DesktopInternet (2000-2010) 10M Users 100M Users 1M Users 1,400M Users 5,000M Users Source: Morgan Stanley, The Mobile Internet Report 4

  5. The Mobile Internet will have 10x Greater Impact than the Desktop Internet Everyone All The Time Everywhere Information Available 24 x 7 Every Location Becomes Your Office Everyone Who Has a Phone 1Billion PC users 12am Home Office 6pm 6am Manager at Desk 3 hrs X 5 days = 15 hrs/week Information Access Is Limitedto time in office at desk 12pm vs. vs. vs. 12am 5Billion cell phone users Store, Warehouse, Meeting, Airport 6pm 6am Information Opportunities 24 hrs x 7 days = 168 hrs/week 12pm Information Opportunities Everywhere 5

  6. Mobile BI is 10x Better than Previous Modes of BI 54 Billion pages of reports printed each year in the US alone at $0.02 per sheet = $1.08 billion per year for printed reports Mobile BI can replace all of them 6

  7. for iPad and iPhone and Blackberry 7

  8. Extend Your Grids, Graphs and Enterprise Reports to Your Mobile Devices 8

  9. Extend Your Dynamic Dashboards on Your Mobile Devices Dynamic Dashboards in MicroStrategy Web Dynamic Dashboards as iPad Apps Dynamic Dashboards as iPhone Apps 9

  10. Six Reasons Your Mobile BI Apps Will Be Even Better than Your Previous Web-based BI Apps (1 of 2) 1. Integrated Mapping 2. Multi-touch 3. BI-specific Gestures Supporting native Apple multi-touch gestures Integrating Google Mapping directly into your reports Including new, BI-specific, multi-touch gestures Tap Swipe Flick Double Tap Rotate Pinch Touch & Drag Two Finger Swipe Touch & Hold 10

  11. Six Reasons Your Mobile BI Apps Will Be Even Better than Your Previous Web-based BI Apps (2 of 2) 6. Mobile Info Capture 4. App Integration 5. Sensor-based Query Directly linking to/from other mobile Apps Prompt input directly from mobile sensors Remotely capturing data and initiating transactions Apple Apps Accelerometer Database Bar Code Reader Bluetooth Other Apps GPS Speech Communication Channels BackendSystem 11

  12. MicroStrategy Mobile is Part of an Enterprise Grade Platform Mobile Desktop / Laptop email Windows Office Portals Browser iPhone iPad Blackberry Full Spectrum of Developer Tools Full Spectrum of Admin Tools MicroStrategy Web MicroStrategy Mobile EnterpriseManager WebProfessional Command Manager DesktopDesigner MicroStrategy Intelligence Server Object Manager Architect IntegrityManager SDK Transactional Applications Website Content CubeDatabases Databases 12

  13. Some Programs to Help You Get Started Today Fast ImplementationExpert Assistance Fast EducationFree Hands-on Class Intro2MobileTM Mobile QuickStrikeTM A ten day focused engagement, delivered by mobile BI experts Deliverables: 1. Production mobile BI app 2. App design storyboard 3. Video of the new app • An introduction to mobile BI using MicroStrategy Mobile • Content: • Concepts and features • Hands-on exercises • Build a mobile app 13

  14. Mobile Business Intelligence for the iPhone, iPad, and BlackBerry Native App Experience Enterprise Grade Fast to Develop Purpose-built, workflow-driven Apps that quickly and easily guide users through their data to discovery, analysis, or decision. Apps fully leverage mobile device capabilities, including the multi-touch interface, sensors (GPS, camera, etc.), communications (voice, email, text), and more. Designed to deliver the higher levels of performance and scalability demanded by mobile Apps. MicroStrategy delivers in-memory, multi-level caching, ROLAP analytics, robust security, easy extensibility and comprehensive administration features designed for enterprise deployments. Fast, code-free App development via MicroStrategy’s metadata-driven, point-and-click paradigm. Build rich, interactive BI Apps in just days. 14

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