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My Story

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My Story. By. Objectives. For delegates to: Understand the context of ‘All About Me’ and ‘My Story’ within the pathway. Understand who is involved in developing ‘My Story .’ To demonstrate the use and value of a wiki website. The Pathway- 7 steps. Timeline.

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My Story

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For delegates to:

  • Understand the context of ‘All About Me’ and ‘My Story’ within the pathway.
  • Understand who is involved in developing ‘My Story.’
  • To demonstrate the use and value of a wiki website.
pathway step 3 gathering information for my story my plan
Pathway Step 3:Gathering information for ‘My Story’ & ‘My plan’
  • Hub and Spoke model of working
  • Each family will be allocated a worker in the Hub and Spoke. Both have a role in developing the plan

Hub: Plan coordinator- administrator who draws the plan together

Spoke: Family supporter fulfilling key working responsibilities- identified with the family from one of the key service providers involved. They will know the family well & will help gather real time information for ‘All About Me.’

developing my story my plan
Developing ‘My Story’ & ‘My Plan’

There will be lots of existing information available about a child/ young person referred and considered eligible for an Education Health and Care plan.

The plan coordinator will begin to collate existing information about the child/ young person or family centrally to inform ‘My plan’ e.g. information from system 1, CAF, looked after care plan, maternity records. CAF, health care plans etc.

At the same time the Family supporter will use a few simple person centred conversations with the family to develop ‘My story’ using the ‘All About Me’ document. This needs to be completed within 6 weeks from the decision that a plan will be put in place. This information can be held on a Wiki.

all about me
All About Me

My Story- ‘All About Me’ is the initial document completed by the family supporter working with the child/ young person and family. This information will be shared ahead of the multi agency meeting and can be used to provide information for the Wiki. It is gathered using person centred conversations and records:-

  • One page profile - a summary of key information about the child/ young person
  • Like and admire - positive feedback from significant people about the child/ young person
  • Relationship circle - names/ contact details of those who are important to the child/ young person at home and elsewhere
  • Working/ not working - a snapshot at that point in time of what is going well for the child/ young person and what may need to be improved or changed.
  • Important to/ important for - what a child/ young person needs in place for well being/ happiness and to maintain their health/ safety
explaining the wiki
Explaining the Wiki

Pilot - Research project between Nottinghamshire County Council & The University of East London.

Aim: to provide the child/young person and families the opportunity to utilise multi-media technology to assist in telling their story using their pictures, video & text, with controlled access to their ‘Wiki’ provided to the circle of professionals working with them.

explaining the wiki1
Explaining the Wiki

To be piloted until August 2014 providing opportunity for up to 25 families to consider if a different mode of communication between the assessment team & parents could be effective.

wiki pilot
Wiki pilot

Portland college

St Giles school

Yeoman Park school

why use a wiki
Why use a Wiki?

The information gathered for ‘All About Me’ is used to give a visual and ‘real’ picture of a child / young person.

Photos, video and sound can be added to provide a resource about the child and young person that will be useful to services and to family / friends giving support.

introducing a wiki website
Introducing a wiki website

Walk through example.


From your perspective/context:

What do you think works well about the wiki and what could it do better?

Is there anything else you’d like to see on Holly’s or Byron’s wiki as a professional?

summary advantages of a wiki
Summary: Advantages of a wiki?

Power of ‘Multimedia Advocacy’.

Advantages of a digital format.

Quick and easy way to share relevant information.

Easier to share updates with professionals.

Owned by the family.

updating a wiki
Updating a wiki

Demonstration of how to update a wiki.

where next
Where next?
  • Complete pilot.
  • Evaluate effectiveness of Multimedia Advocacy.
  • If successful, consider future setup and support plan.