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Letter to the Hebrews. Purpose of this book.

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Purpose of this book
Purpose of this book

  • It is said to have been written by Paul a few years earlier than the Jewish revolt against the Roman empire in A.D 72. Already a lot of them have settled in different parts of the world for trade and business. After Pentecost even many Jewish Christians went as far as Rome to find livelihood.

  • In Greek Diaspora means scattered far and wide in the world and this book was written for those people who were

  • Frustrated/ lost/ loss of hope/ unsettled in life.

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Events during that period
Events during that period

  • 30 A.D. Departure of Jesus

  • 30 A.D. Pentecost & church movement

  • 40 A.D. Conversion of Paul & persecution

  • 45A.D. Gospel reach Samaria, Syria, Turkey

  • 55.A.D. Thomas to India, Paul to Greece and others elsewhere

  • 65 A.D. Paul martyred. Others move out

  • 72 A.D. Jerusalem destroyed. Final scattering

  • What next was in the minds of the people.

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Why letter to hebrews and not christians
Why letter to Hebrews And not Christians?

  • The whole book is about tabernacle, sacrifices, priesthood and High priest

  • Not only Jews but Christians also suffered more in persecution for their faith/religion

  • What about the gentiles who have no tabernacle or set religion or faith?

  • What is faith?

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Why tabernacle central theme
Why Tabernacle-central theme?

  • When this book was written, there was the great temple at Jerusalem in tact and worship was continued as usual.

  • The people had a great longing and zeal for the city of Jerusalem – city of peace which was not peaceful but anticipating a revolt against the Roman rule

  • Instead of putting trust in God (unseen) they trusted in temple and the city which they believed God would not permit to be destroyed because it is His seat. What is our trust?

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The tabernacle not god was great
The Tabernacle- not God was great

The people remembered how in the times of Moses there was the tabernacle in the wilderness and during those forty years, though they were landless and wanderers, every need of life was met and they lived in safety and freedom. They always dreamt of such days would repeat when Messiah comes. They confessed Moses as leader and provider, not God. So they missed Jesus the Messiah when He came. They lived in the glory of the past not in the hope of the future.

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Faith is
Faith is …

  • Not on things- Money, job, property

  • Not on people- Moses the leader

  • Not on our goodness- tabernacle, church going, donations, meetings.

  • Not to live in the past but in the hope of future.

  • But God’s indwelling in us.

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What is faith?

How to get faith?

Why to get faith?

Does it guarantee that all would go well or according to God’s plan?

Believing unseen things Heb 11:1

If you have faith the size of a mustard seed. Luke:17:6

It is impossible to please God without faith


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Faith in god or self
Faith- in God or self

  • Too much of faith in one self and too little of it is useless

  • It is interdependent on God and self

  • In God’s word and authority over one’s own life and all around him

  • God’s authority in this world and that to come

  • God’s authority over time including past and the present

    God is my creator- Gardener- He has the control

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Angels for what
Angels- for what?

  • The first chapter refers to angels 7 times.

  • Sadducees did not believe in the angels

  • Why talk about the angels?

  • What idea had they of Jesus- A God or an angel?

  • How could God come as a man? And why did He go away if He were Messiah?

  • Where is He now and doing what?

  • Miracles He did but Disciples did greater

  • Angels cannot die but Jesus died on cross

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Distinction jesus is not an angel
Distinction- Jesus is not an angel

  • Jesus existed even before creation and a creator

  • But angels are a creation

  • Angels are messengers not honoured or rewarded

  • Even mbut an is created to reign not angels

  • Jesus took the form of a Son; angels are not considered so

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Why talk about jesus
Why talk about Jesus?

  • Jewish Christians and Jews did not come out of the traditional beliefs about temple and the concept of Messiah was deep rooted in their minds for thousands of years.

  • That caused a dilemma in their faith. So they could not put their total trust on Jesus as much on God.

  • That is true even today. Even after baptism many are still holding onto traditions

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Methods of unbelief
Methods of unbelief

  • When problems come what do people do?

  • Go to the pastor or some one to pray

  • Others make vow

  • Others grumble and complain

  • Others envy at those out side or their old time friends

  • Some want to adopt methods of worldly people

  • All these stem from the idea that God who led us out of Egypt would not lead us to promised destination.

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A warning against disbelief
A warning against disbelief

  • Those who heard the gospel did not take it seriously ( Heb.2.1)

  • Those who did not listen to the angelic messages suffered.(2.2). The msg. of salvation

  • Even the angels were not spared for disobedience.

  • Jesus came to i. sanctify ii. To take away the fear of death iii to make them all reign in glory.2.11, 12

  • Jesus did not come just to suffer and go away but raised to glory and sit on the Right Hand2.4

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Seeing is believing known and unknown faith relies on unseen
Seeing is believing- known and unknown- faith relies on unseen

  • Divide each verse into known and unknown

  • Known unknown

  • Punishments 2.2 angels

  • Death of Jesus 2.9 His glory

  • Sanctifier 2.11 sanctification

  • Death 2.15 fear of it gone

  • Abraham 2.16 aid given

  • Jesus like us 2.17 High priest

  • Moses 3.3 Jesus

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Building up faith from known to unknown

Vs4 signs and wonders unseen

Vs9Jesus tasted death

Vs8 all things under man

Vs11.The sanctified

Vs12.He partook suffering

Vs15. fear of death

Vs16 He came to aid

Vs17. He became like us

Vs.18Who are tempted

Vs5 the world to come

Vs9 Jesus crowned

Vs10.to bring many sons

Vs11. He sanctifies

Vs12 destroy death/devil

Vs15 fear of death gone

Vs16. seed of Abraham

Vs17merciful high priest

Vs18 He is able to help

July 5, 2005 Hebrews Ch2

Building up faith- from known to unknown

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Belief in moses but not god
Belief in Moses but not God unseen

  • Moses was a hero but yet only a servant in God’s house. They listened to Moses who lead them in the desert and cared for all their needs ;how much more Jesus?. They could believe Moses who lived thousand years ago and not Jesus just 40 years back. 3.3

  • In the wilderness they heard God’s voice, yet hardened their heart due to unbelief if they are on the right journey 3.10

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About jesus the captain
About Jesus the captain unseen

  • They went astray in thinking 3.9

  • Deceitfulness 3.13

  • Departing from God 3.12

  • They rebelled 3.16

  • They did not obey by unbelief 3.18

  • They lost the rest in canaan

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Lessons from history unknown to known

9,10 tested in wilderness unseen

Harden your hearts

11. Not entered rest

12. Depart from living God

13. Exhort one another

16. Rebelled though came. Egypt

18 Did not obey by unbelief

1.partakers of calling

2.Jesus appointed by God

3.More than Moses

6.Was of house hold

10.Hear his voice

13deceitfulness of sin

14Partakers of christ in faith

July 5, 2005Hebrews Ch3

Lessons from History- unknown to known

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Moses vs jesus
Moses Vs Jesus unseen

Slave to prince yes yes

Fought for freedom yes yes

Betrayed by own yes yes

Vision in the desert yes yes

Challenged enemy Pharaoh devil

Did miracles By God Himself

Fed the people manna bread

Built the tabernacle yes eternal church

Established worship Yes universal

Honored in death yes Glorified

Pleaded for the people yes Humanity

Testifies thru law Himself

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Ch 4 then who is this jesus
Ch 4. Then Who is this Jesus? unseen

  • Not an angel

  • A human being in flesh and blood

  • More than Moses

  • Came to give rest

  • More than the high priest

  • Of the order of Melchizedek

  • Greater order and assignments

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Ch 5 high priest
Ch 5. High Priest unseen

  • What has the high priest to do with rest?

  • Did not the people have rest in the wilderness?

  • What were they supposed to do in Canaan once they reached?

  • Was the wilderness only a fore shadow?

  • Did they have wars in the wilderness or rest?

  • The people had food and shelter an protection and occasional wars in forty years.

  • But they rebelled every time they had problem.

  • Because they forgot all that happened in Egypt

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High priest
High Priest unseen

  • The high priest job was to rest in God’s

    presence and wait for commands

  • The high priest was supposed to

    continually plead on behalf of the people.

  • The high priest supposed to know the direction

  • The high priest was supposed to bring in God’s instruction to people an d their cries before God.

  • The high priest knew the weakness of people and the majesty of God

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Ch 6 abraham and melchizedek
Ch. 6 Abraham and Melchizedek unseen

  • Abraham was the first Hebrew who received the promise from God and

    blessings from Melchizedek.

  • Why Abraham?

  • He waited patiently to receive the promise

  • Who is Melchizedek? - came from unknown.

  • God sends help from unknown- faith

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Hebrew chapter summary 4 10
Hebrew Chapter summary 4-10 unseen

  • 4. rest

  • 5. High Priest

  • 6.Abraham

  • 7. Melchizedek

  • 8. Mediator Vs 10, 5

  • 9.Sacrifice Vs 14,26

  • 10.Judge on the RH of God Vs 16

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Ch5 the high priest
Ch5.The High Priest unseen

  • They were familiar with High Priests Anna and Caiphas who did nothing to community.

  • Aaron was the high priest.

  • He was to plead for the people once in a year in the most Holy Place

  • Could he solve the problem like Moses? No.

  • In the Most Holy place only listening and no talking

  • He himself had to make atonement for himself!

  • He himself failed and introduced calf worship and blamed the people!

  • Jesus took the blame on Himself

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Ch 6 jesus vs abraham
Ch 6. Jesus Vs Abraham unseen

  • He was the first Hebrew who crossed a river of no return

  • He gave up everything trusting God bu did not inherit anything during life time

  • He had only more problems since He left Ur and still did not question God

  • He was a worship leader to his clan and built altars

  • He was redeemer to lot when taken captive

  • He was an intercessor when Sodom was to be destroyed

  • Jesus was more than Abraham in all respects. The Jews did not accept when He said, “I was before Abraham”

  • Did they see Abraham? Why then such strong faith than Jesus

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7 melchizedek
7. Melchizedek unseen

  • Who is that mysterious historical personality?

  • The servants of Abraham must be wondering why Abraham the veteran pay homage to him?

  • Did Abraham know him before or meet him thereafter?

  • What did he bring to Abraham in his most fearful moments?

  • What does bread and water signify?

  • What is meaning of Melchizedek King priest- Prince of Peace

  • How Jesus is better than Melchizedek? Appeared and gone away or still available?

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Ch8 mediator high priest
Ch8. Mediator- High Priest unseen

  • Moses was mediator not High priest

  • Aaron was high priest not mediator

  • Melchizedek was high priest not mediator

  • Abraham was mediator not high priest

  • Jesus was only mediator High priest!

  • Why the Jews failed because they did not see the law inside the covenant box.

  • But if the law is written in mind we cannot fail. Jesus had it so he could defeat the enemy at temptation.

  • A mediator must know the law and promises very thoroughly

  • What is the meaning of Royal priesthood

  • Vs 5 and 10 are important

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Ch 9 where is the eternal sacrifice
Ch 9. Where is the Eternal sacrifice unseen

  • Even the high priest must offer sacrifices for himself once

  • Abraham Melchizedek offered many times

  • What is the eternal sacrifice when temple would be gone soon?

  • If Jesus is high priest where is the sacrifice

  • Without blood shed the sins cannot be atoned?

  • Jesus made himself the eternal sacrifice!

  • Vs 14 and 26 important

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Ch 10 eternal judge
Ch. 10. Eternal Judge unseen

  • The function of High priest temple altar sacrifice etc are to make an escape for sinner from judgment to come.

  • The high priest, the sacrifice, the mediator are all set.

  • What would be the judgment?

  • Jesus would be the judge also to pronounce freedom and forgiveness to sinner.

  • The High priest could not do it himself after the offering is over. He could only present the matter to God.

  • But Jesus forgave many sinners even while he was alive

  • That made the Pharisees angry

  • Vs 7 and 16 important

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Summary of chapters 4 10
Summary of chapters 4-10 unseen

  • In all these discussions one underlying truth is that Jesus came to give rest

  • The nation was passing through restless moments in history

  • people were worried about their future and destiny

  • The leaders could not stop nor support the insurgence

  • Where was the promise given to Abraham for ever and ever

  • Where is the land flowing with milk and honey

  • What was rest in the wilderness?

  • Where is another prophet like Moses?

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Condition for rest
Condition for rest unseen

  • From Egypt there was a great deliverance from hardship to no work

  • No worry about food and they just went and collected

  • Whenever there was a problem Moses got it solved with God

  • Too much of freedom made them wander in worship?

  • When worship lasted they had every thing

  • What should be restored if they need rest?

  • Faith that God will handle all things needed for life.

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Ch 11 the hall of fame
Ch 11.The hall of fame unseen

Why it starts with Abel and not Adam?

More than ten verses are devoted o Abraham- Did he receive what was promised?

Ten verses are devoted to people who followed in history for 1000 years.

Did they all succeed or failed and died?

Does faith necessarily end in success ?

Why was this chapter written?

What was the people’s hope when they left Jerusalem?

What did they see in Rome happening to the Christians?

What would be our faith if such things happen in our lives?

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Ch 12 author and finisher
Ch 12.Author and finisher unseen

  • Besetting things

  • The marathon race- Atlanta- the reward

  • Looking forward

  • Battle front- some will die- Versailles-the hall of war

  • Jesus also suffered before glory

  • Endure chastening Vs7

  • Be encouraged vs12

  • Pursue peace with all people vs14

  • Don’t have bitterness vsvs15

  • Flee fornication vs 17

  • Have grace to serve God with reverence &fear

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Ch 13 things to do
Ch 13. Things to do unseen

Entertain strangers vs1

Honour marriage vs 4

Be concerned about prisoners vs 3

Be not covetous vs 4

Obey your teachers vs 7, 17

Do not be confused with many doctrines vs 9

Endure shame and persecution vs 13

Be prepared to go outside the city

Offer sacrifices of praise vs 15

Share with others and Keep fellowship vs 16

Pray for leaders and Be part of the church vs 18

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