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KMART BOF. Key Management for Routing Co-Chairs: Acee Lindem [email protected] Donald Eastlake 3rd [email protected] Note Well !.

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kmart bof


Key Management for Routing


Acee Lindem

[email protected]

Donald Eastlake 3rd

[email protected]


note well
Note Well !
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WEDNESDAY, 1300-1500, Room: Franklin 3 / 4

  • 5 min. Administrativia (scribe etc), Agenda Bashing Goals and Ground Rules of BoF - Chairs
  • 5 min. Goals - Tim Polk
  • 10 min. Constraints on Automated Key Management for Routing Protocols - Ross Callon
  • 15 min. Routing Threats and Key Management - Sandy Murphy
  • 10 min. Operational Considerations - Ron Bonica
  • 10 min. Issues with Existing Cryptographic Protection Methods for Routing Protocols - Dave Ward
  • 15 min. Key Management - Eric Rescorla
  • 45 min. Open Microphone (limited to 5 minute or less per speaker)
  • 5 min. Where to go from here - Area Directors


  • Improved understanding
    • Of the constraints and practices of routing deployment and operation.
    • Of the Routing Area view of Routing Security.
    • Of the threats which key management can defend against.
    • Of the Security Area view of Automated Key Management.
  • It is NOT a goal to form a working group solely based on this BOF.


ground rules
Ground Rules
  • We have 50 minutes of open microphone time but we need to stick to the schedule to actually get it.
    • Generally speaking, questions should be held until the open microphone time.
  • During open microphone time, you can ask as many questions as you want but at the end of your five minutes, you have to go to the back of the line.
  • You don’t have to use all the time you are allowed!