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HALL-A STATUS REPORT. Hall A Collaboration Meeting June 22-23, 2006 K EES DE J AGER J EFFERSON L ABORATORY. Guy Ron has kindly agreed to host a wine-and cheese gathering Friday evening in the Residence Facility, starting at 6:00 pm

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Hall a status report

Hall A Collaboration Meeting

June 22-23, 2006



Guy Ron has kindly agreed to host a wine-and cheese gathering Friday evening

in the Residence Facility, starting at 6:00 pm

If you attend (most of you, I hope) please pay Heather the standard 9 $ contribution

Hall a approved proposals pac 4 29

Hall A Approved Proposals PAC 4-29

  • 37 Experiments completed, 81 days scheduled for the next 12 months

  • Backlog ~4.4 years (annual average for Hall A is ~75 days at full funding)

Publications incl submissions in 2005 6
Publications (incl. submissions) in 2005/6

  • B. Anderson et al., Extraction of the Neutron Magnetic Form Factor from Quasi-Elastic 3He(e,e’) at Q2 = 0.1 - 0.6 GeV2, PRC, nucl-ex/0605006.

  • B. Hu et al., Polarization Transfer in the d(e,e’p)n Reaction up to Q2 = 1.61 (GeV/c)2, PRL, nucl-ex/0601025.

  • J. Kelly et al., Recoil Polarization Measurement for Neutral Pion Electroproduction at Q2 = 1 (GeV/c)2 near the Delta Resonance, PRC, nucl-ex/0509004.

  • Geraud Laveissiere, et al., Photon Electroproduction from Hydrogen at Backward Angles and Momentum Transfer Squared of Q2 = 1.0 GeV2, PRL; hep-ex/0406062.

  • K.A. Aniol et al., Constraints on the nucleon strange form factors at Q2 ~ 0.1 GeV2, PLB 635, 275 (2006).

  • K.A. Aniol et al., Parity-violating electron scattering from 4He and the strange electric form factor of the nucleon, PRL 96, 022003 (2005).

  • S. Escoffier et al., Accurate measurement of the electron beam polarization in Jlab Hall A using Compton polarimetry, NIM A551, 563 (2005).

  • K. Kramer et al.,The Q2-dependence of the neutron spin structure function gn2 at low Q2, PRL 95, 142002 (2005).

  • J.J. Kelly et al.,Recoil polarization for delta excitation in pion electroproduction, PRL 95, 102001 (2005).

  • V. Punjabi et al., Proton Elastic Form Factor Ratios for Q2 = 3.5 GeV2 by polarization transfer, PRC 71, 055202 (2005).

  • L.Y. Zhu et al., Cross Section Measurements of Charged Pion Photoproduction in Hydrogen and Deuterium from 1.1 to 5.5 GeV, PRC 71, 044603 (2005).

  • Zein-Eddine Meziani et al., Higher Twists and Color Polarizabilities in the Neutron, PLB 613, 148 (2005)

  • D.J. Hamilton et al., Polarization transfer in proton Compton scattering at high momentum transfer, PRL 94, 242001 (2005).

  • Marat Rvachev et al., The Quasielastic 3He(e,e'p)d Reaction at Q2 = 1.5 GeV2 for Recoil Momenta up to 1 GeV/c, PRL94 192302 (2005).

  • Issam Qattan et al., Precision Rosenbluth measurement of the proton elastic form factors, PRL 94, 142301 (2005).

  • Fatiha Benmokhtar et al., Measurement of the 3He(e,e'p)pn reaction at high missing energies and momenta, PRL94, 082305 (2005).

  • Total number of Hall A publications: PRL+PLB 26+2, PRC 13+2, NIM 12.

  • Average time from completion of experiment to submission 20 months with 75% within 3 years.

  • At present 5 experiments that have not submitted a manuscript more than 3 years after completion


  • Archival papers promised to be completed this year:

    • E89-044 3He(e,e’p)

    • E91-026 deuteron A and B

    • E93-050 VCS

    • E94-010 GDH

    • E99-007 GEp-II

    • E99-114 WACS

  • Achievements to date:

    • E89-003 16O(e,e’p) published

    • E91-010 HAPPEx-I published

    • E91-011 N-> submitted

    • E93-027 GEp-I published

    • E94-012 H()πo published

    • E94-104 n -> π-p published

    • E95-001 GMn submitted

    • E99-117 A1n published

  • Central repository of figures and publications on Hall A webpage

    Please submit figures of all publications to Rob Feuerbach

    Please send copy of all publications to Heather simultaneous to submission

Scheduled experiments in hall a

Scheduled Experiments in Hall A

ExpTitleContact persons

Jun Back to standard configuration

In summer Hall A runs only if in parallel to G0 backward at low energy

E05-103 Low-Energy deuteron photodisintegration R. Gilman

E05-004 A(Q) at low Q R. Gilman

Sep-Oct E03-105 Polarization transfer in 4He(e,e’p) S. Strauch

Dec-Apr E04-018 Elastic scattering off 3,4He M. Petratos

May E06-007 208Pb(e,e’p) K. Aniol

E03-101 start of proton pair R. Gilman

July-Sep E05-110 Coulomb Sum Rule B. Sawatzky

Sep-Nov Installation of BigBite and Polarized 3He target

FY08 run mainly BigBite plus polarized 3He experiments

FY09 HAPPEx-III, Lead Parity, π0 electroproduction, proton pair

Budget consequences not yet clear.

In FY06 getting by thanks to FY05 carry-over

6 weeks cut out of summer running for G0 that are rescheduled for January-February 2007

In Hall A highest priority to running experiments scheduled for 2007

Beginning of FY07 will be extremely tight because of expected continuance resolution

The recovery plan to 6 gev
The Recovery Plan to 6 GeV

Energies for trip rates <15/hour

  • See email from Larry and Swapan on May 1

  • Work on the CM refurbishment and Renascence completion are now underway

  • Committed to provide as close to 5.75 GeV as possible by the middle of next year

  • We will carefully evaluate progress and prospects in September as an essential part of the development of the next release of the operations schedule

Running during the upgrade construction era
Running During the Upgrade Construction Era

  • With President’s Budget Proposal for FY07 and current “guesstimates” of the 12 GeV construction profile, we can run 75-80% of the approved program.

  • We have begun a Review of the 6 GeV program to identify:

    • Experiments that must be done soon, based on their scientific merit

    • Exploratory experiments necessary for 11 GeV planning and preparation

    • Outstanding (approved) science that, regrettably, must be deferred in view of available resources (or is better done with an 11 GeV beam)

  • The amount of running (and major instrumentation development) actually feasible will need to be evaluated in detail after project/lab/funding boundary conditions have been better defined (hopefully early 2007). Key considerations will include:

    • The actual level of funding for the lab as a whole

    • The funding profile for the 12 GeV upgrade

    • The profile for “re-directed” funding from lab ops budget towards 12 GeV

    • The staffing plan for Hall D and support staff

  • When the shutdown for the 12 GeV transition is 3 years away:

    • Jeopardy ceases for the planned experiments

    • New proposals needing 6 GeV or less will be considered only as the evolving funding and construction “boundary conditions” permit and/or in the context of lower energy running in the 12 GeV era

12 gev science and construction planning
12 GeV Science and ConstructionPlanning

Clarification re “Only the Base Equipment”:

  • We recognize that some experiments may require use of existing secondary devices and will accommodate such proposals so long as the modifications needed are truly modest and the proposing scientists will undertake the funding and realization of those modifications in addition to their contributions to the base equipment construction.

  • The base equipment includes all devices included explicitly in the 12 GeV Upgrade Project Conceptual Design Report:

    • CLAS12

    • SHMS

    • GlueX

    • Upgraded electronics for the Hall A HRS

    • All Experimental-Hall-specific 12 GeV beamline device upgrades.

  • Future 12 GeV PACs will:

    • Consider proposals that require the construction of new equipment that is not part of the formal Upgrade construction project

    • Consider experiments to be done in the 12 GeV era with all available energies and all available experimental apparatus.

    • Review all previously-recommended proposals and assign scientific priorities (2-3 years before the start of 12 GeV physics)

Pac charge for 12 gev review
PAC Charge for 12 GeV Review

Jefferson Lab requests that PAC 30:

  • Review both proposals* and letters of intent†for experiments that will use the base equipment currently planned for the 12 GeV Upgrade and provide advice on their scientific merit, technical feasibility and resource requirements.

  • Identify high-quality physics that, based on what we know today, is highly likely to be of sufficient scientific merit that it will be included in the priority list to be established for the first 5 years of 12 GeV Operations

  • Identify other physics that has the potential for falling into this category pending clarification of scientific and/or technical issues

  • Provide comments on technical and scientific issues that should be addressed by the proposers prior to a second review and the assignment of scientific priority at a future PAC.

    * Proposals and letters of intent will be considered ONLY if the proposers clearly state their intent to participate in and contribute to the construction of the base equipment.

    † Letters of intent for 12 GeV at PAC30 will be given the same “rights” to their scientific ideas as are currently afforded to deferred experiments

Long term outlook
Long-Term Outlook

  • CD-1 approved on Feb 14, 2006

  • CD-2A review scheduled for next month, delayed until FY07

  • Goal is to achieve CD-2 baseline approval in 4QFY07

  • Next week another Lehman review on the upgrade project status

  • Kovar continues to express strong support for 12 GeV upgrade

  • Start of Machine Shut-down delayed until 2nd/3rd QFY12

  • CD-4 (project completion) delayed until 1QFY15

  • New improved design for the MAD spectrometer that resolves all issues raised by Spectrometer Mini-Review in Jan 2005 presented to Larry Cardman

  • However, Larry Cardman has concluded that the Upgrade Project Management is not willing to study any changes in upgrade design at this point

  • Conceptual design for solenoidal magnet has been initiated with the goal to present it at the LRP Town Meeting, followed by strong support in the LRP