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Good Morning, Students PowerPoint Presentation
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Good Morning, Students

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Good Morning, Students - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Good Morning, Students. Prepared By. Md. Tabibur Rahman Assistant Teacher Talsar Govt. Primary School Kotchandpur , Jhenaidah. Class: Four. Sub: English. Lesson Title: A Family Tree. Part Of Lesson : Jamil Ahmed is---------------go to school. Learning Outcomes:.

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Prepared By

Md. TabiburRahman

Assistant Teacher

Talsar Govt. Primary School

Kotchandpur, Jhenaidah.


Class: Four

Sub: English


Lesson Title: A Family Tree

Part Of Lesson: Jamil Ahmed is---------------go to school.


Learning Outcomes:

Students Will be able to-------------

read the text with correct pronunciation.

say the meaning of the words and match the opposite meaning.

fill in the blanks with the suitable word.

choose the correct answer.



Fill in the blank.

a)Jamil Ahmed is from-----------

b)He------ a businessman.

c)Abeer is older than------------.

Match the word with A column and B column with opposite meaning


Write only the answer on the answer paper

A) How many members are there in Abir’s family?

a) Fiveb) sixc) seven d) nine

B) Abeer is older than Farzana.

Old b) older c) young d) younger

C) Find out an opposite word of ‘older’.

a) old b) child c) short d) younger