a brief history of calthorpe park n.
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A Brief History of Calthorpe Park PowerPoint Presentation
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A Brief History of Calthorpe Park

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A Brief History of Calthorpe Park - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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A Brief History of Calthorpe Park

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  1. A Brief History of Calthorpe Park Kit Mitchell

  2. Some history of Calthorpe Park ELVETHAM a parish in Hartley-Wintney district Area, 3,200 acres. Real property, £2,349. Population 475. Houses, 98. The property is all in one estate. Elvetham Hall is the seat of Lord Calthorpe. Imperial Gazetteer of England and Wales John Marius Wilson 1870-72

  3. Calthorpe Park area, about 1800 Tavistock Road Oatsheaf crossroads Calthorpe Park Canal Football Club Tavistock infants school Hitches Lane

  4. Calthorpe family and estate Sir Richard Gough (died 1728); a London merchant who travelled to the Mediterranean, India and China. In 1717 he purchased Edgbaston Hall, Birmingham. Start of the Calthorpe Estates. Sir Henry Gough, 1st Baronet, M.P. (1709 - 1774); son of Sir Richard. His second wife was Barbara (1716 - 1782), only daughter and heiress of Reynolds Calthorpe (1689 - post 1716) of Elvetham, Hampshire. Son (Henry) and two daughters.

  5. Henry Gough-Calthorpe, 1st Baron Calthorpe ( 1749 - 1798) married Frances (d. 1827) in 1783; eleven children. • Frederick Gough, 4th Baron Calthorpe (1790-1868) succeeded his brothers George and Charles (who had no children). In 1823 married Lady Charlotte Sophia; ten children.

  6. Rachel Gough-Calthorpe, daughter of Sir Augustus, 6th Baron Calthorpe, married FitzRoy Hamilton Anstruther in 1898, creating the Anstruther-Gough-Calthorpe family. In 1946 gives Calthorpe Park to Fleet

  7. The Conveyance and Covenant

  8. THE Grantorin exercise of the powers in this behalf conferred upon her by the Settlement and of every or any other power her hereunto enablinghereby grants and conveys unto the Council ALL THOSE pieces of land situate in the Parish of Fleet(formerly as to part thereof in the Parish of Elvetham and as to the remainder thereof in the Parish of Crondall) in the County of Southampton and containing together Thirty four acres One rood and Nineteen perches or thereabouts more particularlydescribed in the Schedule hereto and delineated on the planannexed hereto and thereon distinguished by green edging

  9. Plan in the 1946 Covenant Cricket ground Tennis ground Fish Pond Football ground

  10. FOR the benefit and protection of the Grantor her successors in title and her and their assigns owner or owners of The Settled Estate or any part thereof andso as to bind (so far as possible) the said pieces of landthe Council hereby covenant with the Grantor in manner following(that is to say)------------------------------- (1) Forthwith to erect and for ever afterwards to maintain fences on all boundaries of the said lands the material height and design of such fences to be subject to the approval of the Estate Agent of the Grantor but post and rail fences of good quality. shall be considered suitable ------------------------------------------------------------------------------

  11. (7) That the said lands shall be used only as a public park and recreation ground for the District of Fleet and Crookham for the quiet and orderly pleasure and recreation of the publicand that nothing shall be done or permitted thereon which may be or become a nuisance or annoyance to the Grantor or her successors in title or her or their assigns or her other lessees or tenants or the neighbourhood----------------------------------------------

  12. OS 1:1250 map date 1970s or 80s

  13. Calthorpe Park 1974

  14. Calthorpe Park 1974

  15. In 1963, the Merivale end of Calthorpe Park was being used as a land fill rubbish dump (hence the ground level). Rubbish dumping ended in 1964 and the dump was covered with soil. Various attempts have been made to build on Calthorpe Park. First an ambulance station for St Johns, then a leisure centre.

  16. Tavistock Road Spring 1964