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Host Nation Support (HNS) PowerPoint Presentation
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Host Nation Support (HNS)

Host Nation Support (HNS)

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Host Nation Support (HNS)

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  1. Host Nation Support (HNS) A short presentation of the ongoing work within the Nordic framework Ørjan N. Karlsson – Head, International Relations. Norwegian Directorate for Civil Protection and Emergency Planning.

  2. Background • Why focus on HNS? • How do we take onboard specific lessons learned from events and disasters, such as hurricane Katrina, the storm Gudrun (Sweden), and the recent South European forest fires? • The initiative stems from a 2006 meeting of the Nordic Director Generals. Norway proposed to take lead. Two workshops has so far been conducted. At the same time, work is ongoing in the Nordic capitals. • IOs, such as the UN (Joint Unit) NATO EADRCC and IFRC has participated as well.

  3. Examples of relevant international agreements/guidelines to be incorporated in an overall HNS framework • NATO – MoU Vital Cross Border Transport • NORDRED (example of a regional cooperation) • IFRC – International Disaster Response Law (IDRL). Nations made a pledge to the IDRL on the IFRC-convention before Christmas 07 • International Search and Rescue Response Guidelines (INSARAG) • Tampere convention • Main point – a HNS process must add value. We don’t need to reinvent the wheel.

  4. Snapshot – the February 13th workshop • The countries gave short presentations on how their work in the field of HNS is progressing. • The EADRCC gave a brief on the work ongoing in NATO. • The Joint unit (UN) highlighted specific HNS issues with regards to large environmental disasters. • The Norwegian Red Cross gave an update on how the IDRL work is progressing. • The group discussed and ultimately decided to look closer into the matter of an EU financed project on HNS. This has yet to be decided. • How do we exercise HNS? Participants from Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Iceland, The Faeroe islands, Holland, Norway, Red Cross, NATO and FN

  5. Bottom line: The preparedness of nations to receive support when disaster strikes How to support the decision makers? Operational host nation support Conceptual model: How to request, receive, and utilise foreign resources.

  6. The way ahead • (National) The DSB has been tasked to analyse if our current legislation and planning is in tune with the ”International Guidelines for the Domestic Facilitation and Regulation of International Disaster Relief and Initial Recovery Assistance.” • (Regional) The Nordic cooperation will go on as long as the participating nations/organisations deem it relevant. • (Community) From a Norwegian point of view, there is room for an initiative on the community level. Norway would be happy to discuss viable ways ahead with other interested nations and/or with the Commission.