Alterative tobacco products
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Alterative Tobacco Products . By: AJ Kowski and Dylan Yanow. Bidis. Bidis are small hand-rolled cigarettes wrapped in leaf and tied to string at the ends. It can have many flavors like mango, peach, etc.

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Alterative tobacco products

Alterative Tobacco Products

By: AJ Kowski and Dylan Yanow


  • Bidis are small hand-rolled cigarettes wrapped in leaf and tied to string at the ends. It can have many flavors like mango, peach, etc.

  • Bidis actually has higher concentrates of tar, nicotine, and carbon monoxide than cigarettes sold in the united states.

  • Bidis are often mistaken for a healthier cigarette because they look natural, but they have higher risks for throat, mouth, and lung cancer.

  • Bidis do not burn as easy due to the wrapping making the smoker inhale harder and more often to keep the cigarette lit. It takes 28 puffs for a bidi, compared to 9 puffs for a cigarette.

  • You use bidis just like you use a normal cigarette.


  • Dissolvable his a smokeless, and goes away completely in the mouth of the user. This type of tobacco comes in a variety of flavoring ingredients, sweeteners, and binders.

  • Dissolvable tobacco is supposedly a “discreet” tobacco product because it sells right next to the candies in a convenience store. (Quick Check)

  • Most ingredients in this type of tobacco ca cause tooth decay and cavities.

  • Dissolvable tobacco is used by putting a pill in your mouth and letting it dissolve until there is nothing left to suck on. You let the juices flow down the esophagus into your stomach.

E cigarettes

  • Instead of smoke coming out of the E-cigarette water vapor comes out of the cigarette.

  • E-Cigs do not have the chemicals that are in regular tobacco.

  • Since water vapor comes out of the E-Cig it stops second hand smoke.

  • Also you can just plug it into a computer or an outlet to charge the cigarette.

  • You smoke E-cigarettes just like you would smoke a regular cigarette.

  • In E-cigarettes there is actually a liquid form of nicotine. Also they can cause cancer.


  • Hookah is a long water pipe that takes flavored tobacco. The coal in the tube heats the tobacco a carries the nicotine down into the bowl.

  • When inhaling hookah, you are just inhaling (flavored) tobacco. Actually inhaling for longer periods of time.

  • Chances are, when you smoke through a hookah tube, you may get much more nicotine, and tobacco than an average smoker.

  • Hookah is a tube that you put tobacco inside, burns the nicotine. Nicotine and smoke gets sent down into a glass container. The person suck in through a tube. The smoke enters into the tube, into your mouth. You receive the nicotine that way.