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Sourcing Time

Sourcing Time. Gavin Heaton @ servantofchaos. I believe humans get a lot done, not because we're smart, but because we have thumbs so we can make coffee.  ~Flash Rosenberg. SocialMediaJobs. “Connecting the connectors” A community that did not exist. It came about overnight.

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Sourcing Time

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  1. Sourcing Time Gavin Heaton @servantofchaos

  2. I believe humans get a lot done, not because we're smart, but because we have thumbs so we can make coffee.  ~Flash Rosenberg

  3. SocialMediaJobs “Connecting the connectors” A community that did not exist. It came about overnight. But was years in the gestation.

  4. #coffeemornings It all began five years ago. It was time to meet. It was time to get real. It was time to put a face to the name.

  5. #coffeemornings But who are you? What do you look like? Maybe I will only know you by your intention and the strange glint in your eye. http://bit.ly/sydcoffee

  6. #coffeemornings Like a blind date. Like a speed dating event. But scarier. Now you really needed luck.

  7. #coffeemornings What’s a blogger? What planet are they from? What’s a blog, anyway?

  8. #coffeemornings The light went on. Social connectivity was changing the way that we behaved and interacted.

  9. Social Connectivity It wasn’t random. We knew plenty about each other – but it wasn’t personal. It was social. It was also weird and exciting. And time flew.

  10. The paradox Blogging seemed to hark back to the age old principles of publishing, but re-imagined it riding a wave of light.

  11. Accelerating change New platforms and technologies kept emerging. But clients weren’t ready. We weren’t ready. I was holding on for dear life.

  12. Knowledge Once upon a time it was possible to know all there was to know about the world. The Renaissance Man was an aspirational ideal.

  13. Knowledge Doubles Kurzweil shows that knowledge doubles every year and has been doing every year since the 60s. How do we deal with this avalanche of information?

  14. Eric Schmidt, Google “ Between the dawn of civilization through 2003, five exabytes of data was created ... Now that much is created every TWO days. ”

  15. Moore’s Law Computing power doubles every two years. BUT technology also gets smaller and cheaper!

  16. Tech innovation There’s more power in your hand than what put man on the moon

  17. Publishing During work experience at the Sydney Morning Herald I was given a piece of hot metal type with my name on it. It’s now an alien relic.

  18. Job search in the 80s Sourcing was simpler. You placed an ad. And waited. And chose.

  19. Changing Landscape But it’s not all due to social connection. Or to technological innovation. The landscape was changing because we were changing.

  20. We are getting older McCrindle Research, Bridging the Gap http://bit.ly/rdKQvs

  21. ABS in 2008: Australians aged 15-64: • 13.5 million (2008) • 16 million (2051) Proportion of total population aged 15-64: • 68% in 2007 • 57% in 2051

  22. Generational shift In 2006 = 218,000 Australians turned 60 In 2007 = 258,000 Australians turned 60 In 2008 there were more people retiring from rather than joining the workforce

  23. The reality? Every business is, in effect, only a generation away from extinction

  24. What do we know? This shift is not just about demographics. It’s also about knowledge. Gen Y make up 21% of the workforce. By 2020 they will reach 35%

  25. Talent squeeze Corporate knowledge and commercial experience will leave with the Boomers We will face a skill and experience gap – and be competing over a smaller workforce

  26. Marketing mindset Marketing itself is changing. It’s no longer about “reaching” a “target audience”. I blame social connectivity, technological innovation and the changing landscape

  27. Marketing mindset “Engage”? “Dialogue”? “Join the Conversation”?

  28. Level playing field On the web a one person business looks as professional as a 1000 person multinational

  29. Level playing field The level playing field extended beyond business. It reached into our lives. Into our homes. And it shifted the balance of power between us all.

  30. Who uses ... LinkedIn? Facebook? Twitter? eBay? YouTube? – view or upload?

  31. Three TV networks 60 years of content 365 days per year 24 hours per day = 1 ½ million hours of content

  32. YouTube Every six weeks the same amount of content is uploaded to YouTube 13 million hours of content were uploaded during 2010. http://youtube.com/t/press_statistics

  33. 48 hours of video ... Is uploaded every minute. For an audience of less than 100 people

  34. 150 The “Dunbar Number” Google it now.

  35. “Prosumers” No longer passive consumers We are producers Customers Suppliers Innovators The biggest shift of all.

  36. “Social” wins Innovation now starts with consumers As knowledge explodes and technology accelerates, we turn back to our human competitive advantage. We get social.

  37. Corporate rep: Transparent and honest business practices – 65% Company I can trust – 65% Treats employees well – 63% Financial returns to investors – 39% Widely admired leadership – 39% Edelman Trust Barometer Global Report http://bit.ly/qsYrVK

  38. Gen Y to Gen Why “Business must align profit and purpose for social benefit” Edelman Trust Barometer Global Report http://bit.ly/qsYrVK

  39. Over the horizon We need to appeal to Gen Why before we need them Pre-employee branding How do we create and build trust?

  40. An example A stranger on a plane In my industry A graduate Her first professional role

  41. Nerds Every industry has its nerds They are the ones that drive your innovation

  42. Nerds are hot With hotness comes profile Or what we call “brand awareness”

  43. But sometimes ... It can be hard to be “hot” when you dress like Elmer Fudd

  44. Not sexy enough? How can you change your mojo so that it speaks to the brightest and shiniest candidates?

  45. People like me? Shift away from “people like me” towards: Academics and experts – 70% Company experts – 64% CEOs – 50% Edelman Trust Barometer Global Report http://bit.ly/qsYrVK

  46. Expand your ecosystem University Alliance Community Funded chairs Provided scholarships Communicated value A sense of community gravity

  47. Four phases of Community Growth Who Where What Objectives Content Value Host Engage Ecosystem Sourcing leads Access to talent Influence Insight

  48. Three Cs of Community Engagement

  49. Share the message But own the destination. Deal yourself into the conversation

  50. Who is thinking ... This all takes time? BUT Properly done, it saves time Saves money

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