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The American Dream

The American Dream . By: Kati Schumm. How to help the “American Dream?”. What is the American Dream? . F451. John Hipp. Michael Oher. What does the “American Dream” mean to you?. Examples in Books. Is the American Dream expensive?. Is the “American Dream” available to every person? .

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The American Dream

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  1. The American Dream By: Kati Schumm

  2. How to help the “American Dream?” What is the American Dream? F451 John Hipp Michael Oher What does the “American Dream” mean to you? Examples in Books Is the American Dream expensive? Is the “American Dream” available to every person? The Lone Ranger

  3. What is the American Dream? • The American Dream is the belief that opportunity , prosperity and success can be achieved with HARDWORK.

  4. Is this what the “American Dream” means to you? • Opportunity • Freedom • Education • Prosperity • http://barndog2.newsvine.com/_news/2010/06/27/4570470-what-does-the-american-dream-mean-to-you

  5. Or are these the things you think of? • Poverty • Bankruptcy • No health care • Poor • “Give up Everything.” • “In debt”

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  7. Is the “American Dream” available to every one? • The Merage Foundation http://www.meragefoundations.com/aboutus.htmlhas helped 100’s of immigrates live the “American Dream”.

  8. Is the American Dream expensive?

  9. Some people can’t afford the “American Dream”

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  11. Can the American Dream be achieved, or is it out of reach? Michael Oher did, but John Hipp believe it’s out of reach for many people.

  12. Michael Oher • At the age of 16 was out on the streets with no family. But when Michaelgot excepted into Briarcrest a rich white family “adopted” him into their family. Then when Michael graduated he got a football scholarship. Now Michael is living the “American Dream” playing for the Baltimore Ravens.

  13. John Hipp • John Hipp lives in Orange County. In Orange County is very racially diverse. He has seen that only about 29% of people over the age of 16 earn about $25,000 a year.

  14. Ways to you can help the “American Dream” cause http://www.theamericandreamfilm.com/the-way-to-help.php

  15. Do you think these books have the American Dream in them? • Our Town • F451 • The Lone Ranger

  16. F451 • In this story I believe that the characters are not living the American Dream. • The characters in F451 are being oppressed , and they have no freedom to move up in their social classes.

  17. The Lone Ranger • This is another book that I think that the people are not living the American Dream. • They are living on this reservation, and can barely afford food for their children.

  18. Our Town • Out Town think is an example of living the American Dream. • The characters in the story are living with opportunity, prosperity and freedom.

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